31 Easy Ideas to Decorate a Patio or Porch for Summer

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Summer is the perfect time to create an outdoor oasis right in your own outdoor spaces!  Use these 31 easy summer decor ideas to decorate a patio and porch and make your outdoor areas feel like a vacation retreat right at home!

Even though we live in sunny (and HOT) south Florida, our outdoor spaces get more use during the summer season than any other time of the year!  I love to decorate a patio or porch with easy summer decor ideas to make the outdoor patio, especially, feel like our own little tropical outdoor oasis!

Today, I’ll share some of my favorite summer decor ideas and outdoor ideas to decorate a patio or porch.  Hint: they are all EASY!

Over the years, we have worked hard to find outdoor decorating ideas that are relatively easy to maintain and keep looking nice.  For us, if it’s not easy, it just won’t work.

Let’s be honest; keeping the inside somewhat tidy during the summer season is challenging enough.  The kids are responsible for tidying up outside each day and I want the outdoor living space to be a quick and easy job for them.  Easy maintenance means more time for FUN!

bunting hanging from pergola with summer pillows on the white porch swings

How can I make my outdoor area look nice?

No matter the size, type of outdoor space, or even budget, there are some basic things to think about as you start to plan ideas to decorate a patio or porch for summer.  Here are the best ways to get started:

  1. Decide on a simple color scheme.
  2. Evaluation the best function of the space.
  3. Consider how the outdoor space can be an extension of your home.
  4. Decide on seating areas, even if it’s just a little bench for small outdoor areas!
  5. Create a focal point.
  6. Add outdoor lighting.
  7. Include soft furnishings for a cozy feeling.
  8. Add flowers, plants, and greenery.

How do you decorate outdoors?

To me, the best way to decorate outdoors is in ways that function best for our family and are easy to maintain.  Depending on where you live, your own spaces may be either easier or more challenging to maintain.  Living in South Florida, we get a lot of brutal sun and rain in the summer.  Plus, we live only a few miles inland from the ocean, so those salty breezes are not easy on outdoor furnishings.

Because of where we live, we have to carefully choose the outdoor furniture and decor that we can use outdoors.  For the best outdoor enjoyment in our summer weather, we have invested in teak wood, aluminum, and concrete materials.  Soft furnishings are weather resistant, water proof outdoor fabrics.  Higher quality items have required an investment.

However, over time, we have built an outdoor collection that we can actually use, maintain, and enjoy, no matter the time of year.

In addition to location, you will want to consider what kind of furniture and decor provides the best function for you and your family.  Do you enjoy dining al fresco?  Invest in creating a beautiful space to enjoy dinner during the warmer months!  Do you enjoy lounging by the pool or water feature?  Choose comfy chaise loungers and chairs that invite you to linger awhile!  Perhaps you enjoy s’mores and outdoor games with friends during the summer months.  It’s a great time to create conversational areas around a fire pit and add fun lawn games to your own outdoor collection.

There are so many fun ways to decorate any outdoor space for the summer months.  Once you have determined the best function for your own spaces, you can easily add simple, decorative items with your own unique style!

I’ll be sharing my own personal favorites with you in this post.  However, even if you choose a different color scheme or style, the basic elements stay the same.  So, I hope this post helps you as you create the perfect oasis to enjoy for the summer season…right at your own home!

beautiful black pergola with rattan lights hanging from it, a large sectional with summer pillows, and a beautiful outdoor coffee table

31 Easy Ideas to Decorate a Patio or Porch for Summer

1. Decorate a patio and porch for summer with a front door wreath.

How do I decorate my front porch for summer?

I’m going to give you a quick tour of both our small front porch as well as our patio ideas around the pool and backyard.  If you are going to only add or refresh one thing on your front porch, a front door wreath is the best place to start!

I added these DIY door baskets in the spring.  Then, for the summer, it was quick and easy to add some flags for a patriotic look.  You can get an easy tutorial for these door baskets on THIS post.

On our side door, I added my favorite white forsythia wreath.  Since our doors are black, the white is a really great pop of color.

