21 Favorite Christmas Decor Items You’ll Love This Year

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Ready to start thinking about Christmas decor? Scroll on down and find 21 of my favorite Christmas decor items for the 2021 season and get inspired to make the season special!

Maybe you’ve already started decorating for Christmas or maybe you’re gathering ideas so you’re ready after Thanksgiving.  Whenever you decorate for Christmas is totally up to you!  It is so fun to plan, though, and get inspired by seeing what is out there!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not purchasing everything on this list!  (Though I may be watching for some after Christmas sales on some of these Christmas decor items!)

It is fun to add in a few new things each year, though, and it always inspires me to take what I already have and maybe try it a little differently as I mix it in with a few new things.

I hope this post gives you some fun ideas of how you want to decorate this year, sources for a few new things, and inspiration to put it all together with the special Christmas decor items that you’ve used for years!

Happy Christmas planning!

Christmas Decor Favorite #1

*The garland below is VERY popular & sometims out of stock.  Find my other two favorite realistic faux garlands here & here.  I use all three in my house & love them!

If you invest in nothing else this season, this realistic garland will make all of your favorite pieces feel fresh and new!  I hang it in doorways, around windows, across mantels, down the center of the table, over the headboard…truly, everywhere!

It looks and feels so real and I always have people touching it when they walk through to see if it’s real or not!

Christmas Decor Item #2

I know this doesn’t look like one of the typical Christmas decor items.  But, trust me when I say it will take your tabletop Christmas tree to a new level!

Use it all winter and then in the spring, replace the winter tree with a favorite plant.  Or use it on your porch with fresh flowers!

This zinc bucket is one of my favorite things to use year round and it is just begging to have your favorite faux Christmas tree tucked inside!

Christmas Decor Item #3

It is the honest truth when I say that I don’t purchase Christmas pillows.  Literally, almost never.  But this one was just too good!

I love the French script and the neutral colors.  That will allow me to use it for a long time, even as I choose different Christmas accent colors over the years.

Plus, it’s just so super cute and inexpensive too!  If it is sold out online, check your stores!  Mine had a bunch of them the other day!

Christmas Decor Favorite #4

I almost really consider this one a must have.  Especially since I ordered several boxes!  I love having candlelight around our home and have tried many different battery-operated taper candles over the years.

These are definitely my very favorites.  They are more reasonably priced than some of the high end ones I’ve found.  Plus, I love that they have a remote and a flicker option.

You’ll be seeing these on my dining table, mantel, and console tables all season!

Christmas Decor Item #5

I don’t consider my Christmas decor items to be complete without lots of trees.  Just ask my husband.  He LOVES storing them each year!!😉🙈

These flocked trees sell out so fast every year and you can see why.  So budget-friendly!  I love to group them together for a winter wonderland look and I use them all throughout our home!  I have both the ‘4′ and 6′.

Sometimes I hang little garlands, but often, I just leave them naked with lights.  And I think they look pretty perfect.  And they don’t kill the budget, either!

Christmas Decor Item #6

Can you even have Christmas decor without a pretty wreath?!  Am I the only one who eyes the big, fresh, fancy ones each year, thinking this is the year I’ll splurge?  But when it comes right down to it, I can’t argue with a faux wreath that looks just as good!  And I can use it year after year!

This one looks so good that even my decorating friends were messaging me last year to ask if it was real!

Also trust me when I say you need two.  I made the mistake of only ordering one!

Christmas Decor Item #7

Vintage-inspired bells are definitely on trend for 2021 and I am totally on board with this trend!  I won’t be purchasing the expensive Pottery Barn ones (as fabulous as they are!), but I got a few more budget-friendly ones to go along with these that I ordered last year!

I love how they add a little sparkle to my Christmas decor.  I hung them at each corner of my huge wall mirror but you could hang them anywhere!  Or even cut them apart and use several sets to make a garland!

Christmas Decor Item #8

It is always fun to add a different spin on your favorite Christmas decor items!  And while we are on the subject of bells, this set of small vintage-inspired bells would be the cutest napkin rings!  I plan to use the rest of them as gift tie-ons and ornaments.

My family doesn’t know yet, but they are going to be thrilled that we are Jing-jangling all the way to Indiana with everyone’s cute package tie-ons this year!😂

What can I say?  They fit my theme, my budget, and they are on trend too!

Christmas Decor Favorite #9

It’s another must-have for me!  No matter how pretty the decor is, it just isn’t Christmas if it doesn’t smell like Christmas!  Who’s with me on that?!

This candle makes our entire home smell magical.  My kids even love it.  And I love that one candle fills up so much of our home with it’s perfect scent!

Christmas Decor Favorite #10

Advent calendars are one of our family’s very favorite things.  You can read all about our DIY Advent Calendar HERE.

If you don’t have space or time for one as extensive as ours (which I totally understand!), here are a couple of options.

This one is more of an investment, but I love the vintage European look and it would become a family keepsake!

This one is absolutely adorable, super budget-friendly, and goes right along with that bell trend too!  Maybe we need two advent calendars?!

Christmas Decor Favorite #11

Are you seeing the trend?  Believe me or not, I’ve been imagining bells every where since it struck me sometime in the summer (and I even hunted for bells all along the World’s Longest Yard Sale!)

So I was especially excited when I realized they are on trend this year.  I can get started with my vision and have bells available everywhere!

This set of woven bell ornaments is so cute, budget-friendly, and would blend beautifully with almost any style. I think they would make an amazing garland too, stringing together several sets!

