21 Simple Fall DIY Projects and How You Can Make Them

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Fall is the perfect time to get creative! Check out these 21 simple, fall DIY projects, complete with all you need to easily make them yourself!

There is something about the fall season that brings out the creativity in me and I imagine it does for you too!  Whether it’s a little craft project with the kids or just restyling my pumpkins for the 10th time, it is just good for the soul to get creative sometimes!

I don’t always have time for the big DIY projects, though.  As wonderful as they are, a simple, afternoon project usually brings me just as much (or more!) joy!

Today, I am rounding up 21 fall DIY projects and ideas.  I challenge you to pick one and give it a try this week!

21 Simple Fall DIY Projects 

I challenge you to pick one and try it this week!

Fall DIY Project #1: Chalk paint your pumpkins and update the stems

Who else has faux pumpkins laying around from years gone by?  Maybe they are scratched or chipped.  Or maybe they don’t fit your color scheme anymore.

Check out this great idea to use chalk paint on your pumpkins!  And then update them with a real pumpkin stem too!  A super fun and lovely fall DIY project!

Fall DIY Project #2: Grab some blocks from the Dollar Tree and a little paint!

I love a good Dollar Tree project and this one would be really fun with kids too!  I know my little guy, especially, would love making pumpkins with tumbling tower blocks!  I love that you can paint these or even leave them as the wood color for a more modern twist!

Fall DIY Project #3: How to Make a Dried Orange Wreath

Making a dried orange wreath is definitely on my list of things I want to do.  I love that this could be used through the Christmas season and for winter decor also!  Cloches and Lavender has a great tutorial so you can make your own dried orange wreath for a fall DIY project!

Fall Decorating Idea #4: How to get that magazine-worthy look for your front porch

Now, this doesn’t work for me because real pumpkins just don’t last long enough in my South Florida weather!  And I definitely don’t have enough faux pumpkins.  But if you live where pumpkins don’t turn to carriages at midnight, definitely check out this post!

Great tips for getting that perfect front porch styling with pumpkins this season!

Fall DIY Project #5: How to Get an Aged Zinc Look

This looks so fun to try and I love that you could use the same concepts for any item and any season!  But if you want a little modern or industrial farmhouse vibe in your fall decor, definitely give this a try!  Such an interesting process!

Fall DIY Project #6: A Simple Pumpkin Sign Refresh

Who has a tired fall sign laying around?  My friend Kimberley from Farmhouse to Florida shared a super quick way to update your sign!  I love inexpensive and quick ways to refresh pieces I already own.  And it helps the budget too!

You may even find a sign at a thrift store or yard sale that you could revamp a little!

Fall Project #7: Fairy Tale Sweater Pumpkin DIY

Simply adorable!  What to do with that favorite sweater that got a hole or looks a little too worn?  Here you go!

This would be a perfect fall DIY project for a girls’ night in craft party!

Fall Project #8: Easy DIY Muted Faux Fall Foliage

This is a brilliant idea and also a way to get kids involved if you want to.  Or just enjoy some time with a Hallmark movie and a little paint, all by yourself!

I’ve always had a hard time finding faux fall leaves that blend with my decor.  My friend Juliet has solved that problem for good!  This is a don’t miss post!

Fall DIY Project #9: How to Make a Container Garden for Fall

Who says container gardens are only for the spring time?  I love this fresh (literally!) approach to fall decor.  Bringing in fresh elements are always a perfect way to add life to any space!

Fall DIY Project #10: How to Warm Up Your Fall Table with Pumpkins and Mums

My friend Kim from Shiplap and Shells is sharing some quick tips for styling those pretty pumpkins and mums on your fall table!  I love that this makes a great centerpiece for Thanksgiving but also a pretty way to enjoy nature, indoors, through the whole season!

While you’re over there, don’t miss Kim’s fall garden tour too.  It’s truly stunning!

Fall DIY Project #11: How to Make Unique Pumpkin Place Card Holders

You know I love good tablescape and these DIY pumpkin place card holders would take “cute” to a whole new level!  I want to make them for our classroom’s Thanksgiving feast this year!

This is a great fall DIY project to involved the kids too!

Fall DIY Project #12: Cookie Jar Pumpkin or Planter

Does anyone have a hard time staying out of the pumpkin spice cookies this time of year?  They are my very favorites and it is entirely possible that I have a box hidden from my kids.  Shhhhh.

Speaking of cookies, how fun is this DIY fall project?  I also think it would be so pretty as a vase for fresh fall-colored flowers!

Fall DIY Project #13: How to Stencil an Uneven Surface

If you’re reading my blog, there is a good chance you love old stuff too!  And if you love old stuff, there is a good chance you’ve struggled with uneven surfaces!

Check out this great tutorial on using stencils on uneven surfaces.  I love a good trash to treasure post!

Fall Decorating Idea #14: How to Decorate with Amber Bottles

Amber colored bottles are a perfect way to bring some rich, warm tones into your fall decor.  I love that they can be used all over your home and you can often find them at flea markets for a great price too!

Check out these simple ways to use amber bottles to bring all the warm vibes this fall!

Fall Decorating Idea #15: 12 Ways to Decorate a Faux Pumpkin

There are so many ways to repurpose those old faux pumpkins!  Click on over to find 12 ways you can easily decorate your faux pumpkins this year!

And a great idea to save in case you find faux pumpkins on the end-of-season clearance or even at the thrift store!

Fall Decor Project #16: Ways to Decorate with White Pumpkins

Even the most enthusiastic among us might need a little break from a messy fall DIY project. Time to do something simple, pull out those white pumpkins and give them a little restyle to continue enjoying throughout the season!

My friend Ann has such amazing style and I love her ideas for decorating with white pumpkins this season!

Fall DIY Project #17: An Easy Way to Bleach Pinecones

This fall DIY project was on my list for last year and I never got it done. I definitely want to get it done this year!  What a perfect way to bring in those warm wood tones for the fall and winter, but with a little bit of a twist.

And I love that this would be a free fall DIY project for me!  We have plenty of pinecones laying around our yard!

Fall DIY Project #18:  How to Customize Pumpkins Using the Hydro Drip Technique

Sound fun?!  I thought so!  This would definitely be something my kids would get on board with for a weekend afternoon craft time too!


Fall Decorating Idea #19: Handmade Ceramic Bowls for Rustic Autumn

I love the look of hand thrown pottery!  And this idea for using a mix of pieces is perfect for a Friendsgiving Soup Dinner too!  Click over to see the details.

I love this concept.  You could put your own twist on it with thrifted dishes and cups too!

Fall DIY Project #20: Glam Pumpkins Fall Tablescape

There are soooo many ways to get creative with pumpkins, right?  This idea for glam pumpkins would make a really fun fall DIY project and I think it would be the cutest for a girls’ night in!

Fall Decorating Idea #21: How to Make Beautiful Fall Table Decorations

There are crafty DIY projects that are so fun. And then there are fall DIY project ideas that help you turn all of that into beauty!  I love these tips from my friend Renae.

She gives some great ideas for putting it all together to create absolutely stunning fall table decor.  This has me feeling all the Thanksgiving vibes!  Definitely a “don’t miss” post!

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