The Best Holiday Gift Guide for Ladies

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Needing just the right gift for a special lady? Check out this holiday gift guide for ladies, with ideas to delight and enjoy for the holidays!

I’ll admit, this gift guide feels just a little bit self-serving.  On the other hand, at least I am making my husband’s Christmas shopping job so incredibly easy!

So really, I’m just doing him a huge, massive favor, right?!

I’ve rounded up some gifts that I think that special lady in your life would love too.  Or maybe YOU are that special lady and you can just send this gift guide for ladies link right on to the person who needs to order.  See?  You’re just doing them a big favor too!

I do love surprises and thankfully, my guy knows me well enough to choose some fun ones.  But there are some of those comforts of life that I love receiving for Christmas.  I create my little stockpile of goodies to last me through the year!

Because we all know that even though your favorite candle might go on sale in June, you’re spending that budget on kids’ camp, tuition, vacation, and back-to-school supplies!

So I savor my stockpile and enjoy it all year long!

I’m also including a few practical items that I have already received, love, and highly recommend!

The older I get, the more I appreciate practical things that just help the every day routines of life to run a little more smoothly.

Like the Ninja Foodi Neverstick Cookware…amazing pieces, less time scrubbing and cleaning, less clutter in my pots and pans drawer…it makes me happy!

If you’re needing an upgrade on some of those basics, I’ve tried to include a few of those for you too!

So whether this list is for someone else or you’re sending it on to someone who is gifting you or you’re slipping your own gifts under the tree (I’ve done that too!), I hope this gift guide for ladies is helpful and even fun!

Happy shopping!  And for real…don’t forget to slip a little something under the tree for yourself too.  We all know that Santa could never get his job done without moms working hard behind the scenes!

If you need more ideas, you can find my family’s 2020 Christmas lists on this post and stocking stuffer ideas for the whole family on this post!

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Wishing you a stress-free, enjoyable season, focused on the one’s you love the most!

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And that’s all!! I hope you find somethings you like! I would love to hear how you will style these things in you home! Hope your summer is going well!







*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases*

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