5 Things You Need for a Beautiful, Cozy Summer Bedroom

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Don’t wait for fall to make your bedroom feel like a cozy haven!  Check out these 5 tips for creating a summer bedroom that is restful, cozy, and fresh…yet light for the warm season!

The words “cozy” and “summer” just don’t feel like they go together.  Am I the only one?  I’ll be honest, there is nothing cozy about 92 degrees and 100% humidity here in South Florida. ????

At the same time, I really enjoy the extra time at home in the summer and the long evenings to snuggle down with a good movie or book!

I’ve found that “cozy” and “summer” can actually work beautifully together!  Here are 5 things I did to make my summer bedroom feel cozy in all the right ways during these warm…okay, HOT…months!

5 Things You Need for a Beautiful, Cozy Summer Bedroom

1. Cozy Summer Bedding

Bedding is the number one thing to help make your space ready for the season.  I have several layers that I absolutely love for my summer bedding, yet it is all light, refreshing, soft, and just feels good.

Here are the elements I have for my summer bedding:

  • Linen is my favorite fabric for summer and these sheets feel amazing.  I’ve had more expensive linen ones before, but I actually love THESE just as much.
  • Over my sheets, I have THIS QUILT.  While I don’t always need a quilt in Florida, we do keep our air conditioning going non-stop and at nighttime, I find that this weight of quilt is just perfect.  I use this quilt for other seasons as well, just layered under a heavier duvet.
  • I keep THIS gauzy blanket and shams on my bed.  If it is a little cooler, I add this blanket to the mix.  Otherwise, it just looks pretty across the foot of my bed.  It is soooo soft and I love how perfectly the color and simple pattern mix with my quilt.  The shams add an unexpected touch and it all blends together beautifully.  This bedding made it into the Country Sampler Farmhouse Magazine for the summer 2022 issue, so that was really fun!
  • Across the foot of my bed, I keep this cream comforter.  I love how it lightens everything up, breaks up the patterns, and adds texture with the fringe too!  I’ve had mine for a few years and it’s no longer available.  However, THIS is very similar and would be perfect with the other pieces!

2. Flowers are the perfect accessory for a summer bedroom.

Needing decor accessories?  Invest in a pretty vase that has your summer look.  Once a week, fill it with inexpensive grocery store flowers.  Even better, cut a branch or some pretty greens from your own yard for free decor!

I especially love THIS vase for summer and have been using it a lot.  For a smaller scale, I’ve also been using THIS one too!

If you want the convenience of faux stems that have a beautiful look, try THESE!  Tulips are also one of my favorites and I use these realistic tulips all the time!

3. Add woven textures in your accessories.

When I think of summer decor, woven textures are one of the first things I think of.  Simple touches, like a basket of faux greenery stems or a cute straw hat (love that this one is rollable and foldable for the beach!), are perfect ways to give the summer vibe without adding too much “extra”.  I love to keep things simple, light, and bright for summer!  I also keep a vintage French basket at the foot of my bed with extra blankets (really more for looks, since we won’t need all those layers in the summer!)

4. Add a coastal accessory!

You don’t have to go all out with coastal accessories to have the slightest hint of the beach.  And what’s better than falling asleep or relaxing in the evening in a space that feels like it could be in a beach cottage?!

The only coastal element I added in this space is this large coral piece.  My husband bought it at an antique mall and surprised me with at at Mother’s Day!  While it is really large, you don’t have to having something huge.  Even a pretty conch shell resting on a stack of books or a shell planter, like this, with a pretty plant will give you that hint of a coastal, beach house feeling!

5. Nothing says cozy like a candle, right?!

Even in the summer, I keep my favorite candle on the nightstand.  It doesn’t make the space feel too warm or cluttered.

At the same time, it’s the perfect mix of scents that are relaxing and restful!  You can shop my favorite candle HERE!  Or, of course, add your own favorite.  It makes summer reading in bed all the more enjoyable!

There are still a few months of warm weather remaining, so we may as well enjoy it in a cozy, refreshing way! I hope this gives you some ideas to both keep cool and cozy in your own bedroom haven this summer! 


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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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