17 Beautiful Fall Decor Favorites for Your Home

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Looking for fall decor ideas? Check out my top 17 favorites this season and ideas for styling them around your home!

Fall Decor….

Is it your favorite?  My favorite always seems to be whatever I’m doing at the moment, so for the moment, fall decor is my favorite too!  For most of my friends who enjoy decorating, fall decor is highly anticipated, planned for, and enjoyed to the fullest!

Even though I live in South Florida, where the autumn season really doesn’t feel like “fall” until December and the leaves never change color…I have a lot of fun pretending!  You’d never know, based on the interior of our home, that green palm trees are swaying outside.  That’s my goal anyway!

If you love fall decor, too, this post is for you!  I’m rounding up my top 17 favorite things to decorate with this season and I also rounded up some fall inspiration with crafts, DIY, flowers, and allllllll the things!

Let’s get started!

17 Fall Decor Favorites


I love this list so much and hope it inspires you, even to think differently about the decor you already have and how you can use it in a fun way this season!

In super random order, here are my favorites this season!  Some I own, some I’m dreaming of, some I have similar pieces, and some for just the pure beauty of them!

No matter how many fall stems I own, it seems that they all get used through the season and for under $3, this acorn stem will go with any fall decor.  I love how the neutral tone allows it to complement non-traditional fall decor as well as the classic fall hues of orange, gold, and rust!

I love having a supply of little stems to tuck around my pumpkins or gourds and I also mix stems like these with fresh flowers!  It’s a great way to make your fresh flowers go a little further too!

Dried gourds are definitely a favorite for fall decor.  Last year, I found a gigantic one at an antique shop.  It was part of their decor but thankfully they let me purchase it because I just LOVE it!  It’s so fun to style in a basket or just set on a console table.

I found one large gourd online, so check it out here!  It won’t last long, so if you’ve been on the hunt, grab it quickly!

If that one is a little too large for your space, don’t worry!  I love these small and medium-sized dried gourds too.  They are perfect for place settings, or piling in a large dough bowl for a coffee table arrangement!  I styled a bunch of them in a DIY centerpiece too.  

I love having decor that has the natural, organic look, like dried gourds do, but can be used year after year.  Saves money on so many real pumpkins that sometimes rot too soon and get tossed anyway!

Okay, this bread board is at the top of my wish list!  I especially love it for the fall season.  Something about bread and wood tones and vintage inspiration just feel like fall to me.  Maybe it’s reminiscent of a soup supper on a crisp fall day?

Anyway, I saw this at my Anthropologie store the other day and fell in love.  I haven’t splurged…yet…but I might!  I love the size, wood color, chunky thickness, and overall look.  It would be pretty all by itself or even paired with a simple vase and fall candle!

I found the “real deal” vintage online too and it is also so beautiful.  I’ve seen them for much higher prices than this, so I thought this was actually a decent deal!

You know how much I love setting a pretty table!  If you haven’t grabbed my new e-book, you can still order it here!  I am so excited about it and had so much fun putting it together!

I have been eyeing this table runner for some new fall tablescapes too.  For $12.99, what’s not to love?  I haven’t been able to find neutral table runners that still have the timeless pumpkin pattern, so I thought this one was really sweet!  It would make a great base for a Thanksgiving table centerpiece too!

I told you there would be some dreamy pieces that make my top 15 list!  I have such an obsession with drawers and cubbies.  I love the look and history of them, but I also love how functional this antique apothecary can be in your home.

Antique, one-of-a-kind pieces that function well in my home are ones that we invest in as we can!  I’m always on the hunt for them.  Even though this one is out of my budget, I love the inspiration of the wood patina.  You can tell it’s been aged to perfection over time!  My favorite kind of piece!

I’ve had so much fun with this scarf; it almost deserves a whole blog post itself!  You can see how I styled it with a favorite antique dough bowl here.  Even though we will only have one or two days here in Florida that’s cold enough to actually wear the scarf, I still have fun with it!

