Family Christmas Gift Guide and Best Black Friday Sales!

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I LOVE Christmas shopping!  Is that kind of strange?  I don’t know, but I think it’s an either love or not love kind of thing!

I especially love Christmas shopping with serious sales, so when I found out about the amazing Black Friday specials at Belk, we made a little road trip to get to the big, beautiful Belk location in Jacksonville, Florida.

Before I even tell you about all the good deals, I have to tell you that we had incredible customer service.  Holiday shopping can be stressful, not only for shoppers, but for store personnel as well.  Even though the store was busy, we had such a great experience with patient, helpful Belk employees!

Now, on to the sales, because I know you’re anxious to get shopping too!  If you don’t have a Belk near you, jump over to their website.  I’ll link everything below, as the Black Friday sales are just as good online!

When I say good sales, I really should say great!  40-70% off some favorite brands and also some luxury brands is a big deal!  I found gifts for every single person on my list, including teachers, and got everything on a great sale.  I literally saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars!

We don’t get too hung up about name brands, but there are some brands that you just know the amazing quality or uniqueness that make them special.  I didn’t even realize that Belk carried all of these brands, so I was really excited to find some favorites there…and ON SALE!

Here is my round up of the things I actually purchased!  Hopefully it will help you check some quality Christmas gift items off of your shopping list too!


This might sound really silly, but I LOVE handbags and purses.  I’ve loved them since I was a little girl and I’d spend all of my chore money on a new purse if I had the chance!  Ha!  One thing that I really wanted to do this year is to get a small designer bag for my oldest daughter.  A little indulgent?  Sure.

But every girl needs a great bag (and shoes!), so when I saw that the entire section of Michael Kors handbags was 25%…making the cutest little bag fit in my budget…I took the chance!  I literally cannot wait to give it to her!

(If you’re personal friends with our family, PLEASE keep a secret!!!! 🤫 🤗)

Who is shopping for one of those comfort gifts?  Belk is having a huge sale on the Sharper Image products.  You can check out my Instagram stories for a quick tour, but there are so many great products, from travel humidifiers to weighted heating pads to this deep tissue massager!  It’s regularly over $300 and came to $99!  That’s my kind of sale!

My kids have been wanting these Dash kitchen products and I was super excited to see that they are in the Belk Black Friday sale!

The smaller ones are only $9.99 and the bigger ones, like the Bundt cake maker, was half price too!  I know my kids will have so much fun with these; they love getting creative in the kitchen, so gifts that help them to create in a fun and safe way are perfect!  Especially at 50% off!  There are quite a few different styles, so make sure to check them all out!

I was so excited to see that Belk now carries the Free People brand too!  I absolutely love the feel of the Free People brand clothing; so soft and comfy!  I couldn’t pass up this cozy sweater for 50%.  It comes in a few colors!  There are some gorgeous Free People scarves and hats that are also 50% off.

And yes, I’m wrapping this for myself. 😅 Unless I decide to save myself the trouble and go ahead and wear it if the weather cools down again here in Florida!  It is so soft and I can’t wait to wear it!

Does anyone else use the Black Friday sales as a good time to stock up on clothes for your family?!  I’ve been wanting some of these cute Sperry boots for a long time but what is cuter than matching ones for Harrison?!  Plus, he will need them for our trip up north over Christmas break!  Belk has a lot of boots in their Black Friday Sale, so make sure to check those out!

I also picked up this comfy quilted vest for a gift.  At 70% off, it was such a great deal and comes in lots of different colors.  The Crown and Ivy brand has so many cute prints for holiday attire, too, and they are all on the Black Friday sale!  If you need some cute Christmas party outfits, make sure to check those out!

Weighted blankets are another cozy trend this year!  There are so many cute ones and Belk has them on a major Black Friday discount!  This makes a really nice gift for the “homebody” in your family!

Or maybe the busy person, like me, who needs a good excuse to stop and get cozy to try out a new blanket!

Belk carries several different weights of these blankets, so there’s sure to be exactly what you need on sale!

Where are all the Lilly Pulitzer fans?!  You’ll be so excited that Belk has all the Lilly gifting items 40% off for the Black Friday weekend only, so hurry over!  My middle daughter, especially, is obsessed with the unique and colorful Lilly Pulitzer designs, so I stocked up for some gifts and stocking stuffers for her!

That set of thermal zippered pouches are great for insulating food, but also super cute for makeup bags or little catch all purses!  It’s a set of two and comes down to $16!  You can’t beat it!

A good Lilly Pulitzer sale is hard to come by, so I’m ordering more gifts online today!  Hurry over because I am 100% sure this is going to be a hot sale for Friday and Saturday!


Stocking stuffers are a HUGE deal in our family!  We actually have gigantically huge stockings that are a few feet tall!  So we get really serious about our stocking stuffers and I was very excited to find so many nice stocking gifts on the Belk Black Friday ad!  I picked up some great gadgets for the guys, cute accessories for the girls, and comfy gifts for the ladies!

Belk has all the stocking gifts you’ll need and they are all 50-70% off!  When you’re doing your Black Friday shopping, make sure you add on those little items too!  With the huge sales and discounts, you’ll be able to create the nicest stockings ever!

And if you need stockings, all of the gorgeous Christmas decor is 50-60% off too!

You can pick up some great name brand items for those stocking stuffers too!  Belk carries Vineyard Vines, which is a favorite brand of my husband’s because of the great quality, and their gifting accessories are 25% off for Black Friday!  These make a fun Christmas gift and a little more thoughtful than the regular socks! 😉

Addy is totally into tie dye right now.  I think it must be a favorite for a lot of tweens out there because I’m seeing it everywhere!  This cute lounge set came down to $20 from $60!  She is going to be over the moon about it!  I’m still trying to decide whether to wrap it up or roll it into her stocking.  Either way, I already know it will be a favorite.

I love those unexpected items that you come across when Black Friday shopping and they are such a good deal that you can add on an extra Christmas gift or two!

Belk had SO many unexpected items at SUCH good prices!  I really had to restrain myself! 😂

I checked off a huge chunk of my Christmas shopping, all in one fabulous stop at Belk!  Their Black Friday sales are over the top this year and they have pulled together incredible and varied selections.  I shopped for everyone from my dad all the way down to my kids, nieces, and nephews!

Now, jump over to Belk and not only have some fun, but get those gifts checked off your list!  I love picking out thoughtful gifts that I know my family will love.  Belk made it so easy and I’m especially grateful that they made it possible to get some extra nice things with the amazing Black Friday sales!

Have fun!

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