How to Style an Inexpensive DIY Thrifted Planter

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Do you have some fun, DIY thrifted finds laying around?  Check out these tips of how to style these pieces to create pretty home decorations! 

Do you love thrifting?  If you’ve followed along with my for any amount of time, you know I love a good thrifted find!  However, I find that many thrifted finds turn into projects before I can even get into the fun styling part.

Who can relate?!

However, sometimes a thrift store treasure is just too good to pass up, even if it includes some DIY (which can be fun too!). Harrison and I recently found this cute piece and we thought it would be a fun little project to do together.  I especially love how it turned out to be a great piece for summer centerpieces and shelf styling too!

Check out what we did!

How to Style an Inexpensive DIY Thrifted Planter

How to Find Thrifted Planters and Accessories

I often have people say, “You always get so lucky when you go thrifting!”  Sometimes, that is definitely the case.  However, there is a bit of strategy I use that helps me “get lucky” more often!  Here are a few tips for thrifting:

  • Go often.  Your probability of “getting lucky” are a lot higher the more often you just swing by your favorite thrift store to scan things over!
  • Know if the store has a schedule for putting out “new” items and a schedule for marking items down.
  • Make friends with the owner/staff.  If there is something specific you’re looking for, you can ask them to let you know if something comes along!
  • Keep a list of measurements handy.  For places that you decorate/style often, know the dimensions of your shelves, walls, and furniture.  Having that information easily accessible can help you make smart thrifting choices.  If you have to go back home to measure, your treasure might be gone when you get back!
  • If it’s really inexpensive and you love it, (and it fits in your budget), then just get it!  Worst case scenario, you’ve lost a couple dollars.  Best case scenario, it works perfectly and you’ve scored a steal of a deal that you get to enjoy!
  • Know and accept your limits and boundaries for money, time, and energy.  Even the best piece at the best price isn’t worth it if it’s out of budget or you know you don’t have time to tackle the project anytime soon.

How to DIY Your Thrifted Treasure

Harrison and I recently found this pretty shell planter for just $6 at our local thrift store.  It was actually displayed upside down, so I was delighted to turn it over and realize it was really a great size for a cute table or shelf planter.

Even though I do use a lot of wood tones in my decorating, the brown was just a little too “fake”, so we decided it would be a fun little painting project to do together!

Tip: When thrifting, always remember the power of paint!  

We used Krylon chalky finish paint in matte white and small, finishing paint brushes. It took several coats to get it to a bright white, but we had fun working together on it!  If I were recommending this project, I would say to use spray paint instead.  It would have been a lot faster.

However, we enjoyed spending time together, chatting while we worked, so I would still choose to brush it on!  That time was the most important part of the whole DIY and styling!

How to Style a Thrifted Planter

No matter the season or style, planters are wonderful accessories to have on hand. I have a wide range of sizes and styles that I love to mix and match!  Right now, I have our little DIY project styled on the dining room table with a simple pothos plant.  It is the perfect little summer centerpiece!

I added one of my vintage grain sacks underneath to get it a more substantial look for our 8 foot table.

Tip: If you’re working with a piece that is on a smaller scale, add a riser, breadboard, or runner underneath to give it more substance!

Planters are also perfect for shelf styling!  I shared 10 different things you can use and how to style shelves for summer over on THIS POST.

I love how there is really nothing on this bookshelf that is summer-specific, yet by adding just this shell planter, it has a whole new look and fresh summer vibe.  $6 thrifted DIY for the win!

Needing a planter to style on your shelf or table?

If you haven’t found a thrifted treasure, check out these favorites.  They are all great for shelves, tables, and other year-round vignettes too!

A few more ideas of how to style your thrifted planter:

  • Add on top of a stack of vintage books
  • Use tape to create a grid on top and make a small flower arrangement for a side table
  • Use a planter as a pencil or utensil holder
  • Tuck into a coffee table vignette
  • Use a collection of planters and pretty plants to create a mantel garden!

I hope you’re inspired to keep an eye out for planters on your next thrifting trip!  Or, perhaps you already have a planter and you just needed a new idea of how to style it around your home!  Maybe you have a spot on a shelf that needs a little help…hopefully one of these planters I shared will help you out!

Most of all, I hope you’ve had a little spark of creativity to help you enjoy your home even more!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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