9 Beautiful Ideas for Your Summer Front Porch Decor

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Summer is the perfect season to enjoy your outdoor spaces! Check out 9 beautiful ideas for your front porch decor to welcome your friends and family home for the summer season!

There is nothing quite as welcoming as a pretty porch in the summer, right?!  While we usually quickly scoot through our porch area and into the cool air conditioning during these hot summer months in Florida, I still want those spaces to have a pretty, welcoming look!

Today, I am joining up with some friends to share 9 beautiful ideas to help inspire you as you work on your own outdoor spaces this summer!  Whether you are ready for some serious DIY or just a little restyling, there are lots of ideas waiting for you, so let’s get started!

9 Beautiful Ideas for Your Summer Front Porch Decor

1. Five Ways to Keep Your Summer Porch Decor Looking Fresh

I love reading Rachel’s blog over at The Pond’s Farmhouse.  Not only does she have really creative ideas, but she offers practical inspiration  for everyday use too!  In fact, she is sharing a tip over on THIS POST that had me immediately ordering a fantastic product for my outdoor cushions!  I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this before!  You’ll love Rachel’s pretty decor and sweet, southern style.  In addition, I can guarantee that you’ll love her household tips and tricks too!  Check out these 5 important tips HERE!

2. Thrift Store Finds Make the Best Planters for Your Summer Porch!

Okay, this is just cute!  You know those porches that you drive past and they just make you so curious to see the inside of the house, too, because it looks so pretty?  That’s exactly what Stacy over at Bricks and Blooms made me think with her fun thrifted find that she turned into a planter!  I’ll definitely look at unique things at the thrift store a little differently from now on!  Head over HERE for a fun story behind her “planter” and some tips on creating one for your summer porch with whatever fun thrifted find you some across!

3. Make Sure You Use the Right Ingredients for Summer Porch Sitting!

Speaking of porches that invite you in, how about a gorgeous porch that invites outdoor living in the summer?!  Wendy from WM Design House has impeccable style and combines all the right elements for a relaxing summer evening spent on the porch.  Everything about this makes me want to grab a glass of sweet iced tea and join her!  Head over to THIS POST for some beautiful inspiration and the perfect elements to pull together to create your own summer oasis!

4. Take Your Front Porch Decor to the Next Level!

While this project from Life at Bella Terra is technically her back patio, the same concept works for any outdoor space!  This is a perfect example of how the finishing details really make a space look so much more amazing.  In addition, leveling up your front porch decor to be sustainable for the long-term is a great investment of time and budget!  Head over to THIS POST for some great ideas to take your own outdoor space from great to amazing!

5. Give Your Front Porch Decor a Little French Cottage Vibe!

In my opinion, there is just nothing to NOT love about the French Cottage style!  My friend Amber from Follow the Yellow Brick Home is sharing some great tips and ideas for giving your front porch decor a little bit of this look too!  I love the pieces she used and the mix of old and new.  It’s pretty, welcoming, and inviting…exactly what a front porch should be!  If you’re looking for a decor refresh, make sure to check out THIS POST!

6. Use Blue and White to Inspire Your Summer Porch Decor!

You all know how much I love using blue, especially in the summer, and Kristin from White Arrows Home has the most beautiful blue and white summer front porch decor to inspire you today!  It’s entirely possible that I’m a wee bit jealous of her amazing summer flowers and plants too…our Florida sun makes it so hard to have pretty potted flowers in the summer (outside)!  In all seriousness, though, you’ll love this lush and inviting porch so head over to White Arrows Home.  THIS POST will inspire you too!

7. Create a Conversation Area with Your Front Porch Decor

Whether it’s a front porch, a patio, or a little corner of a garden, creating spaces for intentional gathering is so important!  My friend Ann from Dabbling and Decorating has created, over time, the most amazing gathering spot for her friends and family!  It is the perfect example of designing porch and patio spaces that not only add to the beauty and functionality of a house, but also the intentionality of a home.  In addition, you won’t want to miss the incredible views on THIS POST.  While we can’t all have that view, Ann’s tips will help you be able to enjoy the view YOU have even more.  I promise you’ll be inspired, as well as ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work!

8. Check Out 7 Simple Ways to Add Some Color and Style to Your Front Porch Decor

My friend, KariAnne, from Thistlewood Farms, always inspires me and I absolutely love this blog post.  Big projects are fun and definitely transform our houses.  However, I think it is often the simple decor touches that add the most personality.  At the same time, those decor refreshes can be super budget-friendly too!  Check out THIS POST from Thistlewood Farms for some simple ideas to refresh your front porch decor this summer!

9. Create an outdoor oasis with this budget-friendly DIY

You really do just have to click over to THIS POST to see the before in order to fully appreciate this outdoor DIY!  It’s one of my favorite parts of the exterior of our home and while it was a big job, it made such an incredible difference in the curb appeal of our home.  Most importantly, it helped give our home the style and look that we love while staying in a budget!  If you’re up for a good DIY, or just love a before and after, head over to this post to see how we transformed our exterior with this outdoor pergola and porch area!

So many amazing ideas, right?  Front porches can take lots of different sizes and shapes, but the one thing they have in common is the opportunity to greet your friends and welcome your family home in a beautiful way!  We hope you’ve picked up some fun ideas today that you can use to inspire your home’s exterior spaces this season too!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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