Seasonal Décor to take you from Thanksgiving to Christmas

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One of my most frequently asked questions this year has been how to begin the transition into holiday décor without pull out all the trees, ornaments, and jingle bells.  I can answer this easily because it’s one of my favorite ways to decorate…trying to smoothly move from one season to the next.

I haven’t quite figured out how to do that smoothly in life yet…but…maybe someday!

Back to décor, though.  My favorite elements for seasonal transition during November are:


Winter Greens

I love using real greenery, but living in Florida, I can’t even find the real stuff here for a few more weeks.  Plus, it would never last till Christmas!  Realistic, faux cedar and juniper are my favorites to use during this season.

Vintage Brass Deer and Candlesticks  

Maybe it’s because I grew up in Kansas, but deer just seem to be part of the season!  They add a touch of fall AND Christmas in such a subtle way

Twinkle Lights

My favorites are the battery kind on timers and I use them everywhere!!! As the days grow shorter and darkness arriving early, twinkle lights just add that peaceful look.

Cozy Throw Pillows and Blankets

This time of year, I switch out my linen and cotton pillows for heavy, knit styles. The more texture, the better!

No matter when you hang the stockings and set up your tree, it is definitely cozy-season time!  Let’s make our homes the most warm and inviting places to be this holiday season!



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