The Best Thrifted Vessels for Affordable DIY Fall Flower Arrangements

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If you’re looking to save money on your fall decor, check out these affordable options for DIY fall flower arrangements with thrifted vessels!  Some of my favorite flower arrangements are the ones I create myself with pretty vintage containers, found at thrift stores, yard sales, and flea markets!  Keep reading for all the thrifted treasures from the “Thrifting with the Gals” bloggers today, too!

I love flowers.  No matter the season, floral and greenery arrangements are always one of my favorite ways to add a little refresh in our home.  Even if it is a busy day and there is not time for a lot of fluffing around home, some pretty flowers can always make things feel cheerful and welcoming.

Is it cheaper to make your own floral arrangements?

Yes!  In the fall season, I love to find ways to add affordable DIY fall flower arrangements throughout our home.  However, I really don’t love spending a lot of money on them.  Actually, I’d much rather splurge on a great container that I can use year-round than the flowers themselves!

I have figured out a few tricks and ideas to use some of my favorite thrifted finds as pretty DIY fall flower arrangement containers too.  It’s amazing what a difference a pretty vessel can make to elevate a fall floral arrangement!

For Thrifting with the Gals today, I’m going to share some ideas for containers that you can look for on your fall thrifting and flea market adventures. Then, you can use your own thrifted finds to create some beautiful and affordable DIY fall flower arrangements!  And speaking of VIntage, I know you loved hopping over from Ann with Dabbiling and Decorating Vintage Fall Decor Ideas.  She is amazing!

The Best Thrifted Vessels for Affordable DIY Fall Flower Arrangements

How do I make a cheap bunch of flowers look expensive?

The vessel, container, or vase you choose for your DIY fall flower arrangement will make all the difference!  To me, a pretty bunch of grocery store flowers in a vintage French zinc pitcher looks just as wonderful and makes as much of a statement as an expensive floral arrangement from a professional florist.

You can easily elevate the style of your fall florals by arranging them in a great container.  At the same time,  you can use your favorite vessels and vases year round so you have less decor pieces to store away.  I love to invest in great pieces that I can enjoy all year long!

DIY Fall Flower Arrangement Idea #1: Use a pretty pitcher!

How do you make cheap flower arrangements?

Most likely, you probably already own a pretty pitcher.  Some of you may already own two or three or even ten!  Especially if you want to save some money on your DIY fall flower arrangements, pull out a pretty pitcher, add some water, and quickly arrange a bunch of grocery store flowers.

Even though you can style a pitcher of flowers anywhere in your home, I especially love it as a table centerpiece or even sitting by the sink for a cheerful touch.

Pitchers are always on my thrifting list!  I especially keep an eye out for pretty ironstone pitchers, like this one, at flea markets and antique stores.  They can tend to be pricey, but as I said before, I love investing in pieces that I can enjoy all year long.  Pitchers are especially helpful since you can use them for serving beverages OR displaying a bouquet of inexpensive flowers!

Here are some favorite finds:

I always recommend checking out yard sales, thrift shops, local antique stores, and flea markets for home decor.  However, there are also some great pieces online and I’ve rounded up a few that are similar to my own favorite pitchers!  If you’re in the market for a great pitcher to make your DIY fall flower arrangements more affordable…and use year round…check these out!


DIY Fall Flower Arrangements Idea #2: Use a pretty dish!

One of my favorite ways to make a pretty flower arrangement is to use a beautiful dish!  Recently, I picked up this gorgeous ironstone dish at a yard sale.  I especially love it because it belonged to a dear lady from our church.  She was always so kind and gracious!

You probably also have a pretty dish tucked away in your cabinets too!  This is a great opportunity to use a sentimental piece or perhaps a dish that you don’t use on a daily basis.



How do you make a fall flower arrangement?

