Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Unique and Thoughtful Gifting

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Looking for a unique and fun Valentine’s Day gift idea?  Check out this round up of thoughtful gifting ideas for the guys, ladies, and kids too!

Does your family have any fun Valentine’s Day traditions?  I’ll be honest, it’s one of those holidays that has always been a little hit or miss around here!  By the time we enjoy Christmas and then two kiddos’ birthdays in January, this mom is a wee bit worn out.

BUT, I love a good party and cute gifts and Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to have fun with those things in simple ways!

I always have fun helping the kids put together cute Valentine’s for school.  We’ve used Minted for the past couple of years for the most adorable Valentine’s!  Stay tuned over on my Instagram to see us put those together soon!  And I’ll have a coupon code for you there too!

For our family, we don’t spend a whole lot on gifts but I do enjoy finding fun and unique little things to make everyone feel special!  Even little celebrations can be special and memorable!

In case you’re looking for a few Valentine’s Day gift ideas, I hope these fun finds can help you out too!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Unique ideas to show intentional thoughtfulness!

As I mentioned, Robb and I don’t spend a lot of money on Valentine’s Day gift ideas for each other.  Typically, we would rather enjoy a little weekend trip or a nice dinner out.  But I do love to pick out some kind of unexpected Valentine’s Day gift anyway!

I found a few fun ones that I know he would enjoy.  There’s something about a unique gift that just shows a little more intentionality and thoughtfulness, so I try to get creative!

If you’re looking for a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift idea for that special guy, hopefully these help:

#5: Okay, I’m not starting it off very budget-friendly, but I promise it is after this.  I just had to show you this incredible watch!  What an incredibly unique gift for that sports-loving guy in your life!  Truly unusual and one-of-a-kind!

#4: Still unusual, but a more budget-friendly price!  I love that this wall-mounted checkers game is something the whole family could enjoy but it still has that masculine look.  A handmade, durable, unique gift for under $75 is pretty good, I think!

#3: I’m all about the wooden games and this one not only looks sharp, but creates opportunity for the gift of time.  That is the best gift of all.  I love having games sitting around, inviting and encouraging us to stop and spend a few, easy minutes together!  This wooden 4-in-a-row game will blend with your home decor while still inviting those fun moments!  Crafted with beautiful wood and under $50, this makes a great gift for your guy!

#2: I love personalized gifts and this leather wallet and key fob are great gifts to express your love in a subtle, meaningful way.  Personalized leather has such a classy look and guys will appreciate the practical function of a good wallet or key fob!  I got one of these for my husband for Christmas and he loves it!

#1: This is just the sweetest gift and perfect to involve children or grandchildren too!  Sentimental?  Absolutely.  A thoughtful and beautiful way to express how much you love him.  This little box will blend into his dresser or nightstand decor and be a constant reminder of how much he is appreciated!  Perfect price point for a unique and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her:

Maybe you ARE the her!  Help your guy out and send him these simple ideas!

I get it.  It can kind of feel like a chore to make a gift list, no matter the holiday, and by the time I get finished planning everyone else’s gifts, it’s hard to even think or care about mine!

If you’re in the same boat, but your guy is still asking, here are a few simple things that I like to put on my own list!

#5:  A candle?  That’s not super unique???  I know, but I love them anyway and it’s something I know I’ll use and enjoy!  This is my favorite candle and I’m also linking another beautiful one here.  This would look pretty on a coffee table or add a little glam to your kitchen sink area too!

#4: My favorite lotion is my go-to response, along with candles.  I keep one of these in my purse, in my desk at school, in my nightstand, and in the SUV console too!  It’s instantly calming and feels good too!  That’s the perfect kind of gift to me!

#3: I couldn’t resist linking up these pretty candlesticks!  Floral design is trending this year and these are a great way to bring in a touch of neutral floral in an unusual way!  I love how unique these are and they would pair perfectly with my very favorite flameless taper candles.  They look SO realistic!

