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It has been a fun year of sharing easy DIY ideas for your home decor here on the Robyn’s French Nest blog!  Read on down to see which is your favorite and what you’ll decide to DIY in 2022!

It’s hard to believe that I’ve completed my first full year with my Robyn’s French Nest blog!  What a fun year it has been and this week, I am excited to share all of YOUR favorites from the blog!

I will be joining with some friends to also share their “Top Ten Favorites” all week, so each day, you’ll want to check in.  It is a lot of fun to see what your favorites have been, not only from my own blog, but from other bloggers that I love following along with too!

It seems like we always have a project going around here, even if it’s just a small one, so it only seems right that the first “Top Ten” post feature your favorite DIY projects and crafts from 2021!

I love every single one of these projects, both from the quickest and simplest ideas to the ones that included hard-core tools.  I hope you enjoy them also and even decide to try a few of them!

Make sure your read all the way to the end to see the Top Ten DIY Ideas from KariAnne at Thistlewood Farms, Leslie at My 100 Year Old Home, Courtney from French Country Cottage, and Janine from Happy Happy Nester.  So many fun projects that I want to try myself!  


I got the inspiration for these little garden-themed candle holders at a flea market!  When I saw the adorable, teeny tiny terra cotta pots (especially with great patina), I knew they had be part of a tablescape!  Looking back at this gets me excited to start thinking about all of the fun spring ideas in a couple of months!

This DIY took all of ten minutes (to make several!) but had such a big impact on my tablescape.  Later, I used them to add spring touches to the shelves in my dining room and even on my mantel!

I loved receiving messages from so many of you who tried this little project too!


I know the Christmas season just ended and you may not be quite ready to think about ornaments, but these were a favorite little DIY this year and I loved using these on my tree!

My favorite thing about these is that they aren’t just for Christmas!  Small salvage pieces are perfect to pile in a dough bowl for some texture, use as napkin rings, or tie on special gifts throughout the year too!

There are so many fun ways to use architectural salvage, from the little pieces like these old railings we cut up to big, heavy pieces (which were some of your favorites too!)



I don’t always jump on decor trends, but the DIY concrete home decor has been a fun one to try and you all have loved it too!  I saw so many of our little cement pumpkin candle holders all over Instagram this year!

These chargers are my other favorite concrete project we did!  I haven’t used them for awhile, so I think it’s time to pull them back out and style up for a cozy winter tablescape (yep, concrete can be styled in super cozy ways!)

Have you tried any concrete DIY ideas yet?  It’s addicting!


This was a fun project for our niece’s wedding!  While you may not need a six foot long table centerpiece, the overall concept and tutorial are the same.  You can just adjust the dimensions to fit your table.

We gifted this DIY to her, but I did have fun styling it up for fall before the wedding!  With a simple centerpiece idea, you can easily change seasonal decor…or keep it simple with lots of battery-operated pillar candles (we used these for the wedding)!


I get asked All. The. Time. for a link to these sconces!  I wish I could share them with you but they were such a fun antique store find!  I just knew they had to come home with me. You  know I love the chippy white patina!

The great news is that you can hunt for your own vintage fixtures and then use this simple DIY concept to turn them into working sconces!  I love the soft light these give and it is definitely fun to have those one-of-a-kind pieces in your home!


This pretty architectural salvage piece was the perfect compromise between mother and daughters!  My girls wanted to redo their room with light blue, this momma had a hard time letting go of all the cute pinks, and this shelf made it all okay.  Haha!

Fortunately, my girls like vintage things too, so they were perfectly fine with adding this sweet piece to their bedroom and it makes a perfect spot to display a few treasures, add seasonal decor, and hang their favorite hats and jackets!

Check out this DIY for a simple way to turn architectural salvage into functional decor and some styling tips too!  Hint: Hanging these heavy pieces isn’t the hard part!


I won’t lie.  This was not the easiest DIY for 2021.  However, it undoubtedly made the biggest improvement in the curb appeal of our home.  And it saved us thousands of dollars!

We are so glad we gave this a shot before spending all the money to have our driveway professionally done.  It ended up being the perfect compromise for our budget and giving us a huge curb appeal improvement too!

If you’re looking for a spring project with big impact, don’t miss this one!


I had never heard of using oven cleaner to take off old paint or stain until last year when a 70+ year-old dealer told me she’s been using dollar tree oven cleaner for years!  When this incredible apothecary turned up in January of 2021, it became our first DIY of the year!

Since then, I’ve seen so many people trying the oven cleaner method and it is fun to see all of the incredible projects!  It’s a game changer for sure!

And don’t miss the fun story behind this piece either…some things are just meant to be!

What will you use oven cleaner for in 2022?!


This architectural salvage lamp was definitely one of my favorite DIY projects in 2021.  I really can’t take credit, because my husband did this one, but he did an amazing job!  We made them for a vintage market customer and as soon as we moved it inside to photograph, I was reallllllly wishing they weren’t sold already!

I am still on the hunt for another pair of architectural salvage pieces like these, but I have loved seeing the pictures you’ve sent of all the lamps you’ve made this year!  Another great way to get one-of-a-kind pieces into your home!

Easy DIY Ideas for 2021: Your #1 Favorite

It really is the easiest of all!

I was so curious to dig into the analytics and see what your favorite DIY idea for 2021 would be.  According to the combined platforms of the blog and Instagram, these super simple and inexpensive DIY curtains take the cake!

You can see a fun and quick little video HERE and then click on over to the blog.  You can have new curtains up in about 10 minutes flat!

I hope you’ve enjoyed following along with these projects in 2021!  Even though I try to give my creativity a little break over the holiday vacation, my brain has been spinning with fun things I can’t wait to try in 2022!

You’re going to love the Top Ten DIY/Craft Ideas from KariAnne, Leslie, Courtney, and Janine too.  Check these out!  I can’t wait hear which one you want to try first!

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*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases*

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