5 Beautiful Ways You Can Easily Blend Holiday Decor

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Tired of the battle over when to decorate for Christmas? Check out 5 ways you can blend your Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday decor to enjoy for November!

Am I the only one who grows weary of hearing all the debate about when to put up your Christmas tree?  Or reading about people coming up with their excuse for “why they decorated early” and how they still love Thanksgiving?

The truth is, I’ve been putting up my Christmas decor the first week of November for YEARS!  Why?  Because I absolutely love it.

While it’s true that I pull apart and redecorate every room of the house for Christmas, which takes a lot of time, I won’t say that’s the reason I start early.

While it’s also true that we have so many rehearsals, concerts, and performances during December that it feels like we are gone more than we are home, I won’t say that’s the reason I decorate early either.

Honestly and truly, it just makes me happy.

And Thanksgiving is still one of my very favorite days of the year and certainly one of my favorite seasons.

In fact, there is something just super cozy about waiting for the turkey in the oven and baking pumpkin pies with my kids with the Macy’s Day parade in the background and the Christmas tree lights twinkling.

All.  At.  The.  Same.  Time.

But, no matter where or if you’re in the debate, there are some great ways you can blend the two holidays for the optimal cozy, inviting, festive look in your home.

In fact, it has been my top request from many of YOU!

And I think we can all agree that it is officially cozy season…even in Florida…and while our homes can reflect that, it starts in the kindness of our hearts.  No matter when your neighbor’s annoying inflatable holiday decor goes up.

At the end of the day, we are all looking for the same thing.

A peaceful, cozy, festive home that just feels good and wholesome and fun for our families.

So, let’s get cozy!

5 Things You Can Use to Blend Your Holiday Decor

Start gathering these items (you early birds, like me, already have these totes out of storage!):

  • winter greenery
  • fairy lights
  • cozy pillows and throw blankets
  • vintage brass accents
  • woods and whites

Let’s get a little more detailed about how to blend these pieces together to create a cozy, festive feeling that you can enjoy for the whole month of November!

#1 Thing You Need to Blend Your Holiday Decor:

Winter greenery.

When you stop and think about it, this is exactly what is happening in nature in November.  The leaves have changed and are falling from the trees.  What is left in nature that is still green are the winter greens, like pine and cedar.

So, let’s bring them indoors too!

This is the perfect time to pull out your faux garlands, wreaths, and trees.  I love this garland because it looks sooooo realistic!  The wreath and matching long stems are my other “must-have” winter greenery items!

I love these tabletop trees because they also have such a realistic look, yet they are pre-lit and on a timer!

I pull out my live plants (my bathroom becomes a jungle ????) and replace them with these touches of winter greenery.

Whether on your mantel, mixed in arrangements, or laid down the center of your table, winter greenery is the first step to start bringing that really special, festive, cozy look to your home.

I also like to add the garlands across mirrors and around windows and doorways.

You can also put up your trees if you wish!  Since we put up so many trees, it really is nice to not be scrambling to get them all fluffed and set up.

One way to blend the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday decor is to leave the ornaments off until after Thanksgiving!

This brings in nature with the winter greens, creates a more neutral backdrop for Thanksgiving, yet sets the stage for simple and quick Christmas decorating once the kitchen is cleaned up from your turkey dinner!

Even though we won’t be getting any snow in Florida by Thanksgiving…or Christmas…or ever, actually…I still put up our flocked trees too.  I love to mix the flocked and green trees and garlands.

I love all the white and how it blends with our home.  And there is just something super cozy about the flocking, too, I think!

These trees are super inexpensive and I love to group them in a few places throughout our home!  They come in six foot and four foot heights!

Twinkle lights make everything feel festive and cozy!

This is the perfect time to pull out the lights.  The evenings are longer and there is something extra cozy about little lights flickering on when the sun goes down!

While some of my trees have the traditional “Christmas light” style of lights, I love to use the little wired fairy lights everywhere I can!  

