5 Simple Things That Look Good on Your Summer Mantel

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Looking for easy ways to decorate for summer?  Here are 5 simple things you can use on your summer mantel for easy, beautiful home decorating!

It is the first official day of summer and if you’re hopping over from Dabbling & Decorating, thanks for joining me today!  This blog hop is full of fun summer decor ideas and I absolutely love her idea.  Wasn’t that so pretty?

I’m glad you’ve stopped by today to take a peek at my summer decor too.  It’s all about easy mantel styling today!

When you think of decorating a mantel, Christmas might be the first thing that comes to mind.  What is more fun than hanging stockings from a mantel, after all?!  As it turns out, a summer mantel can be just as fun (and a little easier, too, if that counts for anything!). Most importantly,  I like to keep summer decor quick and simple to leave more time for the pool and beach!

I have 5 things on my summer mantel that I love.  

Disclaimer: If you’re looking for earth-shattering, over the top ideas, you won’t find it in this post!  But if you also want more time for summer fun, I’ve got you!  Check out these 5 simple things you can use on your summer mantel!

5 Simple Things That Look Good on Your Summer Mantel

1. Try using vintage books on your summer mantel!

You all know how much I love vintage books.  While most of mine are thrifted, having a great book stack with your summer accent color is a great way to decorate your summer mantel.  I got most of these books from my favorite book seller.  You can find her book stacks HERE.   When you’re thrifting, keep an eye out for books that have fun titles too!  If I see a vintage book with the word “sea”, “ocean”, or “vacation” in the title and it is in lighter blue shades, I grab it for my summer decor collection! Books are a great way to incorporate your accent color into your summer mantel decor, or anywhere in your home, for that matter!  You can see my favorite ways to decorate with books over on THIS POST! Tip: Lay some books down in stacks and stand some up.  This is a great way to give extra dimension and also add height to decor pieces!

2. Add a Vintage Touch with White Ironstone

No matter the season, ironstone is a great collector’s item.  However, in the summer, I especially love to use white accessories on my mantel.  For this styling, a small ironstone bowl and a porcelain mortar and pestle work perfectly to layer with vintage books and coral.  A pretty plant would be a great addition too!

When styling your mantel, look for opportunities to connect with other decor elements throughout your home.  For example, I am using mortar and pestles and ironstone bowls in vignettes throughout our living spaces.  Also using them on my mantel makes a naturally cohesive look!

Tip: Look for ways to use your collections in different ways throughout your home.  You can make a statement by combining them into one setting or get a cohesive look by styling them throughout a few rooms!

3. Incorporate Architectural Aalvage into your Summer Mantel

I love architectural salvage and how it can add so much character to any space.  Over on THIS POST, I shared my favorite ways to use architectural salvage around my home! One way is by incorporating it into vignettes.  For example, this blue-gray piece on my mantel adds a hint of summer color and something about the shape gives me the idea of boat and the slightest nod to a coastal look.  Most importantly, I think the chippy patina and unique shape add a lot of interest and character to this mantel styling! Tip: Work on building a collection of smaller architectural salvage pieces that you can style in different ways and places throughout your home!  They are fun to use and always add a lot of interest to any decor!

4. Add a Coastal Element to Your Summer Mantel

You don’t have to have a full-on coastal style to bring in just a couple of pieces to your summer mantel and decor!  In fact, just a piece or two is all it takes to give a sweet nod to summertime beach vacations!  Coral can get a little expensive, but I always watch for it at flea markets and vintage shops.  It is so fun to style for summer! For example, I love to lay a piece of coral on a stack of books, under a cloche, or in a bowl, like I did with this summer mantel decor.  Coral, or any kind of shells, add so much texture to a space. Tip: Try using  coral in one or two spots where you would typically put a plant.  For example, I love to use plants in my mortar and pestles.  Adding the coral, instead, gave some extra dimension and a touch of summer fun to this mantel decor!

5. When in Doubt, Always Add Greenery to your Summer Mantel!

Greenery is just kind of a “must-have” for my summer decor!  While I use some flowers in the spring, I especially love simple greenery in the summer.  Often, I cut fresh palm branches (yay for free decor!) from my yard. I also love using faux greenery. For example, in this arrangement on my summer mantel, I mixed fresh palm branches from my yard, finger sponges, coral, and faux ferns from Flower and Home Marketplace.  I love these ferns because they have such a realistic look and feel to them.  The size is really easy to work with too! Whether adding a large arrangement in a vintage lavabo as a focal point or small, baby plants as accents, greenery is always a great choice for your summer mantel!

I hope this post has sparked an idea or two that you can use as you have fun with your own summer decor!  And the fun isn’t over yet.  I’d love for you to click on over to Pasha Is Home for another beautiful summer decor idea!  I think you’re going to love what she’s sharing today!

Make sure to check out all of the posts today for summer decor inspiration!  It’s such a fun season to decorate for and we hope you’re feeling inspired with us today!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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