3 Easy Steps to Create Beautiful Inexpensive Front Door Decor

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It’s time to spruce up your front door decor!  Check out this inexpensive way to update your door decor for spring and summer in 3 easy steps!  Keep reading for so many beautiful ideas for decorating with peonies this season too!

I have to be super honest.  When all my northern friends start posting their stunning peonies, I get a little envious!  The only possibility of fresh peonies beautifying our home is when I get lucky to find a bouquet at Trader Joe’s!

If you are new to my blog, welcome!  Thanks for hopping over from Krista at Happy Housie!  What stunning peony inspiration and of course, I love her beautiful home!

Those of you who are familiar with Robyn’s French Nest know that I live in South Florida…where fresh peonies simply aren’t a thing.  (That’s okay; I’ll take the year-round sunshine, bougainvilleas, and ocean breezes!)

However, there are some gorgeous faux options available!  So, if you’re like me and love peonies, I have a great solution to update your front door decor for spring and summer!

Best part, it will take you less than 10 minutes for this front door decor refresh that you can enjoy for the whole season!

If you love peonies, you’re really in luck today.  You can enjoy so many peony decor ideas from some of my blogging friends as well, so make sure you keep reading and click through all of the posts.  There is so much great inspiration for you today for these spring and summer florals!

Ready for that 10 minute front door decor refresh?

Let’s get started!

3 Easy Steps to Create Beautiful, Inexpensive Front Door Decor

Materials Needed for Quick Front Door Decor Refresh

Step One: Choose a Basket

I love these baskets from Flower and Home Marketplace.  They are under $22 and perfect to use year round.  I really make an effort to invest in decor that I can use in a variety of ways and for different seasons too.

By simply switching the greenery or flowers, you could quickly transform these and refresh your front door decor.  For example, I am going to tuck a few little flags in with my florals to create a festive look for the summer holidays!

Step Two: Add Greenery

Whether using fresh or faux greenery and florals, you can stretch the budget by creating a base of greenery before adding the florals.  For example, in this arrangement, I used 5 stems of the eucalyptus.  Otherwise, I would have had to have 3 bunches of peonies.  Also, the eucalyptus is something I can use all year long, so it is a budget-friendly way to build a decor collection!

If you’re looking to refresh your faux greens, I highly recommend this faux eucalyptus.  I use it indoors as well as part of my front door flower baskets.  It has such a realistic look!

Start by gently fluffing each stem.  Next, carefully separate each wire so that the eucalyptus has a full and natural look.  Lastly, line the wall basket with the eucalyptus stems.

Tip: Criss-cross the stems to create a grid down in the basket.  This will help the greenery and florals to easily stay in place!

Step Three: Add Flowers

Depending on the size of your basket, add plenty of flowers to get a full and overflowing look.  For these baskets, I used two bunches of faux peonies.  These peonies are so full and fill the basket beautifully for an easy front door decor refresh!

As with the eucalyptus, start by gently fluffing the peony bushes.  Carefully pull each stem apart until they have a full look.  I like to pull a few stems forward so that they will spill over the front edge of the basket too.  Some florals are easier to work with than others, so I really make an effort to invest in quality florals.  These peonies are easy to work with and last a long time too.

After that, gently place the peony bushes in the basket, layered with the eucalyptus stems behind and the peonies at the front of the basket. You’ll want to tweak the florals and the greenery a bit once everything is placed in the basket.

Hang your flower baskets and enjoy!

Now you’re ready to hang your baskets and enjoy your front door decor refresh!  These peony-filled baskets can keep your front doors looking welcoming for all of spring and summer!

I’ve used this wreath hanger for years and it has held up great, even in our Florida weather.  It also comes in this pretty brass color, which would make lovely front door decor too!  In addition, you can’t beat the price!

Peonies are such a beautiful floral and whether you’re using fresh or faux, there are so many fun ways to style them in and around your home!  I hope today’s post gives you a little idea or sparks some creativity as you freshen up your front door decor for the season!  

It is a perfect opportunity to welcome guests to your home.  Most importantly, it welcomes your family home each day with simple and intentional beauty!

Next, I hop on over to Leslie at 100 Year Old Home for another gorgeous peony decorating idea!  I told you; there is a lot of inspiration today and you’ll have ideas for florals that you can use all season long!  You will love her lovely home and creative ideas!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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