Summer is a great time to add bright colors or whatever pop of color will make the biggest impact as you decorate a patio or porch.

white forsythia wreath hung on the front door

2. Decorate a patio or porch with faux topiaries.

Even though we have finally added irrigation to the landscape beds around the front of our home, faux topiaries are still the best option for greenery by our front doors.  I love the classic look of flanking the front door(s) with topiaries!  I added THESE faux topiaries last year and they have held up perfectly, even in the harsh outdoor elements.  The UV resistance makes them great to decorate a patio or porch.

For the spring and summer, I added THESE outdoor faux flowers around the base of the topiary.  I love how they add such a bright and happy look, as well as tie in with the white flowers in my door baskets.

I’ve used these white faux flowers for several seasons now and they still look brand new!  If you want to add bright colors to decorate a patio or porch for the summer months, they also come in a lovely variety of colors.  Best of all, they are super budget-friendly!

view of beautiful outdoor topiaries on either side of the front doors

3. Decorate a patio or porch with clay pots and concrete planters.

All of us probably enjoy having pretty landscaping with our outdoor decor ideas.  Choosing great clay pots and planters can elevate the look as you decorate a porch or patio for summer.

We now have two different sets of THESE concrete planters and love them!  They are incredibly durable and heavy enough to withstand the wind and elements.  We’ve had ours for over a year now and they haven’t chipped or faded.

While it’s a great investment to choose quality planters, these are also really budget-friendly for the sets!

4. Decorate a patio or porch with faux flowers.

​Speaking of landscaping, does anyone else struggle with pretty outdoor flowers in some areas as you decorate a patio or porch?

Here in Florida, I can only have certain kinds of flowers because the sun is so harsh.  Plus, we have to have irrigation running to any pots or planters that have real flowers.

So, I went on a search for faux flowers that would look great with my outdoor decor ideas and I discovered THESE!  When you fluff them out and add them to outdoor pots to decorate a patio or porch, they look so good.  Best part?  They are under $13 for a set of 6 bushes!

small faux white flowers in a pot with a small American flag

5. Decorate a front porch with rocking chairs.

​There is something that is so incredibly welcoming about pretty rocking chairs on a front porch or back summer patio area!  I picked up my white rocking chairs used but you can get some great, all-weather rocking chairs that will last for years HERE.  

Even if you only have a small front porch or outdoor room, adding an outdoor rocking chair and small side table can create a relaxing place to soak up the outdoors while also creating a welcoming look for your home!

6. Decorate a patio or porch with outdoor pillows.

Outdoor pillows and throw pillows are the best way to add a pop of color, pattern, and style to any outdoor room.  One of the best ways to decorate a patio or porch and make it feel like an outdoor living room is to add outdoor pillows to your patio furniture or front porch rocking chairs.

While I’ve purchased many different outdoor throw pillows over the years, I can definitely attest to the fact that investing in higher quality throw pillows is really worth it for an outdoor space.

I added THESE gorgeous coastal blue and white pillows to our patio and pool areas and I love how they elevate the outdoor space in such a fun and pretty way!  There are many different colors, sizes, patterns, and styles available.  

This brand is a great quality for a reasonable price and I love all of the mix and match styles!

gorgeous Serena and Lily dupes on large outdoor white chaises

7. Decorate a patio or porch with a throw blanket.

​Admittedly, I will not be actually using the outdoor throw blanket from my rocking chair this summer.  It’s just way too hot here.  Haha!  However, an outdoor throw blanket is another great way to add an outdoor living room style to your porch or patio.

​Pro Tip:  Don’t want to spend the money for an outdoor, weather-proof blanket?  Instead, choose a fun beach towel and toss it over a chair!  It’s perfect for summer patio decor!

8. Decorate a front porch with layered door mats.

​Another really quick and super easy way to elevate your front porch for summer is to layer your door mats.  I like to use a fun patterned outdoor rug and then layer a textured door mat over the top.