Nothing wrong at all with the traditional lights, though; use them wherever you like!

I love how the fairy lights are so easy to decorate with because the wire is so tiny!  I style them inside cloches, around trees that are designed to have a more “sparse” look, around coffee table vignettes, and even in my table centerpieces!  I especially love the copper wires, as they seem to blend in the best with my woods and whites!

Getting the lights on timers is definitely worth just a little extra!

And any lights that have to be plugged in?  Well, we use our smart outlets.  They are game changers for sure!

Use Cozy Textures to Help Blend Your Holiday Decor

If you’re really going for a Christmas look, go ahead and pull out the plaid throws and pillows with reindeer!  They are super cute!  But if you’re trying to blend your holiday decor a little more, save those for after Thanksgiving.

Now is the time to pull out the neutrals.  I love any kind of throw pillow or throw blanket that has a chunky, knit texture, tassels, or pom poms.  By keeping the colors neutral, you are not specifying any one season, yet you are definitely bringing in that cozy vibe!

You’ve also done some prep work for Christmas because it will be super quick and easy to just add those few Christmas-specific pillows and throws later on.

Here are a few of my favorite cozy pillows and blankets that came out this year!

Vintage brass accents add festivity for both holidays!

If you’ve been following with me for awhile, you know I love vintage brass accents.  When I start thinking of how to blend my Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday decor, I have to figure out what I will use to create pretty vignettes throughout our home.  Coffee tables, console tables, entryways, and side tables all need a little something to feel pretty and festive!

Brass accents for the win!

At Christmas, I love to use these vintage brass angel candlesticks, but November seems a little early for them.  Instead, I pull out my collection of vintage brass deer.  

Deer are seasonally appropriate in nature so I think they work for my house too!  Brass, decorative ones, that is.

I also love to use the vintage deer candlesticks on my mantel and table centerpieces!

You can’t go wrong with tucking some vintage brass candlesticks around your home too.  I love to use them with battery operated taper candles to create a warm (and safe!) glow throughout our home in the evenings.  I love that these have an easy remote!

You can mix your metals, with brass, silver, and copper all playing a role.  Whatever you choose, using some vintage metallic finishes will add a little sparkle under all those lights and candles.  That helps make your home feel festive and inviting for both Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Create a neutral backdrop to blend your holiday decor!

Neutrals make a big difference here!

We chatted about this a little bit earlier in the post, but using neutrals to create a backdrop for both holidays is a great way to blend your holiday decor.  If you have a favorite Thanksgiving or Christmas pillow, for example, great!  You can quickly swap those little accessories.

When you general look is neutral, you have set the stage for both holidays and can enjoy the cozy look all throughout both seasons and during the transitions too.

I like to use a mix of woods and whites year round in our home.  No matter the season, or even transitional time, our home keeps a put-together, welcoming look.

Using a neutral background of woods and whites also takes some of the stress out of seasonal decorating.  Once you’ve added all those neutral, cozy textures, you don’t have to stress about making it look good.  Swapping out some key accessories doesn’t take a lot of time or hassle and you can just enjoy the festivities!

The same goes for your greenery.  The real time and work is getting it all fluffed and placed.  Once you’ve done that, you’ve created a backdrop, inspired by nature, and can easily add the ornaments and all the frills when Christmas rolls around!

No matter when you pull out the Christmas bins, hang the stockings and set up your tree, it is definitely cozy-season time!  And guess what?!  You get to make your home cozy in the way that YOU love and in the time that YOU want!  Let’s make our homes the most warm and inviting places to be this holiday season!

What’s really important is the reason for these beautiful holidays.  We can’t really focus on Thanksgiving and the true Gift of Christmas when we are overly concerned about the inflatable Santa that appears on November 1st in our neighbor’s yard.  Right?!

So here’s to the real spirit of BOTH holidays, blending them together into a full and beautiful season of love, kindness, and lots of grace.

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