5 Easy Ways to Decorate a Cloche for Fall

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Looking for ways to decorate a glass cloche for fall? Check out these 3 easy ideas to decorate with vintage cloches and how to use them in your home decor this season!

I absolutely love using vintage cloches in my decor.  Actually, I absolutely love fall decorating in general!  It’s no surprise, then, that I love to decorate a cloche for fall.  In fact, it’s one of my favorite kinds of pieces to decorate with no matter the season!

Actually, I know that you love them too because it’s one of the top things people ask me about!  Today, I’m excited to share 3 really simple ways to decorate a cloche for fall home styling!

Over the years, I have collected different sizes and styles of cloches from thrift stores, yard sales, vintage markets, antique malls, and flea markets.  I love finding architectural salvage bases to use with them.  However, there are lots of different things (easier to find, too!) that you can use to decorate your cloche for fall.

Whether using a single cloche or a grouping of them, a cloche can add extra texture and dimension to your vignette.

You’ll probably read this again throughout the post, as it’s one of my favorite reasons to use a cloche in my decor.  A cloche is a perfect way to make a single item or collection of items, even a small one, into a significant and substantial part of your decor.

Actually, it is a little like Beauty and the Beast with the red rose in the west wing…
See what I mean?!

I won’t be styling up roses in my cloches for fall decor, but I will show you a few ideas for turning a single item into something extra special.

Glass cloches come in all shapes and sizes.  Don’t discount the small ones!  They can actually be a lot of fun to style too!

Let’s start with this little cutie and some ideas for  decorating the small cloches for fall:

5 Easy Ways to Decorate a Cloche for Fall

How to Decorate a Cloche for Fall with a Single Item

What can you put in a glass cloche?

Turn a single item into a stand-alone statement piece by putting it in a glass cloche.

No matter whether you’re styling a small or large cloche, you can use it to make a single item feel significant.

This little cloche is the perfect way to style a simple, seasonal element.  For fall, I added a small, faux pumpkin.  At Christmas, it would be sweet with a little brass deer, special ornament, or even a little Christmas tree!

Under this large cloche, I styled a vintage quail for the fall season. I  love using vintage quail in the fall and the rust/orange tones of this one, add a nice touch of fall color.


Instead of using just the quail by itself, I cut a small piece of a dead banana leaf and laid underneath it.  I love the look of the dried leaves for even more fall texture and color.

You could use a corn husk or dried fall leaves to get the same effect!


How to Decorate a Cloche for Fall with a Candle

Add a cozy glow in a stylish way.

No matter the season, a battery operated pillar candle is always one of my favorite things to add under a cloche.  I love the warm glow it adds to make my spaces feel cozy.  I also love using my favorite battery operated taper candles under taller cloches.

It is also a super simple way to style the cloche while allowing the actual cloche and base to be the statement piece.  This works really well both for smaller cloches like this one (under $6, by the way!) or larger ones like this.

Battery operated candles can range greatly in price.  Usually, I prefer to invest in quality ones that have a more realistic look, like this one.  However, there are a lot of more budget-friendly ones available, especially if you want to purchase several at once.  I also like this set!

Use a Cloche to Feature a Collection

How do you decorate a large cloche?

Dust off those favorite collections and make them a statement piece by decorating them in a glass cloche for fall!

A cloche is a great way to feature a favorite collection, whether it is seasonal or something you leave out year round.

I love this large mortar and pestle and especially love it filled with this collection of miniature pestles that I purchased from The Cotton Shed.


To make it stand out and become more of a conversation piece, I added it to an architectural salvage base and placed a large cloche over it.  I love how it became a statement piece rather than a pretty piece sitting on a shelf!


When you’re getting ready to style a cloche for either seasonal or every day decor, look around and find a collection that you could feature!

How do you decorate a cloche for Christmas?

For Christmas, I think a bowl of special ornaments would sparkle under a cloche!  A stack of special dishes become a statement when paired with a cloche.  Adding small trees, vintage brass deer, or sentimental ornaments would be great collections to feature for Christmas too.

You could also style a collection of dried gourds or gathered pinecones to bring in a touch of nature and style your cloche for the fall season.


Use Vintage Books to Decorate a Cloche for Fall

Pair favorite objects with vintage books to style a more substantial glass cloche.

