How to Make a Unique Table Runner with Grass

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Looking to step up your Easter tablescape game this year?  Or just do something different?  Check out this easy and unique DIY table runner!​  It is budget-friendly and sure to make your friends and family smile this Easter!  Keep reading to the end to check out some fun spring ideas from some of my blogging friends too!

Holiday tablescapes can get expensive really fast and then you have all of these seasonal things that you use maybe once or twice a year taking up storage!  I decided to make a DIY table runner for Easter and guess what?  It was totally free!

Did the nice lady at the nursery give me a puzzled look when I asked to buy two pieces of sod?  Absolutely.  But she just gave them to me, anyway, and I had a lot of fun with this Easter tablescape idea.

Ready for some free and unique decor with this DIY table runner?

How to Make a Unique Table Runner with Grass

Step One: put brown Kraft paper down the center of your table for your desired table runner length.

Don’t skip this first step!  If you’re using real grass, it’s going to make quite a mess and you’ll be glad you put down paper to corral all the dirt.  I always keep a roll of this brown Kraft paper on hand for projects.  I also used it to style my spring dough bowl HERE.

Step Two: get desired length of grass for your table runner

As I mentioned, I decided to use real sod.  It is readily available here in Florida and the lady at the nursery gave me a couple pieces.  If you’re familiar with sod, you know the squares are quite large!  Two pieces was more than enough to make an 8′ table runner for our big farmhouse table!

However, it really is a messy task and you need to keep it spritzed.  So, if you decide to skip the mess but want the look, you can purchase some really great faux grass HERE!  The price can really vary depending on how much you need, but this 3′ X 5′ piece could be cut down the middle to create an 18″ wide and 10 feet long table runner.

That’s pretty big and then you can roll it up and use it next year too!

If you go with the faux grass, get some fresh moss to put around the edges.  That will give it an even more realistic appearance by covering up the plastic grid around the edges!

Step Three: it’s time to cut the grass!

I ended up grabbing our big landscape trimmers and going to town on my sod squares.  Pruning trimmers, like these, would be a better option.  (I speak from experience here! ????). I cut my sod into 18″ wide pieces and cut enough to make about an 8 foot table runner.  Of course, the fun thing about this DIY table runner is that you can make it any size you need!

If you’re having a large Easter gathering, this budget-friendly DIY table runner is perfect to make all of your tables match, too, rather than spending a lot of money for fabric or expensive table runners at the store!

Step Four: keep your grass spritzed every few days!

If you are setting up your table runner close to the day of your event and then taking it off right after, you can skip this step.  However, if you want to enjoy your DIY a little longer, keep a spritz bottle handy and spritz it every few days.  I did not spritz mine last year and it still looked good for about a week and a half or so!

Step Five: time to decorate!

There are literally so many different ways that you can decorate your DIY table runner!  With the grass, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to go for a garden look, so I added thrifted terra cotta pots, lots of fresh vegetables from the produce section, some fun rabbits (these are my favorite!), and of course, some natural-colored Easter eggs!

Tip: Use a variety of pot and saucer sizes.  Stack some. and tip some on their sides to add a lot of variation and dimension.  This helps give the idea of an old garden shed…or a Peter Rabbit garden too!

Since I used this for the kids’ Easter table, I wanted to really play up the Peter Rabbit idea and still keep it simple and convenient for clean up.  These plates are adorable and you can add a lot of accessories, like the coordinating napkins, cupcake toppers, and treat bags!

I opted for “real” napkins and used my favorite shop rags.  They give the look of old linen but for $2.99 for a pack of 6, you can’t go wrong!  They tie in beautifully with this vintage garden/Peter Rabbit theme too!

My placemats are just another way that this Easter tablescape is so budget-friendly.  Placemats can be quite pricey, but these have the high-end look for under $3 each!  Perfect for kiddos because I don’t have to be overly worried about spills.  The jute is also very forgiving and easy to clean up!  I added black flatware to complete the casual place settings.

Other ideas to decorate your DIY table runner:

I used what I already had on hand (other than buying fresh veggies) to decorate my DIY table runner.  Here are a few other kinds of things and ideas you might want to try.  You may even have some of these kinds of things already that you can repurpose:

I hope you have so much fun creating your DIY table runner this spring!  The kids’ faces lit up when they saw this and they said it was their favorite Easter ever!  

That made a little bit of dirt, time, and mess totally worth it!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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