Since my rugs are still in great shape from last year, I didn’t purchase any new ones this year.  However, I love THIS kind for the patterned layer and THESE are super cute for a functional door mat that helps keep dirt (or sand, in my case) from tracking inside the house!

layered welcome mats outside the front doors

9. Decorate a patio or porch with outdoor string lights.

​Whether you have a large back patio or a small porch or even a tiny balcony off of an apartment for your outdoor space, outdoor string lights are a great idea!  They add ambiance and a cozy style to decorate a patio or porch of any size or style.

You can add them to a small patio, covered porch, or hung from hooks along the porch ceiling.  There are so many creative ways to style outdoor string lights!  

We have THESE outdoor string lights and they are great quality.  I also love having them hooked up to an outdoor plug in that is on a timer with a remote so we can quickly turn them on whenever we want!

10. Decorate a patio or porch with solar lights.

​I have wanted landscape lighting for the longest time.  However, right now it just isn’t in the budget.

So, we ordered two different kinds of solar lights on sale and I cannot believe what a difference they make in our front yard landscaping!  It didn’t take much time to install them and they add such a welcoming look to our front yard every evening.

I love that THESE solar lights can be added right into the yard or even into potted plants on a porch if you don’t have flower or landscape beds along your house.

11. Decorate a patio with a coffee table.

One of my favorite things to decorate inside​ our home is the coffee table!  It is a quick and easy way to refresh a living room.  The same is also true for an outdoor living room space!

Even though I keep the decor very simple, adding a simple candle holder, small potted plant, or decorative element to an outdoor coffee table can help create a finished look.  If you don’t have an outdoor coffee table, here are a few I love:

  1. Fire pit coffee table
  2. Teak round coffee table
  3. Rectangular concrete coffee table
gorgeous concrete patio coffee table with a beautiful summer vignette on top

12. Decorate a front porch with porch swings.

If rocking chairs on a front porch are inviting, porch swings may be the most welcoming sight of all!

We designed our outdoor pergola beside the front porch to hang two porch swings facing one another.  It is a popular hangout spot for our kids and their friends to get some fresh air when the weather is nice!

Plus, I love the inviting style it gives our home when you pull into the driveway.  We invested in THESE swings last year and they are a great quality for a reasonable price!

white porch swing with summer pillows on it

13. Decorate a patio or porch with a small side table.

When you add extra seating to your outdoor patio, don’t forget to add a side table or small table of some kind for your family and guests to rest a drink, snack, or good book!  There are so many great options for a small table with outdoor furniture.  Between our chaise lounges by the pool, we enjoy THESE round concrete tables.

To connect the pool space with our outdoor living room, I added the same round concrete side tables by the outdoor sectional.  I love that they can be easily moved around but are heavy and durable enough to withstand the elements and still look brand new over a year later!

concrete side table with a wooden lantern outside

14. Decorate a patio with a covered outdoor space. 

How do you style an outdoor entertainment area?

Speaking of the outdoor living room, having a covered outdoor space is a wonderful addition to our patio and pool area.  We have a 12×12 gazebo over our outdoor ping pong table game area and then a custom 12×24 aluminum covering over our outdoor living room.

If you have a possible area to add a covering for the warmer months, I highly recommend it!

THIS gazebo is what we had before adding a larger, custom one and it has a really great style!  In fact, our neighbor down the street had it moved to her backyard because it was still in excellent condition after a few years of use!

outdoor sectional with swivel chairs, all with rattan and blue and white pillow

15. Decorate a patio or porch with outdoor living room furniture.

Creating an outdoor living room means you need some comfortable, cozy furniture!  To create your outdoor room, first consider what you want to actually do in the space.  Then, plan for seating areas and outdoor living room furniture that meets those needs.

We opted for a large sectional, concrete coffee table, two swivel wicker chairs (similar here), and a small fire pit.  However, you may want to add different seating areas or combinations of furniture, depending on how you’ll use the space and how much space you actually have.

If you are looking for really versatile outdoor living room furniture, I absolutely LOVE this sectional set and it is extremely reasonable with the price too!

patio sectional with white cushions and gorgeous summer pillows

16. Decorate a patio or porch with an outdoor rug.

​Just as we use a rug indoors to create a foundation for a living or dining space, an outdoor rug can serve the same purpose!  There are so many gorgeous outdoor rugs out there to decorate a patio or porch!