Here are a few easy steps to creating pretty DIY fall flower arrangements in a dish:

  1. If you’re using a dish with a wide opening, consider creating a grid at the top with scotch tape to hold the flowers.  This also helps you to not need quite as many flowers for the arrangement too.
  2. Start by adding a layer of greenery around the perimeter of the dish.  This should ideally lay a little bit horizontal to the surface, hanging over the sides of the dish.
  3. Next, begin adding the center blooms and work your way out.  The flowers in the middle should be a little bit taller than the flowers around the edges.
  4. Lastly, tuck in a few more pieces of greenery or accent stems to create some texture and whimsy to your arrangement.



Here are a few pretty dishes I found online that would be amazing for DIY fall flower arrangements:



DIY Fall Flower Arrangement Idea #3: Try a pretty thrifted pot!

One of my favorite kinds of vessels to use for plants and flowers are ironstone pots.  Even though their original use was not as lovely (think chamber pot!), they can be cleaned, bleached, and turned into gorgeous centerpieces!

Stoneware or pottery pots also make beautiful vases.  Since they are especially on trend right now, you can even take a thrifted find and turn it into a fun DIY by painting it!

Tip: To create a flower arrangement in an ironstone pot, use either a tape grid or cut branches from your yard to stabilize the flowers.  The branches are thicker and create a grid of their own.

How do you arrange fake fall flowers?

One way to create really affordable DIY fall flower arrangements is to invest in beautiful fall stems that you can use year after year.  I am pretty picky about my faux florals.  While high-quality ones aren’t always a savings up front, they pay off by using them all season and especially getting use out of them in future years too.

Tip: To create an even more amazing arrangement with faux flowers, add some freshly cut branches from your yard or inexpensive greenery, such as eucalyptus, from the grocery store.

Here are some beautiful recommendations for quality faux florals:

No matter if you’re using fresh or faux florals, these vintage pots will all elevate the style of your arrangement!

Here are a few suggestions for vintage style:

DIY Fall Flower Arrangements Idea #4: Try using an old bucket!

Sometimes the most simple idea really is the best.  However, they can easily get overlooked.  I know that I tend to overthink things sometimes (or often, depending on who you ask 😂) and forget to use the most simple of items.  For the fall season, one of my very favorite looks is a simple bucket or container with the most popular fall flowers!

What is the most popular flower in the fall?

I am not the flower expert, but I’d have to say mums!  They add such pretty touches of fall color, both indoors and out, and I especially love that you can create an amazing display of mums or enjoy a simple plant as a centerpiece.

Speaking of a centerpiece, my favorite way to display a pretty mum is in a bucket!  It makes the perfect centerpiece for a table or kitchen island and couldn’t be any easier to style, too.

Currently, I have my mum in a pretty vintage zinc bucket.  However, you could also add a rustic touch with a wooden bucket or a farmhouse vibe with a galvanized pail.  I wouldn’t consider my decor stash to be complete without a couple of great buckets for flowers and plants!

Here are a few favorites:

DIY Fall Flower Arrangement Idea #5: Bottles and jars are simple and easy!

If you’re looking for a really inexpensive and super easy way to display fall flowers, whether fresh or faux, bottles and jars work every time!  I always watch for vintage flip-top cap bottles at thrift stores and flea markets.  Even though they can be a little more pricey in antique shops, you can find beautiful ones there too.  I love the ones that have hints of blue or green in the glass.

At the same time, you can purchase a new set and still get a wonderful centerpiece or table display for your DIY fall flower arrangements!

How do you make a cheap flower arrangement?

Purchase one bouquet and spread it out!  You can create quite a statement by adding one or two stems to each bottle and lining them down the middle of a centerpiece.

For a thoughtful effect, you can place a bottle at each place setting on your fall tablescape.  Even though a big, fancy arrangement in the middle of a table is always wonderful, you can create a unique, simple look with a single bouquet and a bunch of thrifted bottles!

Here are some ideas for bottles:

Are you ready to add some flowers to your cart at the grocery store?

I hope so!  Treat yourself this week with an inexpensive bouquet and have fun being creative as you add your DIY fall flower arrangement ideas all around your home!  While you’re out and about, make sure to stop by your local thrift stores and see what fun vessels you can use for your flowers too!

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Happy fall decorating and happy thrifting!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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