5 Ways You Can Easily Transition to Early Spring Decor

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Tired of winter yet?  Even if it’s cold outside, you can start bringing in some fresh early spring decor!  Keep reading to see 5 easy transitional things you can switch out to start getting that early spring look! 

As soon as Valentine’s Day is over, my brain does an automatic switch to spring!  At least thinking about it, which then leads to starting a few switches.  Anyone else?!

Oh good. I’m not alone!

At the same time, I’m not anxious to replace the hearts with bunnies and the pinecones with bursts of bright flowers.  Today, I want to chat about a few simple ways that I make a more subtle transition from winter decor to what I’ll call “early spring decor.”

Hopefully it will give you inspiration too, and help you as you look for ways to keep your home feeling fresh and hopeful through the last weeks of winter!  It’s a good way to beat those winter blues.  (Unless, of course, you live in Florida and you’re enjoying winter, knowing the scorching summer is coming! 😂)

As with any seasonal transition, early spring decor is much more about how the space feels than the actual objects.  I’m not really bringing in thematic early spring decor pieces as much as I am creating a different feeling.  That’s the goal anyway!

So let’s get to styling and see if we can achieve that early spring decor feeling!

Early Spring Decor Must-Have #1:

Change your greenery!

I like to use my winter greenery with the subtle Valentine’s Day decor, but once February 14th is over (or sooner if I get in the mood…like I did this year!) the cedar, juniper, and pine gets packed safely away until next November.

In their place, I love to use a mix of fresh and faux plants.

I can’t claim to be a plant lady or expert or anything of the sort.  But I can proudly say that I’ve kept quite a few plants alive for a couple of years now.  I love how big and full they are and how it fills my spaces with life.

Of course, plant babies and small faux potted plants, like this one,  are perfect to tuck into vignettes here and there!

Whether faux or real, I love to dress up my plants by putting them in vintage vessels.  It makes them look unique and also gives more character to vignettes.  Vintage chamber pots…completely washed and bleached, of course 😉…are one of my favorite things to use for plants.  The size and shape are usually a perfect fit.

I’ve linked a few more pretty ones HERE, HERE, and HERE for you!

For real plants, pothos are my favorite because, well, they are just easy!  I do have a fiddle leaf fig that I’ve kept alive for a year now and is growing beautifully.  It is currently in my classroom but I might bring it home to enjoy!

Faux plants seem to get better and better each year.  There are some really pretty ones out this year.  When I find a faux plant I love, I usually try and grab a couple!  Spacing them out in a room can help give a cohesive look.



Bring in floral touches for early spring decor

Florals are trending for 2022, in everything from wallpaper to throw pillows to bedding and even sofas!

You can bring in some subtle touches of early spring decor by adding simple floral elements!  (But hey, if you want the wallpaper, this is the year to go for it!)

As I transition into early spring decor, I like to use florals literally by keeping a fresh bouquet on the kitchen island, side table in the living room, or on my night stand.

They don’t need to be expensive; simple grocery store flowers are perfect!  You can find my favorite ways to make grocery store flowers look special over on this post!

While I love my neutral spaces, you can really do a lot with pattern and texture in a space.  I love throw pillows like this one that bring that floral design, but in a very simple and neutral way.

It will be great to layer with some spring color as we get into the season, but also gives that subtle touch for early spring decor.  This is also a pretty one and a great price too!

I was ready to start breaking up my winter whites a little, so I added this throw pillow to my sectional.  Even though it’s still basically neutral, it adds that floral element in a modern, simple way! It comes in both the square and the lumbar for easy layering!

Pillows are a budget-friendly way to refresh a space and they are a great way to add that little touch of early spring with floral design!

Use a splash of color for early spring decor!

I know, I know.  You’re thinking who has taken Robyn and what have they done with her.  Color?

Now my version of adding a splash of color may still feel totally neutral to some people, but it’s all in scale and relativity, right?! 😂

This beautiful vintage pillow made from a Turkish rug inspired me this year.  My friends at Rose and Grace Market carry such beautiful pillows in their shop and the little touch of light blue is making me smile!

It is a great mix with these embroidered pillows, so I get that touch of color while still keeping the calm aesthetic that I try to create in our home.

I also added a touch of budget-friendly decor by adding this art to our frame TV.

On my gallery wall, I plan to add some framed vintage botanical prints from a book similar to this.

Last year, I used some Audubon prints from my Birds of America book.

This is a great way to spend a little bit and get enough artwork to last you for years with lots of different color choices too!

For now, I’ll leave you with my gallery wall from last year.  Stay tuned!  I’m working on the floral, light blue version this week to share with you soon!

Texture can help you transition to early spring decor!

Depending on where you live, early spring decor very likely still needs to include some really cozy elements for the cold days!  Even living in Florida, we keep throw blankets laying around year round.

As I start transitioning away from winter decor, however, taking out even a few of the winter textures and replacing them with some lighter textures can really change the look.

While I may leave a chunky throw blanket for cool Friday night movies, I’ll replace the thick knit throw pillows with some cotton and linen fabrics that feel a little lighter.

No matter, the season, however, layers can help your home stay cozy.  Which pieces and fabrics you layer will depend on your personal preference and even geographical location!

No matter, the season, however, layers can help your home stay cozy.  Which pieces and fabrics you layer will depend on your personal preference and even geographical location!

To start lightening things up, I’ll link a couple of favorite spring throw blankets HERE and HERE.  I love that you could leave these throughout the summer as well!

I also lighten up my throw pillows by switching the chunky knits for linen and vintage hemp pillows like THIS and THIS.  These fabrics feel cozy in the cooler months and cool in the warm months!

Of course, I love the vintage look and they also layer perfectly with any colored pillows you choose to bring in.

Scents set the season for your home too!

Every season has its own scents and when I’m ready to transition away from winter decor, it’s time to put away the fresh pine and cedar scents and pull out something fresh!

My favorite scent for spring and summer is the Volcano scent from Capri Blue.

In fact, I even have our Pura diffusers set to get our home smelling fresh and wonderful before we even get home from school each day!

In my classroom, I use the Volcano essential oil and it is just so calming.  The parents even comment how good our classroom smells!

When we are going to be home for awhile, I like to light my favorite candle in my kitchen too!  Something about the scent and the candlelight just help create such a welcoming environment, even on a busy day!

Whatever your preferred scent is, don’t underestimate how changing the scent of your home can help transition your home to the next season!

On a side note: I even use the Capri Blue Volcano hand cream and it is my very, very favorite!!!  You can find it HERE!

Even though spring may feel like a long time away, it will be here before we know it!  If you’re looking for a way to beat some of those winter blues, I hope making some simple changes around your home to transition to early spring decor will help your home feel fresh!

And I hope I’ve been able to spark a few ideas with this post!  Have fun!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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