9 Beautiful Spring DIY Projects That Will Make You Want to Create!

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Spring is the perfect season to get creative! Check out these 9 beautiful spring DIY projects that you can use in your decor this season!  Keep reading for some fun inspiration for your spring home decor!

DIY ideas are always fun and there is something about the spring season that makes me feel extra creative!  If you’re like me, or just need a little inspiration to get you started on some spring DIY projects, this post is for you today!

I’m joining up with some other home decor bloggers to share our favorite spring DIY projects!  There is definitely something for everyone and I can’t wait to hear which of these beautiful spring DIY projects you want to try this season!  Maybe all of them if you’ve got a little extra time!

Ready for some DIY fun?  Let’s get started!

Easy Spring DIY Projects with Bees!

Oh my goodness.  This might be one of the cutest things ever!  Cindy from County Road 407 is sharing the sweetest little miniature bee skeps over on this post.  Everything is cuter in a miniature size and I love whimsical spring DIY projects that can be used in different ways!

As Cindy shared, these would be so cute for individual place settings, turn them into place cards, or tuck them into vignettes!  You could even attach them to a spring wreath!  Check out this easy tutorial HERE!

Easy Spring DIY Projects with Stencils!

Do you have some decor sitting around that is a little tired and needs a spring update?  Carol from Blue Sky at Home is sharing the perfect, budget-friendly way to keep enjoying those pieces for spring!  Along with all the materials you need, this easy tutorial is going to help you use things you already own to create a fresh look for the spring season!

Simple spring DIY projects are my favorite and combined with budget-friendly, this is a winner!  Check out how Carol transformed these pieces into spring decor HERE!

Make Beautiful DIY Outdoor Planters!

One of the first things we do to start freshening up for spring is to clean out our outdoor spaces!  I love getting new plants and flowers but you need a pretty planter to go with it!  Brendt from She Gave It a Go is sharing a gorgeous DIY planter idea on this post.

Planters can get really expensive, so this is an especially great DIY if you need multiple matching planters to spruce up your outdoor spaces!  You can find all the details HERE!

Create Realistic DIY Topiaries!

Topiaries are perfect for any style of decor and can bring instant life to any vignette!  My friend Rachel from The Pond’s Farmhouse is sharing some great tips for creating your own DIY grapevine topiary on this post.

Spring DIY projects that can be used in different rooms are a big win for me and I love that you could move this topiary around to any room of your house!  Since it uses faux greenery, it’s especially great for rooms that have low light.  Or, if you struggle with some real plants, this is a great option for you too!  You can find Rachel’s simple tutorial HERE!

Easy Spring DIY Projects for Your Front Door!

Nothing welcomes spring quite like a good refresh for your front door!  If you’ve been like me and just haven’t gotten around to replacing your Christmas wreath, this post from Jen at Midwest Life and Style is for YOU!

If you’re ready to be greeted at your own door with a beautiful basket of flowers, and have fun creating your own DIY too, head on over and read Jen’s spring door basket tutorial HERE.  I love that you can tweak this to make it fit your own decor style and colors too!

Fun and Simple Centerpiece Ideas!

This vintage spring DIY idea is so fun and simple and creates such a unique centerpiece!  Sarah from Blessed Crazy Texas Nest used a thrifted chicken feeder to make a bright and beautiful spot for her table.  Sarah shares all the tips and tricks over on this post.

If you want to bring a little farmhouse, vintage style into your space this spring, check out Sarah’s post HERE!  You could style this on a dining table and it would also be great for a console or sofa table too!

Easy Spring DIY Projects with a High-End Look!

You know the big, heavy, gorgeous concrete planters?  I LOVE them!  But they can be super expensive and also really inconvenient at times!  Jessica from Itty Bitty Farmhouse is sharing a brilliant idea to get the look for a lot less over on this post.

Planters are a great way to refresh a space, whether indoors or outdoors, and I am inspired to try this idea myself!  You can take Jessica’s tutorial and tweak it for any size or style of planter.  What about making one to go along with that DIY grapevine topiary?!  So many possibilities.  Get the look HERE!

Try A Container Garden for a Spring DIY to Enjoy All Season Long!

A container garden is on my short list and this post from Stacy at Bricks and Blooms is inspiring me to give it a try!  Stacy shares 7 easy steps to creating your own container garden.  If you’ve been thinking about giving this spring DIY a try, this is the perfect time!

You can find Stacy’s tips and ideas all packaged in this beautiful post!  Check it out HERE!

Easy Spring DIY Projects to Use With Flowers!

While this vintage DIY project could be used for any season, it’s one of my favorites to use in the spring season!  If you’re looking for spring DIY projects with a vintage touch, try this DIY wall vase!  It’s one of my favorite things to incorporate into a spring gallery wall or even use on a small wall in the bathroom!

Combined with my favorite faux tulips, I enjoy this simple DIY and I hope you do as well!  You can get the simple tutorial HERE!

Are you feeling inspired yet?  All of these spring DIY projects are perfect for a weekend afternoon and I know we are excited to give a couple of them a try ourselves!  What DIY projects are you working on this spring?  Let me know in the comments!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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