Simple Patriotic Decorating Ideas for Summer Under Five Dollars

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I love decorating for the summer patriotic holidays!  Now is the best time to get your simple patriotic decorating ideas ready for summer! Enjoy my patriotic decor tips, all quick and under five dollars!

With the end of the school year and the flurry of activities that always accompanies this month, Memorial Day has a way of sneaking up on me!  Can anyone relate?!  If so, I’ve got some quick and simple patriotic decorating ideas that you can use all summer.  Best part?  They are super budget-friendly and under $5.00!  

While I love to decorate for summer, I don’t leave the patriotic décor out for the entire summer.  At the same time, I enjoy finding ways to simply add it to my summer décor without having to redo every vignette and gallery wall. 

Since I prefer some subtle touches, this style of decorating lends itself to being simple and easy.  To me, that is perfect for the laid-back summer months!

When should you decorate for summer?

I anyone out there scrambling a little as we get ready for this summer?  Or maybe you just really love to decorate too?  If so, I thought I would share my favorite ways to add some simple patriotic decorating ideas for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July!  Plus, they are all budget-friendly!

I usually start decorating for summer in May or right after Mother’s Day.  Since we live in Florida, I love breaking out the box of sea shells and coral to get me started.  Even if you don’t live near a beach, summer is a fun time to add just a touch of that coastal vibe.

Ideally, I love to have our “summer home” ready so when we get home from school on that last day of school, we can immediately jump into summer mode!

You can find all of my favorite summer décor ideas HERE. We don’t actually have a separate summer house.  However, I love trying to be creative and make our home feel different and special for the summer season.  It is really fun to try and create our own summer retreat!

Pro Tip: Think of your ideal summer vacation home or resort and look for ways to implement that feeling throughout your home.


How can I decorate my house in summer?

There are so many great ways to decorate for summer.  However, my favorite way to decorate is to try and turn our home into our own little summer retreat.  At the same time, keep things simple, uncomplicated, and easy to maintain.

I bring these main elements into my summer décor:

However, if your summer decorating is a little behind schedule, don’t worry!  You can still use these following quick and simple patriotic decor tips to bring that patriotic feeling into your home for the patriotic holidays!

When should I start decorating for 4th of July?

I like to put my patriotic decor out right before Memorial Day and leave it through the 4th of July.  Then, I remove the simple patriotic touches and enjoy “regular” summer decor for July and August!

However, it is not uncommon to leave patriotic touches out for the entire summer.  At the same time, you may add some simple touches for Memorial Day and again for the 4th of July, rather than leaving them out for the month of June.

In fact, this post will help you get set up for the patriotic holidays in a matter of minutes!

Simple Patriotic Decorating Ideas for Summer Under Five Dollars​

Simple Patriotic Decorating Ideas #1:

​How to Make a Flag Bouquet

I like to pick up these packs of flags at the dollar store or dollar spot.  This year, I’ve had a harder time finding the wooden sticks, which I personally prefer, so I linked a great pack of them HERE!  However, you can sometimes find them at the grocery store, so keep an eye out!  In addition, they are really inexpensive.

So with your five dollars (or $8 if you get the big pack!) , you can create a few flag bouquets!

Pro Tip: I usually iron them, then gently roll them up and let go.  That gives them a slightly “unfurled” affect at the ends!


To create your flag bouquet, simple gather a handful of small flags (I prefer an odd number) and place them in a favorite jar, vase, bottle, or pitcher.

Here are some favorite vessels that would work perfectly for a flag bouquet:

You can add a jar of flags to almost any side table, mantel, or vignette for a patriotic touch.  Also, you can try creating a collection of flag bouquets in mismatched  ironstone pitchers or old jars for more of a vintage inspired statement!

Simple Patriotic Decorating Ideas #2:

How to Make Flag Bottles

This idea certainly isn’t original with me and I’ve seen it all over the place.  However, sometimes the most simple ideas are the ones I forget about!

Another favorite way to use flags in my Memorial Day or Fourth of July décor is to line up some old bottles and put a single flag in each one.  I especially love how they look with this mix of old bottles.  I also love these budget-friendly, vintage-inspired blue bottles!

Some of them have that light blue tint that adds even a little more pop of summer color!

A row of bottles and flags makes the perfect mantel or shelf décor!  You can even line them up for a super quick, simple, and inexpensive centerpiece!