My favorites are the Studio McGee collection because they fit my decor style and budget so well!  Even if you have a small patio or porch, consider adding a new rug that fits your own space.  It will really elevate the look and is a great opportunity for color, pattern, and texture!

17. Decorate a patio or porch with outdoor curtains.

​For the first time in a long time, I don’t have any outdoor curtains up!  However, we may add some around our outdoor living room at some point.  While they look pretty and add a soft texture to all of the hard surfaces, they can also be really helpful to block the sun from shining into your eyes in the evening!

Whenever I do get around to ordering, THESE outdoor curtains are in my cart!

If you don’t have a gazebo, you can still add outdoor curtains to a back or front porch space.  It is a great way to bring the indoors out and also add privacy for small porch spaces!

Pro Tip:  Check out THIS blog post for super budget-friendly DIY outdoor curtains and how we hung them in an unconventional space!

18. Decorate a patio with pendant lights.

​Outdoor lighting is a really important part of creating a cozy outdoor living space.  Another addition you can add to decorate a patio or porch are outdoor pendant lights.  They are perfect over an outdoor dining space or to add soft overhead light to a seating area.

We purchased our outdoor pendant lights on a major clearance sale, but they are still available HERE.  

Or, for a similar look that is more budget-friendly (if the others aren’t on sale), check out THESE outdoor pendant lights!

white rattan pendant lights hanging from a black pergola

19. Decorate a patio with a fire pit.

​A fire pit is a really fun addition to an outdoor living space.  It can add warmth in the cooler months and most importantly, creates the perfect spot for s’mores!  What’s not to love?  You can find some really great fire pit options in different sizes below:

  1. side table fire pit
  2. coffee table fire pit
  3. table top fire pit


small concrete fire pit in the patio area

20. Decorate a patio with an outdoor dining table and dining area.

​Dining al fresco is one of my favorite things.  However, here in South Florida, we do a lot more of that in the winter when it is cooler!

However, having an outdoor dining table and dining area is a great idea for summer decor ideas in most parts of the country!  Look around your outdoor areas and see where it could make sense to add even a small bistro table and chairs.  

Or, if you have plenty of space, a larger outdoor dining table and chairs can make a wonderful outdoor room for entertaining during the warmer months!

gorgeous vintage dining table with outdoor chairs to make a beautiful outdoor dining area

21. Decorate a patio or porch with an outdoor battery lamp.

​This battery lamp is just the cutest!  I have two ordered and on their way to add to our outdoor dining area and outdoor living room!  I love that they are battery-operated so I don’t have any annoying cords running around.  Plus, they create such a pretty ambiance with soft lighting!

I saw some extremely expensive ones at a high-end store but they definitely were not in my decor budget.  So, I did some looking around and THESE are so similar!  They are going to add a really high-end look to our outdoor areas for a budget-friendly price!

22. Decorate a patio or porch with outdoor lanterns.

How do you decorate an outdoor setting?

​Once you’ve got your big furniture in place for an outdoor dining or living room, it’s time to add some simple accessories to decorate a patio or porch.  I love using lanterns outdoors because they can have a great coastal look while still being traditional for year-round decor.

Plus, you can easily add outdoor candles for a cozy glow in the evenings!  THESE lanterns are perfect for a table centerpiece to decorate a patio or porch!

23. Decorate a patio or porch with outdoor battery candles.

​Speaking of outdoor candles to decorate a patio or porch, I have THIS outdoor candle set and it is perfect!  Especially for the price and quantity, I get a lot of “bang for my buck”, so to speak!  I keep them scattered around our outdoor areas and they just flicker on each evening with the battery timer!  So easy and so pretty!

24. Decorate a patio with a bar cart.

​A bar cart certainly isn’t a necessity.  However, if you have an outdoor dining area, it is really helpful to have some kind of bar cart or table to serve food and drinks from.  Most often, it houses all of the goods for s’mores for our kids and their friends!

small rattan outdoor bar cart with a tray of water glasses

25. Decorate a patio with chaise lounges.

​Our chaise lounges are probably my very favorite furniture we have outdoors at our home.  It’s the perfect spot to lounge with a good book on a Sunday afternoon or relax and watch the kids and dog run around and play!

