5 Beautiful Ways to Use Dried Gourds for Fall Decor

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One of my favorite things for fall decorating is using dried gourds!  Check out these 5 easy and simple ways to use and style dried gourds for fall decor this year! ​

Who’s breaking out the fall decor this weekend?!  Or maybe you’ve thrown the rules out the window (like me) and already started!  I really started transitioning from summer to fall a couple of weeks ago but now that September is here, I can really start diving in.

One of the first things to come down for fall decorating are my bags of dried gourds!  I absolutely love using dried gourds for fall decor and …dare I say it…I love them as much as pumpkins!

I’m also so excited to be part of the Anything Goes Fall Blog Hop, hosted by Cindy at Cloches & Lavender!  If you’ve just finished reading about Juliet’s fall garland at A Loverly Life, Welcome!  We’re glad you’re here, and hope to see you follow along in the future!

How long do gourds last for decoration?

I first fell in love with dried gourds for fall decor a few years ago and while I’ve added to my collection, my dried gourds have stayed “gourd-geous” (sorry, couldn’t help myself) for a few years now!  I store them in tightly tied garbage bags in our attic.  Even in our hot Florida attic, they have held up great!

What can you do with dried gourds?

I’m so glad you asked!  Today, I want to show you 5 really easy ways to use dried gourds for fall decorating all around your home.  Let’s get started!



5 Beautiful Ways to Use Dried Gourds for Fall Decor

How do you decorate with dried gourds?

There are 5 main ways that I use dried gourds for fall decor, though I’m always open to any other creative ideas that may strike for using them.  In a nutshell, here are 5 ways I love to decorate with dried gourds.  I’ll show you details of each styling too!

  • In a dough bowl
  • In a basket
  • In a wall arrangement
  • At individual place settings
  • Under a cloche

How do you decorate fall gourds?

To be totally honest, I used to have it in my head that dried gourds were the cute painted craft things at a fall art fair!  I don’t know why I didn’t incorporate plain, unpainted dried gourds into my fall decorating long ago because now they are my favorites!

One of my favorite things are the unique and varied shapes, sizes, and even shades of color.  At the same time, I especially love how they bring an element of a natural, organic, earthy look into my home.  Plus, they don’t rot like pumpkins!

Tip: While I definitely still use pumpkins in my fall decorating, I save a lot of money by using more gourds.  They last for years, while I’m just praying my pumpkins make it to Thanksgiving…or maybe even Halloween!  You can stretch your fall decorating budget by investing in some pretty dried gourds to use in place of some of your real pumpkins!

Where can you find dried gourds to buy for fall decor?

I have to say, I really love that real, dried gourds aren’t sold at big box stores.  They aren’t pre-manufactured decor from an assembly line.  I love that each one grew naturally.  At the same time, you can store them to use year after year!

Here are a few places I’ve found dried gourds online:

#1: Decorate with dried gourds for fall by placing them in a dough bowl

Ahhhh!  Dough bowls!  They are so wonderful and definitely one of my favorite things to decorate with around our home regardless of the season.  There is something about the pretty wood tones of dough bowls that I do especially enjoy for the fall season.

In fact, bringing in wood tones is one of my top 15 ideas for transitioning your home from summer to fall! You can find the other 14 ideas over on THIS POST!

Whether you simply place a grouping of dried gourds for fall into a dough bowl or add some faux stems and dried branches, it will make a beautiful statement pieces!

I particularly love to use FREE decor, like dried branches, to tuck around dried gourds in a fall arrangement. The addition of a few fall stems can be just the right touch too!  You can find more free fall decor ideas on THIS POST!

Here are a few links for great dough bowls online:

Here are a few links for great faux stems to tuck into dried gourd arrangements:

#2: Use dried gourds for fall decorating by styling them in a basket

Even though baskets can be used for all seasons, I feel like the woven texture sometimes lends itself to spring or summer decor more frequently.  However, baskets are perfect for your fall decorating!  You can simply use dried gourds for fall decor by arranging them in a pretty basket, just like you would a dough bowl.

