DIY Salvage Ornaments

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One step in my front door and you’d know my love for architectural salvage!  It’s always at the top of my list when I go vintage hunting and even if I know I don’t have a spot for a piece, I always take time to admire (and drool a little).  Something about the detail, craftsmanship, and history is so fascinating to me.

When we came across a pile of salvaged banister pieces last year, I loved the natural, raw wood, detailed shape, and immediately knew what I wanted to do with them.  It took a year to finally get it done, but better late than never!

They are hanging on the sweetest Anthropologie tree and I am loving the simple farmhouse Christmas view.  I set some aside to use as package tie-ons too!  I love using ornaments to make gift packaging look extra thoughtful!

1. Choose a vintage salvage piece. The more chippy, the better! We made the chippy blue ones for market but I saved the natural wood for our own home!
2. Mark and cut to the desired length. I like to make a little variety of sizes, but you can choose your preference. Remember, when working with salvage pieces, embrace the imperfections!

3. Screw in an eye hook. You can find them at your local hardware or home improvement store. You could also drill a hole and thread ribbon or twine. We chose to use the hook and then tied them with vintage thread.

4. Gather your DIY ornaments to use on your tree or to tie on to packages for a thoughtful touch. (Plus, a little bonus gift!)
5. After Christmas, you can use your ornaments too! Just toss them in a dough bowl for some simple, vintage vibes!
Every year, I have grand plans of creating some fun, seasonal DIY projects. This year, though, I’m committed to getting at least a few of them done! One down so far!


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