Here are a few ideas for your favorite fall scarf:

  • Style it as a light throw blanket
  • Toss over a bench in the entryway or bedroom
  • Use as a table runner or tablecloth

I can’t even tell you exactly what it is that I love so much about these vintage brass quail. I’ve never considered myself an avid bird-watcher!  And yet, I have a drawer full of different sizes of vintage quail.

What can I say?

They are a perfect size to add to fall vignettes and I do love how they add a touch of the unexpected, as well as bringing a unique shape to fall decor vignettes!  Vintage brass quail are relatively inexpensive, easy to tuck away between seasons, and just fun!

I include vintage books in every single season because I use them year round!  Vintage books are such an easy addition to decor and they can add so much texture, color, character, and history to your spaces.

 I style them not only on shelves, but on mantels, centerpieces, coffee tables, console tables, and even tablescapes.   You can see a few of my favorite ways to decorate with vintage books here.

In the fall season, I love to pull out books with leather covers and tattered spines that let you know they were well-used and well-loved!  This set of vintage books is perfect for the fall season, but could be used year-round too!

I am always up for a good vintage find and my pottery pieces from the World’s Longest Yard Sale are definitely favorites.  While they can be used year-round, there is something about old pottery and crock pieces that feel especially right for the fall decor season.

I love the neutral colors with so much texture and shape.  Each one is unique, yet together, they make such a pretty collection.

I found this vintage French stoneware piece online and love every, single thing about it!  Perfect to add a touch of fall color and would be the best vase for your fall flowers too!

Every cozy fall space has a great throw blanket mixed into the fall decor!  This is one of my favorite colors for fall and this throw has the perfect light-weight texture to make it cozy, even on the warmer fall days.  A big throw blanket like this will make a statement with your fall decor while also being super cozy and functional for those Friday movie nights!

I was lucky to find a vintage European grain bin for a really reasonable price at one of my favorite shops, Rehab Vintage Market.  I haven’t been able to find another one until I stumbled upon this recently online.  

While it is an investment piece, the substantial size, unique shape, and rarity make it a special find!  I just had to include it in case anyone is on the hunt for something really unique!

I filled mine with dried branches (free!) and dried gourds for a statement centerpiece and I love it so much.  I use it year-round, so you’re investing in a piece that you can use season after season.  And goodness!  It is so fun to style too!

Vintage stoneware bottles are one of my very, very favorite things to use in my fall decor!  I love them grouped together, filled with fall stems or flowers, or even used with taper candles!

While I use mine throughout the year, the terra cotta coloring of these make them perfect to mix with my fall decor!  I also have several white ones that I enjoy using and I especially love mixing the two together!  They are easy to add to centerpieces to get a unique, curated look!

The idea of butter churns in decor feels a little 90’s country, right?  But wait until you see these gorgeous European vintage ones!  I never knew I needed these for flowers and branches but I absolutely love them and they are so fun to style!

I love the wood tone of the European butter churns.  There is something so distinctive and beautiful about those vintage European pieces!  They are worth every penny and will be fun to style for every season!

I added a glass pitcher down inside of mine to hold water for fresh flowers and I also used free cut branches from my yard! They are definitely a new favorite!

Every good vintage styling for fall decor needs a few amber bottles!  Of course, I love the apothecary bottles like these, but keep an eye out at flea markets, thrift stores, and antique shops!  This is the time of year when you can find some beautiful amber bottles.

I love to put taper candles in the wider mouth ones or put little fall flower stems in different sized bottles!

You can get an immediate collection for your fall styling HERE!

At the end of the day, you just can’t beat a cute kitchen towel to add some fall decor to your kitchen!  I love the colors of these and I’ve been using them on tablescapes, draped in a basket to hold seasonal fruit, and hanging by my kitchen sink for everyday use too!

I love this flour sack towel and the budget-friendly price makes it a perfect add-on item for your fall decor!

Can you even have fall decor without pumpkins?  I do use a lot of dried gourds, but fall decor really begins when I break out my little stash of small, faux, white pumpkins.  I love using these to style dough bowls, add to shelves, and tuck into vintage cubbies!

Grab a couple of sets; I promise you’ll use them!

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