#2: This has to be the most beautiful game ever!  It’s one of our family’s favorites and with a presentation like this, I’d want to leave it out on the coffee table all the time!  A little more expensive, but I love that it is a lasting gift that encourages time together with the whole family!

#1:  To this mom, there is nothing sweeter than little handwritten notes from my kids.  These personalized key fobs are a beautiful way to create a lasting memory of that cute handwriting, sweet note, or appreciation from the family.  A little more of an investment, but well worth every penny to keep that sweet memory close by all the time!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Teens:

Little things to remind them they are loved!

#5: For a cute little gift or even a little add-on gift, these Valentine’s Day Bath Bar Cards are perfect for that tween or teen girl!  They may pretend like Valentine’s isn’t a big deal anymore (or is it just my 14-year-old?), but I promise they still love the thoughtfulness.  And there is no time like the teen years to remind these kiddos that they are fiercely loved!

Plus, it’s just super cute!

#4: Accessories are perfect and easy gifts for teens!  I love the personalization of these watch bands and the soft silicone still makes them suitable for busy teenage activities and school!  These are also a great price and come in a range of colors!

#3:  Many of the DIY craft kits can feel a little young for the teens.  However, this one is both functional for them and has a little more grown-up colors!  Such a fun way to encourage creativity and a little organization and self-expression too!

#2: This personalized wooden connect-four game is a pretty piece for the family room and also encourages connection with time, even with those teens!  I love gifts that will last and this is definitely one of those unusual pieces that your teen, and entire family, can enjoy for a long time to come!

#1:  I love gifts that get teens off of electronics and encourage them to create and even learn too!  This DIY Linzer Cookie Baking Kit is a perfect activity for a quiet evening, and then enjoy eating them together and chatting about your day!

For another DIY food idea, you can’t beat this super cute heart waffle maker!  These would be so cute and fun too!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids:

Fun and thoughtful ideas to make them feel special!

This list could be quite lengthy depending on the ages of the kids and their interests.  I’ll share just a few here that caught my eye and even if they aren’t the right fit for that special girl or boy in your life, maybe they will spark some ideas!

For children’s gifts, I always love ideas that give them something creative to do!  These sweet ideas are perfect for a rainy (or snowy) afternoon and will be fun to do together!

#5: My kids love to read and even though this book is too young for my own children, I just had to include it in the list.  What a perfect gift for a baby or preschooler!  It is such a cute story and the personalization will make it a bedtime favorite for sure!

If your children are a little order, click over and order a couple titles by their favorite author!  

For some extra creativity, try this create-your-own-comic-book set!

#4: How cute is this all-natural lip gloss kit for a Valentine’s Day gift?  It’s a great price and will keep the kids occupied and learning at the same time!  And maybe you’ll get an original, all-natural lip gloss for yourself in return!

#3:  Remember how much I love personalized gifts?  How about a practical AND personalized gift for the kids?  These insulated tumblers are perfect for lunch boxes, playground trips, and picnics!  The personalization adds a fun factor and you could even pick up a cute pack of vinyl stickers so they can make it their very own!

#2:  The best gifts are time together.  These candy heart hot chocolate sticks are the perfect invitation for a cozy night in, spending time together with a favorite game or movie.  They are the perfect price point for a cute gift but the memories made are worth a lot more!

These would also make really sweet teacher gifts for Valentine’s Day too!

#1: My kids love doing puzzles and what better way to give a special gift than a personalized puzzle?!  We have a few of these and the kids always love putting them together.  In fact, our back living room coffee table usually has either an ongoing puzzle or game on it!  Have a favorite Christmas card picture or snapshot from vacation?  Repurpose it into a fun and special gift that encourages spending time together too!

Even if you don’t purchase any of these Valentine’s Day gift ideas, I hope this post sparked a little creativity for your gift giving this year!  Your family will feel your love and thoughtfulness in even the simple things and time together is truly the best gift of all!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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