Christmas Decor Item #12

I used these little wooden, unpainted nutcrackers all over our house last year!  I love the traditional look of nutcrackers and they always remind me of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker, which is one of my most favorite classical works of music!  I even directed a children’s musical theater production of it when I taught music.  Soooo fun!

I love how these unpainted ones add the traditional touch with a little bit of the European farmhouse, light wood, simple, neutral look too!

They are inexpensive and I love how this set has several different styles.  The miniature ones also make great gift tie-ons!

Christmas Decor Must-Have #13

When I tell you these stems literally style themselves, I’m not kidding!  One of my favorite vignettes last year was with my large stoneware crock and three of these faux Norfolk pine stems.  I didn’t fluff them or do anything.  I just stuck them in the crock, letting them fall different directions, and it was definitely a favorite!  In fact, I left it all winter long!

You need these!  I also made the mistake of only ordering 3.  So I’ll be adding a few more to my collection every year because I love them that much.

Sometimes a garland is just a little “too extra” and these do the these do the trick perfectly.  I’ll decorate with these from Thanksgiving all the way through February!

Christmas Decor Favorite #14

Cute.  That’s all there is to these unfinished Kraft box houses.  Just plain cute!  My friend Kendra from @homespuncottage inspired me to order some last year.  I ended up with three sets and styled two of them in the playroom.  I plan to do the same this year because I loved how they had a playful, casual look, yet made a statement.  I found my big ones at Hobby Lobby one sale, but how adorable are these miniature ones?  We might have to add to our collection!

I also think the miniature ones could be a fun girls’ night in craft too!

I added twinkling fairy lights to them and they made the whole room look cozy, while adding to that winter wonderland I was trying to create.

P.S.  In case you need to hear this…it is totally okay to repeat decor.  I think we can get caught up in doing everything new, different, better…instead of just doing what we still love!

Christmas Decor Item #15

I know I already linked a fabulous faux wreath for you, but I couldn’t resist this one also!  I love the cute bells (that’s obvious by now!) but I also love the extra large size!  This would make such a statement over a mantel, centered on a gallery wall, in a hallway where you don’t know what else to do, or layered over a large mirror.

I haven’t ordered it…yet…but I’m leaning toward it.  I feel like I have just the right spot and it’s a great price for a statement piece!

Christmas Decor Must-Have #16

I actually use this faux eucalyptus all year round, which is why it is a must-have item to me!  I absolutely love using it during the Christmas and winter seasons, layered under cedar or pine garland.

I do this on the mantel or down the center of the table for tablescapes too.  It is SO realistic and you can’t beat the price!

Especially when you can use it for other seasons! I even used some at our niece’s wedding reception for decor and it blended it perfectly with the fresh eucalyptus.  That’s how realistic it is!

Christmas Decor Must-Have #17

I’m realizing there are a lot of “must-haves” on this list!  But friends!  I am obsessed with these vintage brass French horns.  I’ve been collecting them for several years from thrift stores, flea markets, vintage shops…anywhere I could find them!

You don’t have to have a whole collection to decorate with them, though!  Incorporate a few into a gallery wall, hang them on your tree for something unique, lean them against a vignette on the coffee table, or hang them on the door as a wreath!

This is a decent price for a set and I like the nesting sizes so you can style them different ways!  They are a must-have for me.  A perfect combination of traditional and vintage, yet so many ways to put a fun twist on them!

You can read more about how I styled them last year on this post.

Christmas Decor Item #18

I have to admit, I ordered these on a bit of a whim last year but I am so glad I did!  What a great look!  I love that they have different light settings, work on a timer, and are the perfect sizes to make a statement on a console, sofa, or entryway table.

They have that perfect simplistic look without feeling empty, if that makes sense!  Love, love, love them.  They are a bit more of an investment, but I’d rather have these than a bunch of less-quality big box store trees.

Christmas Decor Favorite #19

I’m the first to admit that if you do lots of stocking gifts, these aren’t big enough.  But really, can you ever have too many decorative stockings?  I hung these from our mantel last year and they looked so super cute.  The smaller size actually made them a bit easier to decorate with and you can’t beat the price for a set of 4 matching!

The chunky knit adds such a cozy look to any mantel or create a garland of them to hang at the foot of a bed or along a bookshelf!  So many possibilities!

Christmas Decor Favorite #20

I know this is technically a Christmas list, but I start putting these deer out before Thanksgiving and enjoy them all winter long!  I love that they add another texture with the brass and a definite vintage vibe.  I also watch for these anytime I’m out vintage hunting!  They are so fun to decorate with and are perfect to tuck into any winter vignette, especially with battery-operated candles!

Christmas Decor Must-Have #21

Cute wrapping paper is a legit must-have. There are many different kinds and styles available and this probably deserves a blog post all on its own.  But find pretty paper that ties into your decor and buy multiple rolls!

You’re going to need it and better to have it than run out!

Tip: choose three kinds of wrapping paper that mix and match.  Then have fun mixing and matching ribbon, package tie-ons, and cute tags!

I got started this year with this pretty paper. I love the simplicity!  I chose the green to go with my more neutral Christmas colors, but the red is adorable too!

I LOVE Christmas and this post could really be 121 Favorite Things!  But I hope this gets you started and sparks a little imagination and creativity.  You got a big insight into the look I’m going for with our 2021 Christmas decor, so stay tuned for a reveal of my Christmas theme and the why behind it, coming soon!

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*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases*


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