Tips for Adding Quick Christmas Cheer

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When it comes to the holiday season, who else is guilty of creating a to-do list that is nearly impossible? Admittedly: me, myself, and I! So while some Christmas decorating projects are more involved and take a lot of time, there are others that I count on for quick and simple Christmas cheer.

Remember? Comfort and Joy?

I’m decorating more than ever this year…(under the guise of creating content for all of YOU, but I actually love it all so much)….and at the same time, streamlining things a bit. Here are some of my favorite tips:
1. Add winter greens in every room. Guess what? You don’t have to take all the time and effort to undecorate and redecorate every room. Use the baskets, crocks, bowls, and vessels you already have and just replace the flowers and fall stems with some winter greenery. My friend gave me a bag of these fir stems from her yard. It took me about 3 minutes to add water to this French tian bowl and stick the stems in!
2. Add some kind of holiday objects to your existing vignettes. Think of it this way…wherever you had a pumpkin for fall, toss the pumpkin and add a Christmas object. These are great places for a framed photo of a special Christmas memory, a Nativity set, or vintage St. Nicholas! All this table setting needed was a tall Nutcracker to get the festive music running through my mind!
3. Group like items to make a statement. Your favorite vintage ornament collection can become a gorgeous centerpiece when combined in a pretty bowl. The cute, little bottle brush trees become a focal point when grouped on a bookshelf. I used these Nutcrackers from the craft section to add some whimsy to my vintage postal sorter. My husband joked that they are guarding my mortar and pestle collection! Ha!
4. Treat yourself to a holiday candle. Nothing adds instant comfort and joy more than a Christmas scent! Something about the flickering flame and nostalgic smell…it always makes me ready to tackle those bigger, time-consuming decorating projects!
5. Edit!!! Now that I’ve mentioned all the things I like to add, I should also say that I use this time of transitioning my décor to make some thrift store piles! I always find myself enjoying my home more after a good clean-out!
It is possible…and even fun…to add a little here and a little there! You might even find your heart growing a little lighter as you enjoy the little things this season.



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