You all know I love using vintage books in my decor.  I have a big shelf full of books that I’ve collected for the sole purpose of decorating!

I always keep an eye out for vintage books with great color for the seasons, interesting titles, or textured patina.

Actually, I have a whole blog post about different ways that I decorate with vintage books!  You can find it here.

Books are great to use under cloches.  You can put a stack of books by itself or stand them up, leaning against one side of the cloche.

Vintage books are a good way to make a small item, such as this little pair of vintage brass quail, have a more substantial look.  I stacked three books with the brown and rust fall colors, added my vintage quail on top, and covered it with a large cloche.

Style a Cloche Over a Vignette

Make your vignette a statement piece by placing a cloche over it!

Of course, unless you have a giant cloche, any vignette underneath it is going to be relatively small.  This is why this is my favorite tip of the day!

Small vignettes are so fun to create but they often do not fill the space, especially on a larger console or dining table.  Rather than adding more small things to the vignette (which can start getting cluttered), consider placing your smaller vignette under a large cloche!

To create this look, I used a small ironstone tureen.  I found mine very inexpensively at a little antique mall, I think because it was missing the lid.  Keep an eye out for pieces like this at thrift stores and yard sales too!
I tucked a little sprig of faux eucalyptus (this is my favorite because it is so realistic and inexpensive) and a small dried gourd.  

Tip: Tilt the gourd a little to give it a more casual, natural look!

To complete my vignette, I used a tiny mortar and a tiny gourd.  I love how this repeats the look of the tureen and gourd, but with a smaller scale to add extra dimension while keeping a simplistic look.

Pro Tip: I highly recommend getting a bag of these mini gourds!  I use them on place settings, piled in a small dough bowl, or individually like I did with the mortar.  So many fun uses for them!  They are inexpensive and can be used year after year!

Where can I buy a cloche to decorate for fall?

That’s a great question!

All of my cloches have been found at thrift stores, yard sales, vintage shops, antique malls, and flea markets!  They are gold for vintage shop owners and dealers, so keep an eye out at those local shops!  (Plus, I love supporting a small business!)


The prices will vary greatly, depending on the size, style, and whether it is new or vintage.  Older cloches with the thicker glass are typically more expensive (though I think they are great investment pieces because you can use them year round.)

I also think cloche prices are little bit in the eye of the beholder.  One cloche could be extremely pricey from one vendor and very reasonable from the next.  Just keep your eyes open and hunt for them.  But if you find one you love at a decent price, grab it!  They can be hard to come by!

The price can also really depend on the base or if the cloche comes with a base at all.  I’ve gotten really luck to find some great architectural salvage bases and some great cloches, but only a couple have been sets actually purchased together.

I have also found great little dome cloches at the thrift store.  They are ones that likely were over a clock at some point.  You may even find a clock or collectible that comes with a cloche for a great price.  Just use the cloche part and toss the rest, if you don’t care for it!

What about the base?

Also a great question!

I have found all of my bases at vintage shops, flea markets, and antique malls.  You’re much less likely to find a great salvage piece at a thrift store, but you never know!  I definitely always look, just in case.

I am linking a few architectural salvage bases available online:


You can also find some new cloche and base sets here and here.  These would mix beautifully into any style of decor, including vintage and farmhouse!

This trio of glass cloche and wooden bases makes a nice set and would be a really pretty vignette too!

Last but not least, this dome cloche is a great height and inexpensive!  Pair it with a vintage bread board or old book as a base!

I can’t find a base!  What now?

Another great question!

A cloche doesn’t have to go on a vintage, chippy, architectural salvage base!  You can put a cloche on anything!  Try a large old book, a vintage bread board (this is my favorite!) or a stack of thrifted books that you deconstruct!

If you are styling your cloche on a pretty table, it is perfectly fine for the tabletop to be your base also.  The important thing is to have fun and be creative as you style a cloche for your home!

How do you decorate a cloche?

  • feature a single item
  • turn a collection into a statement
  • with a candle
  • over a seasonal vignette
  • with vintage books

I hope this gives you some ideas or inspiration to refresh your cloche for the fall season.  If you don’t have a cloche, try some of these vignette ideas on a vintage base…even an old book!  Have fun and enjoy your home!

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