I love how the double chaise loungers look beside the pool and of course, they get plenty of use!

However, even if you don’t have a pool, a chaise lounge can be a really comfy addition to your backyard and help you create an outdoor oasis as you decorate a patio or porch!  Just add THIS outdoor umbrella and you’re all set!

gorgeous white chaise loungers with blue and white outdoor pillows

26. Decorate a patio with yard games.

​When we entertain, the party almost always spills outdoors.  Especially with teenagers in the house, it was important to use to invest in plenty of fun activities for our children and their friends.

THIS outdoor ping pong table is concrete and was a perfect investment.  It gets a lot of use and I love that it fits the aesthetic of our outdoor spaces while being durable enough to last for many years, even with the harsh sun and elements we have in Florida.  THIS is also a fun game that is built to withstand being outside.  It definitely adds a fun factor!

ping pong table under a gazebo and a wooden pallet wall on one side with a black vintage scoreboard

27. Decorate a pool area with fun pool floats.

​We practically live in the pool in the summer so we have tried a LOT of different pool floats.  Here are our favorites!

  1. white and gold Big Joe sand dollar float
  2. BEST pool lounger float
  3. pretty swan makes a fun statement and the kids love playing on it
  4. ultra soft jumbo foam pool noodle (love the white color!)
gorgeous blue outdoor summer pillows

28. Decorate a patio area with pool lights.

​We chatted a lot about outdoor lighting but there’s one more place you can add some really pretty and fun lighting if you have a pool!  For our daughter’s Sweet Sixteen party, we wanted to add some pretty style to the pool.

THESE solar floating lights look so cute  and we’ve been enjoying them for several months.  I really want another set to make even more of an impact!

29. Decorate a patio or porch with a comfortable conversation set.

​Do you have a back door?  Don’t forget to add a welcoming spot for you and your family!

We come and go all day through our side/back door.  I felt like I’d made other entrances welcoming but where we actually come and go and see everyday was a little blah.  So, I added a conversation set!  

The wicker conversation set is used so much for kids to put on shoes, sit and do homework, or sit and have a snack with friends between driveway basketball games!  We’ve had this set for quite awhile but THIS one is very similar!

gorgeous black pergola styled with beautiful outdoor decor

30.  Decorate a patio or porch with a pretty wind chime.

I had to add a wind chime to this list because it’s on my own wish list!  I’ve been looking around at different places where we travel for one that would be a special souvenir and add a pretty sound to our backyard too!

If you just want a simple wind chime, THIS one has a really great modern look and is very durable to withstand the elements!

31. Decorate a patio or porch with water features.

​A water feature is another wish list item to decorate a patio or porch at our home.  However, I recently saw an idea on Instagram and we are going to try and recreate it using my favorite concrete planters and THIS solar fountain!

Stay tuned for an update to this post with how to make a DIY outdoor water feature…assuming, of course, that we are successful!  Haha!  

If you don’t want to go the DIY route, I’ve eyed THIS pretty water feature many times!  

5 Best Things to Decorate a Porch or Patio on a Tight Budget

If you’re anything like me, chances are that you can’t go out and add these 25 outdoor elements to decorate a patio or porch all at once.  We add a piece here and there and over the years, are creating our outdoor oasis.

However, if I had to give you a list of just 5 super budget-friendly things to decorate a porch or patio on a tight budget, here is what I would recommend for instant impact:

summer chaise loungers with a large white umbrella over them

​I am so excited about the progress we are making on our own outdoor spaces.  We still have a long ways to go to get everything just like we want it.  However, as the saying goes, if you wait until you’re “finished” to enjoy your space, you’ll never get to enjoy it!!!  So, here’s to making progress and creating an outdoor oasis one cozy find at a time!

If you had to add just one thing to decorate a porch or patio from this list, what would it be?  Let me know in the comments!

patriotic bunting across the front porch

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