I also love using dried gourds for fall decorating by incorporating them into wall baskets.  For example, you can easily nestle them into a scooped basket, like the ones on my gallery wall.

You can also wedge them into a hanging basket or use a little piece of floral tape, if need be, to secure them.  This gives the appearance of an abundant harvest basket…perfect for fall decor!

Here are some pretty basket links for you:

#3: Dried gourds make the perfect statement in a wall arrangement or centerpiece

If you have followed along with me for long, you know how much I love my vintage French lavabo, which basically means “wall fountain“.  They were traditionally kept on a wall just outside the home for hand washing before coming inside.  (I need a modern day version for my kiddos! ????)

Now, it hangs as the focal point over my chippy white mantel, centering my fall gallery wall.  Since it is such a versatile piece, I have done different kinds of arrangements in it for different seasons.  However, my favorite season to use this French lavabo has to be fall!

Authentic French lavabo pieces are not necessarily easy to come by.  However, I’ve found a great vintage-inspired piece online and it is a gorgeous statement piece for any home!  You can check it out HERE!

Antique ones aren’t cheap, but they are definitely beautiful!  Here are a couple of online options I found:

#4: Decorate with dried gourds for fall by placing small ones at individual place settings

Using dried gourds for fall by placing them at individual place settings is one of my favorite ways to decorate with them!  After all, the little dried eggs are just the cutest!  Furthermore, they are really inexpensive and you can use the in a lot of different ways!

One of my favorites was to find small dried gourds that would stand up, like these.  Then, I placed them in a little wooden vintage bowl at each place setting.  Since they are small, it is easy for guests to set them aside when it is time to fill the plates.  In the meantime, they look pretty and add a great fall look to an otherwise, very season-neutral table!

You could take it a step further by painting guests names and using the small dried gourds for fall place cards!

What kind of paint do I use on dried gourds?

Acrylic craft paint works great!  Since the small dried gourds are pretty inexpensive, they can also be a great craft option for kids for the fall season!

Here are some small dried gourds available online:

#5: Style dried gourds for fall under a glass cloche

Glass cloches are so fun to style and decorate for any season!  You can use dried gourds for fall by placing one (or a grouping) under a glass cloche!

One of my favorite ways is to take a small ironstone bowl or vintage mortar and pestle and fill it with some tiny dried gourds.  (Here is way to use those tiny gourds from your table settings again!). Then, I simply place it under one of my favorite glass cloches!

Fall decorating can’t get any easier than that!

Tip: When styling a cloche, use a pretty base underneath, such as architectural salvage, a riser, an old bread board, pretty dish, or oversized vintage book!

How do you style a glass cloche?

You can find fall decorating ideas for glass cloches over on THIS POST!  I love decorating with glass cloches and fall is just such a pretty season with lots of accent pieces that are perfect under a cloche.

If you’re looking for a glass cloche, here are a few pretty options online:

How do you display decorative gourds?

Most simply, you can really display dried gourds for fall decor (depending on the shape) in many of the ways you would consider styling pumpkins!  Even though I have shown you these 5 favorite ways that I love to use dried gourds in my own fall decorating, you can also simply set a dried gourd on a table and call it a day!

I was lucky to find this huge dried gourd at an antique shop and just sitting on the table by itself makes a wonderful centerpiece!

While it can be tempting to overdecorate, the fall season, specifically, is so wonderful because it almost begs for simple home styling.  Dried gourds are a perfect way to bring in that organic, nature-inspired element in an earthy tone.  At the same time you can decorate with dried gourds for fall in such simple, easy ways!

Are you ready to start decorating?

The great news is that even if you’re like me and the real pumpkins haven’t arrived at your Trader Joe’s yet, you can still create amazing style by using dried gourds for fall decor!  I hope you have fun with them and that the dried gourds add the perfect amount of fall feelings around your home!

And now be sure to check out my talented friend Kimberley who has some great ideas for a fall tablescape!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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