Any kind of bottle will work for this, whether they are old milk-style bottles, vintage European bottles, or even old soda bottles!

Also check out these vintage-inspired bottles:

Pro Tip: This is a great time to use those old Coke and Pepsi bottles from the dusty corner shelf of the antique mall!

Simple Patriotic Decorating Ideas #3:

How to Make a Patriotic Arrangement With Plants

How can I decorate my house for 4th of July?

One of the most quick and simple ways to add some patriotic touches to your décor for the holiday is to grab those dollar store flags and stick them in some of the plants around your home!  I even do this outside, adding them to pots and baskets of plants and flowers!

This is a great way to get a lot of “bang for your buck”, as you are using your existing décor and turning it into a holiday statement piece with the flag!

THIS COASTAL PLANTER is a truly gorgeous way to add a plant and flag for a more summery look!

If you need a fast centerpiece, gather a few plants from around your home.  Arrange them on your table and stick a flag in each one!  It will look like you put a lot of thought and intentionality into the design!

You just can’t go wrong with pretty greenery and a festive flag!



I add flags to plants on my coffee and side tables, kitchen island, mantel, and console tables.  Even 2 or 3 flags added to plants in each room will add a festive vibe…and it will only cost you a couple of dollars!

Simple Patriotic Decorating Ideas #4:

How to Make Easy Patriotic Floral or Greenery Arrangements

If you’ve been following along with me for very long at all, you know I am pretty unlikely to have bright flowers inside our home.  Okay…on the exterior too.  We just planted rows of white Vinca.  However, I actually do get colored flowers on rare occasions, but Memorial Day and the Fourth of July are not those times.

I love to make more of a subtle statement with an arrangement of white flowers and then…you guessed it…stick in a flag or two from my Amazon haul!

Once the holiday is over, I can pull the flags out, put them in a drawer for the next season, and still enjoy the bright, white flowers with my summer décor!

That being said, you can get really creative with colored flowers for the summer holidays!  For example, sunflowers with flags in the bouquet make a bold, summer farmhouse statement.

For a more elegant approach, a woven vase of red roses can add a pretty statement to your patriotic décor!

If you have wildflowers in your area, consider vintage jars (or THESE for a more budget-friendly style) of pretty wild flowers lining the table.  Next, just add a simple flag to each one!

How can I decorate without spending a lot of money?

I’ll be honest, I don’t usually (actually, I don’t think I ever have) spent a lot of money on flowers for Memorial Day or Fourth of July décor!

Since I already have some coastal vibes in my summer décor, I like to cut some fresh palm branches and put them in a pitcher or vase, then adding a flag for a patriotic touch.  I like to get a few of the larger flags to use in my tall pitchers and vases.

At the same time, just a pretty pitcher, full of greenery from your yard and a big flag makes a beautiful statement.  You could add this to an entryway table, kitchen island, or dining table.

I also like to add this kind of piece to the middle of our BBQ buffet table for a festive look!

Simple Patriotic Decorating Idea #5:

A few other easy favorite decorating ideas

For some simple patriotic decorating ideas, try some of these budget-friendly ideas:

  1. Get double duty from your food by displaying it in fun, patriotic ways.  THIS easy patriotic salad is a fun example!
  2. Add patriotic tableware to your party display.  Since you need to purchase these things anyway, just get flag-related party goods and skip decorating your home altogether!  The party decor will be enough on its own!
  3. Cut a small flag off of the stick and attach it to a jar with ribbon or decoupage.  This can make a fun vase or candle holder.  For a safe (and cooler) holiday, use THESE battery-operated votive candles.  They look incredibly realistic!
  4. Get creative with some easy and fun patriotic craft ideas, such as paper chains or a cute banner!

The greenery definitely helps with the budget-friendly décor, but whether you treat yourself to some flowers or just free greenery from your yard, a nice arrangement with a larger flag will definitely make a statement in your home for the holiday!

All that’s left is for you to grab  a pack of flags and place them around your home!

If you’re looking for more summer decorating favorites, I’d love for you to check out my storefront!  I have added some gorgeous pieces there in a range of budgets and styles.  You may find just the perfect piece to inspire your summer decor!  You can find my storefront HERE!

I hope this has sparked an idea or two…or maybe reminded you that simple décor shouldn’t be underrated!  Have a safe, fun, and happy holiday!

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