How to Make Easy DIY Concrete Pumpkin Candle Holders

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Looking for a fun DIY project this fall? Check out my easy DIY concrete pumpkin candle holders, perfect for styling your table for the fall season!  Keep reading to the end for some other really fun fall DIY ideas from some of my blogging friends too!

Fall decor is just so fun, not to mention cozy and inviting!  And something about the fall season makes me want to try some DIY projects!  I especially love DIY projects that I can keep and enjoy year after year.

Even though I don’t use a lot of Halloween decor, I simply cannot resist an adorable jack-o-lantern.  Since this DIY concrete jack-o-lantern pumpkin is in a neutral color, it allows me to use it in a lot of different ways and style in different places too.  Win win for fall home decorating!

Maybe it is just that we are home more in the fall and the weekends aren’t quite as crammed with activities, but I always get in the mood to try some DIY projects when fall rolls around.  In today’s blog hop, there are more than enough wonderful fall home DIY ideas to keep us all busy for the season!

How do you make fall decorations?

You are in luck today because there is a lot of fall inspiration linked up for you!  The great news for today is that there are several great fall DIY projects for you to browse through in this blog hop.  If you’re hopping over from Jennifer Maune, thanks for joining me!  I am so glad you’re here!  I hope you love my DIY jack-o-lantern candle holders and give them a try this season.

For my regular subscribers, thank you, as always, for being here!  If you haven’t made these candle holders yet, but wanted to, here is your chance!  You will find that they are so fun and super easy!

In general, making fall decorations can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be.  I know that for me, though, I am always excited to find a good home DIY idea that I can make in an afternoon, that looks amazing, and that I can enjoy for the whole season long!

How can I decorate for fall on a budget?

That is a great question and especially this year, I’m trying to be really budget-conscious with my own fall decor.  Concrete is such a fun trend in home decor right now and the great news is that it is inexpensive!  We have had concrete countertops and polished concrete floors in parts of our home for years and I love them.  When the design trend started for cement accessories, I was all in!

My friend Toni from @toni_marianna shared a really fun concrete pumpkin a couple of years ago!  She made a large one that she used as a planter and it inspired me to try some DIY concrete pumpkins of my own.  I loved it so much and went looking for my own pumpkin form so we could give it a try.

Then, I came across these inexpensive jack-o-lantern buckets and thought they would be so cute, especially for budget-friendly fall DIY decor!  Actually, I don’t really decorate for Halloween, but what’s not to love about a friendly, concrete jack-o-lantern face and a $1.25 pumpkin?!

At the same time, we made some planters with the large trick-or-treat buckets and I enjoyed them all fall!  I styled them with the face showing around the  Halloween season and just turned them around to a regular pumpkin for the rest of the fall season!  After all, it’s great to have home decor accessories that can serve double duty!

How do you make a jack o lantern out of concrete?

I was in the store one day and saw the miniature jack-o-lantern buckets.  So super cute!  I immediately knew they would be the cutest pumpkin candle holders.  With this purpose in mind, I absolutely love them even more.  Again, I love that I can use the face side or if I want a plain pumpkin, just turn them around!

Robb made several for me in an afternoon and I had fun styling them on tablescapes, shelves, and console tables.  This is an inexpensive, easy fall afternoon DIY project!

Here’s how to do it:

How to Make DIY Concrete Pumpkin Candle Holders

How do you make a concrete pumpkin?

(Hint: simple, easy, and oh-so-cute!)

For this DIY, the material list is pretty short.

Here’s what you need:


Step-by-step instructions to make a DIY concrete pumpkin candle holder:

Step One for DIY concrete pumpkin candle holder:

First, we found that cutting the pumpkin before we started worked best.  Start just below the rim and cut in a straight line to the bottom.  Do this a second time on the opposite side of the rim.  This will make taking the plastic off the hardened concrete a breeze.  

Step Two:

Secondly, after you have made your two cuts, wrap masking tape around the DIY concrete pumpkin to hold it firm:

Step Three for DIY concrete pumpkin:

Once you mix up a small batch of concrete, just scoop it into the pumpkin form.  For example, we found a rounded edge trowel worked really well.

Step Four:

Next, while the concrete is still wet, set your candle.  Make sure it’s straight and in deep enough.  In a couple hours or so, the concrete will be firm enough to remove the candle.  For our purposes, we found it helpful to twist the candle slightly as we removed it from the concrete.

Tip: use an inexpensive regular taper candle to create the hole.  Later on, you can substitute it for a battery operated taper candle.  These are my favorite!

Step Five for DIY concrete pumpkin candle holder:

Lastly, wait until the concrete sets hard (we waited overnight).  Now, your new candle holder is ready for the big reveal!  Just take off the tape and gently remove the orange plastic form & enjoy your DIY concrete pumpkin candle holder!

