5 Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Add Vintage Spring Decor

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Welcome to Part 2 of my Spring Home Tour! Thanks for hopping by to see 5 of my favorite easy ways to add vintage spring decor in our living and dining room!​  I hope these ideas give you some inspiration today!

Seasonal decorating is so fun and it’s something that I look forward to.  In a way, it feels like something I can do to welcome the new season rather than wishing for time to slow down (though sometimes I do wish for that!)

However, I’ve been thinking about seasonal decorating lately.  Social media can really get a person to thinking that you need to constantly be making over your spaces.  I hope that in this little corner of the world, you can find some inspiration for simple, seasonal changes that refresh you rather than drain your time, energy, or budget, for that matter!

Does that make sense?  Am I the only one who’s been thinking about that?!

With this in mind, I want to invite you back into our home for Part 2 of my Spring Home Tour!  You can find Part 1, which includes our music, dining, and family rooms, over on THIS POST.

Today, I welcome you through the back door, into our living room and bonus dining room, known in our family as the “back living room” and “back dining room”.  What can I say?  We weren’t feeling too creative when we defined these spaces. 😂

And yet, they are some of my very favorite rooms in our home.  So, welcome!  Let’s chat about some easy and inexpensive ways I added vintage spring decor to these spaces!

5 Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Add Vintage Spring Decor

Vintage Spring Decor in the Dining room

1. Add Inexpensive Spring Accents to Vintage Collections

One easy way to get a vintage spring decor look is to simply add a few seasonal accents to your existing vintage pieces.  For this vintage cubby, I only added one white, ceramic bunny (OR this one is 7″ tall and only $4!) to the vignette on the top.  That’s it!

My vintage cottage sign, white ironstone, and fresh plants all work together to create a bright look for this space, but all it took was one little bunny to create vintage spring decor in the dining room!

2. Add Fresh Plants and Flowers

This is the time of year when I just want to stroll through the lawn and garden department!  You too?!

Even though we live in Florida and have green trees and pretty flowers year round, I still love to refresh my plants and flowers, inside and out.

One way to create vintage spring decor is by simply adding fresh plants or flowers to vintage vessels!

I love investing in pieces that I can decorate with and use year-round in our home.  This big wooden trencher holds fresh topiaries for spring, but I can add jars of sunflowers in the summer, fill it with pumpkins in the fall, and add Christmas trees in the winter!

Tip: Vintage vessels can be pricey but are worth investing in because you can use them in your home year-round.  Only invest in the ones you absolutely love and you’ll find that you use them more than enough to make it worth the cost!

Tips for Finding Great Vintage Vessels

I shared some of my favorite ways to style flowers in vintage vessels over on this post, for more ideas!

I am linking a few other favorite styles here:

Spring Touches in a Casual Living Room

3. Use Architectural Salvage for Spring Decor Display

Whether you’re adding a fresh plant, a cute bunny, or a decorative faux egg, you can add a vintage look to your spring decor by adding architectural salvage.  Literally, elevate your decor with vintage patina!

On my console table, I grouped a collection of cloches and combined several spring accessories.  What makes this vignette really have a vintage spring decor look, I think, are the salvage pieces.

They offer variety of height, lots of character, and great texture to the whole vignette.

Tips to Find Architectural Salvage

Chippy salvage is always on my hunting list when I go to vintage markets, antique stores, and flea markets!  I love having a collection of different styles, colors, and sizes and I rotate them throughout my decor year round.  I’ve rounded up a few online for you here:

4. Invest in Vintage Furniture

Let me be clear!  “Invest” doesn’t have to to mean a ton of money.  However, vintage furniture is worth investing a little more budget, some elbow grease, and some creativity and imagination!

Our coffee table in the back living room is an antique library table with the original zinc top.  I fell in love with this table on an online auction.  We didn’t get it for a “steal” but definitely reasonable!

I immediately imagined it as a large coffee table for this living space.  While it is a smaller living room area, the large coffee table functions perfectly for us.  We cut the legs and it makes a perfect coffee table for our family!

We use it often for family games and puzzles and it is great to have the open space to do so.  With the great texture and patina of the table, it gives the vintage look I want even when I use “new” accents in my vignette.

As you collect vintage pieces that you love, they slowly transform your home into a charming, unique space.  You can add decor pieces that you like, new or vintage, but with great vintage furniture as a backdrop, you always get that vintage look regardless of the season.

You can find some of my tips and ideas for looking for vintage furniture HERE, HERE, and HERE!

If you find a great piece but it needs some work, check out these posts!

5. Add Chippy Garden Elements for Vintage Spring Decor

Nothing says spring quite like garden accessories!  While vintage Easter items are a little harder to find (at least ones that I love), you can often find chippy, vintage garden accessories at flea markets and antique malls!

You don’t need a lot of them, however, a few pieces added to your decor can really give that vintage spring decor look!

In this back living room space, I added a chippy concrete planter to my coffee table vignette.  Of course, it’s perfect to hold a plant.  The concrete planter style gives it that garden vibe, and the chippy blue paint brings a touch of color, texture, and vintage character!

Thrift stores are a great place to look for old garden tools, worn terra cotta pots, imperfect baskets, old concrete garden pieces, straw hats, and other items that come to mind when you think of spring gardening!

And remember, it doesn’t take much!  Just this one, chippy planter gave my back living room that vintage spring look  I was hoping for!

Thanks for stopping by!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour of some of my favorite rooms in our home, especially with some of my favorite vintage items decorated for spring!  Thanks for visiting my blog today and I hope you have fun pulling out some vintage favorites and incorporating them into your spring and Easter decor too!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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