How to Make Christmas Gift Wrap Beautiful and Easy

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Gift giving is all in the details, but it doesn’t have to be hard!  Read below for some easy AND pretty inspiration for Christmas gift wrap this year!  I’ve rounded up several fun ideas for you along with an amazing group of bloggers!

Gift wrapping was a serious ordeal when I was growing up.  This will date me, but I lived my childhood without internet orders and Amazon.  I also lived my childhood years in a tiny, TINY town in Kansas.

If you wanted pretty gift wrap and ribbon, you drove a long way to get it and you most definitely didn’t waste it.

We carefully saved the ribbon in the aftermath of opening Christmas presents and would reuse what we could the next year.

I always loved all the pretty ribbon and how special our gifts looked.

Even more, and especially now that I’m a mom myself, I appreciate the care and thought and extra effort that went into the presentation of our gifts.

It’s something I realize that I am trying to do for my own family, and even though I can’t tie a really pretty bow for the life of me (trust me, my mom has tried to show me so many times!) I love to take what I can do and try to make it special.

My style looks a little different than the 90’s styles I grew up with, but I’d like to think that the intentionality and thoughtfulness behind our gifts is timeless.

Making gift wrap feel special can get really pricey, really fast.  I hope that the budget friendly tips in my blog post below will give you some inspiration for beautifully wrapped packages that don’t increase your Christmas budget by very much!

It is also an honor to join with some amazing bloggers who are also sharing their gift wrap ideas!

My favorite thing is that you can take all of your favorite ideas, incorporate them with your own creative flair, and create your own gift wrap presentation that looks pretty under the tree but more importantly, shows your love to family and friends!

I hope you enjoy all of these Christmas gift wrap ideas!  I’m off to actually try and finish wrapping a few more gifts over here!

Check out this blog post for 5 different ways I love to make our gift wrap look pretty and special!  Hint: These are all budget-friendly ideas, too!

“Brown paper packages tied up with string”…runs through my mind with Kaley’s simple, yet beautiful, gift wrap ideas!  Make sure to visit The Little White Farmhouse to see how she uses simple, inexpensive brown paper along with festive touches to make her gifts look so special!  Kaley’s gift wrap mirrors her home style so beautifully: simple vintage with just the right amount of seasonal touches!

Emily’s home style is so elegant and I’m always inspired by her styling!  The same is true for her beautiful gift wrap.  You’ll love reading her blog over at Le Cultivateur and seeing how she adds a lot of whimsy to her gifts!  Each one is just so cute and I know I’d be excited to open any of these pretty packages!!!

Neutral gift wrapping can be so elegant and sweet and beautiful!  You’ll enjoy Charity’s post over at Mornings on Macedonia for ideas on creating a more neutral look, while making your gifts look extra special!  I love what she used for her ribbon, so make sure and check that out!  I’m so inspired by this idea!

I am so inspired by the simplicity and thoughtfulness of these gift wrapping ideas from Shae over at Sweet Southern Grace!  The homemade dried oranges make these gifts special because extra time and thought was put into the packaging!  Plus, they must smell amazing too!  Paired with simple brown paper and pretty twine, these gifts look so intentional, not to mention beautiful!

Terrie over at Decorate and More with Tip shared such cute and festive ideas to turn your gifts into works of art!  You’re going to love how cute this is!  It would be perfect for a secret Santa gift or Christmas swap at a party too!

I love the mix of traditional plaid with the simple brown paper from Hannah over at Baggott Farmhouse.  The classic plaid pattern is so perfect for the holidays, while the neutral color is a perfect addition to a more muted Christmas decor palette.  I love how the gifts really add a whole element of decor to the space!  Check out Hannah’s two easy hacks to make your gifts look amazing too!

I love the elegance of white and gold for special gift wrapping!  Tara from Stilettos and Shiplap created such beautiful packaging that would make any recipient excited to see what is inside!  I love how she uses pretty ribbon and the touches of greenery with the gift tie-ons too!  So much inspiration here!

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