How to Use Your DIY Concrete Pumpkin Candle Holder in Fall Decorating:

So many possibilities!

I love using candles throughout our home and even more so in the fall and winter months!  These DIY pumpkins add a nice touch of fall in a neutral way and I love how they even add some unexpected texture to fall decor.

Candles are always great decor for fall table decorating.  At the same time, you can make a beautiful statement by layering candles in front of a mirror on a mantel or console table.

Tip: Layering candles in front of mirrors gives so much extra depth and dimension to space.  At the same time, it doubles the cozy vibe in your fall home decor!

Along with decorating my mantel and buffet table, I had fun styling my concrete pumpkin candle holders on a couple of beautiful fall tablescapes too!

They would also be so cute sitting on cubbies or shelves.  You could tweak the DIY a bit by adding a real stem in the hole where the candle goes.

I love using vintage books to create a variety of height when I’m styling items that are the same, such as a grouping of these DIY pumpkin candle holders!  Vintage books are one thing I always thrift for and one of my “must-have” thrifted fall decor items!

You could also style these DIY pumpkin candle holders on a mantel!  It would be a perfect place to use some battery-operated taper candles.  You can find one of my favorites HERE.  It would also be a fun way to add some not-so-scary Halloween decor in a more simple and neutral way! You can find some of my favorite fall mantel styling ideas over on this post and then go ahead and add this fun DIY to my list of mantel favorites too!

Use your DIY concrete pumpkin on a fall tablescape!

My favorite way to use these DIY pumpkins is to dress up my table!  I love that they add a fun factor, while still being cute and classy!

Tip: Keep a collection of taper candles that have burned to varying heights.  When styling candle holders that are the same height, you can add more interest and a curated look by having different heights of candles.  You can find my favorite smokeless, dripless taper candles HERE.

When I’m finished using them on my table, I carefully place them in a drawer and use over and over.  I love having the look of the ones that have already burned part of the way!

How do you make a concrete pumpkin planter?

Here is how you can adapt this DIY concrete pumpkin into a planter.

The  candle holders are cute, but what about those planters?


To create DIY pumpkin planters, you need to tweak just two materials. Instead of the miniature jack-o-lantern buckets, you’ll want to purchase the large trick-or-treat size.  You can usually find these in the seasonal aisles at Walmart, or conveniently order one here.

You also want to pick up a large, plastic cup from the Dollar Tree.  Mine came in packs of two, which was great since I was making multiple planters.  The large cup becomes your vase inside the concrete pumpkin.  It is easy to add fresh flowers or add dirt and plant a small plant.  You could also add pretty faux stems, like THESE!

Process for Creating DIY Pumpkin Planter


Making a planter is very similar to the candle holder with two changes:  Just plan on more concrete & a plastic cup for a vase.


  • Cut the pumpkin just below the rim to the bottom on two sides.
  • Tape the pumpkin with a duct tape “belt”.  A couple times around works fine.
  • Fill the pumpkin about 2/3rds full of cement
  • Take your plastic cup “flower vase” and gently twist it into the concrete until the concrete & cup lid are even with the pumpkin rim.
  • It’s helpful at this point to add a heavy weight to the cup, since the concrete tends to move your vase as it dries.
  • Let the concrete harden over night
  • Remove the tape & orange plastic, and your new planter is ready for action!

How do I decorate with a concrete pumpkin planter?

You can use this planter indoors or outdoors.  I enjoy them both places!  They make a really cute table centerpiece, filled with fresh flowers.  Even creating a group of them with potted mums for your porch steps will be beautiful!

What are some good concrete DIY projects for beginners?

Concrete is a really fun material to work with.  I love the neutral color and the great texture that it adds to decor.  If you’re looking for more fun DIY projects, check out these DIY chargers that we made!  They were super inexpensive, but definitely took a little bit to figure out the best process.  You can cut out all the guess work and make them with these simple, step-by-step instructions!

Find more fall decorating ideas with DIY concrete projects here!

I featured these DIY chargers in my fall tablescape ebook.  For $4.95, you get 5 Fall Tablescape ideas complete with guides for everything you need.  I included some fun planning pages to help you get and stay organized for your fall gatherings too!  You can purchase the ebook HERE.

Check out more fall DIY ideas below!

I hope you’ll share with me if you make a version of this DIY concrete pumpkin or even some other concrete DIY!  It was fun to share the process with you.  Most of all, I hope it inspires you to have some creative fun with your fall decorating this year!

Next, for more DIY inspiration, head over to Lucy at Craftberry Bush.  It’s such a fun season and I love seeing everyone’s DIY projects!  

There are certainly a lot of pretty options in today’s blog hop to choose from!  I know there are definitely more than I have time to do this season, so I’ll be saving them to my DIY fall board over on Pinterest to find again in the future!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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