Robyn’s 2020 Christmas Favorites

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I’ve never picked a theme for Christmas before, but 2020 seems like a good year to step outside the box and try something new.  A certain Christmas phrase keeps rolling over in my mind and I decide that this year, I’m going to funnel my décor choices through these words:


Comfort & Joy


Christmas has a nostalgic flair about it, something that makes me want to pull out the ornaments that my mom collected for me from the time I was born (there’s a lot of those!), the same stockings we’ve used since our kiddos were babies, the wooden Nativity my parents brought to us from Israel, the little mouse and piano figurine that plays Christmas carols…all those wonderful things.  It isn’t the actual things as much as it is the familiarity.  The comfort.


While 2020 has taught us lessons of flexibility, doing the hard thing, thinking outside the box…it has also taught us about the comfort and joy of home.


So this holiday season, I added a few more cozy elements to our home.  Things that bring me joy!  I’ve rounded up my favorites in case you’re looking to spark a little extra joy in decorating your home this season!


But we also will pull out the familiar stockings, ornaments, Nativity, and little mouse that plays out-of-tune Christmas carols.


Comfort & Joy.




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