7 Things You Need to Know for Easy Christmas in July Prep

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I promise I’m not crazy! If you love Christmas like I do, you will thank me for these easy ideas so early in the year! Keep reading for my Christmas in July tips!

As I’m writing, it is over 90 degrees out and my kids are on electronics because I feel badly to make them go outside…the humidity is insane and it’s just SO HOT! ????

Why, oh why, then, am I writing about Christmas?  If you haven’t already heard, Christmas in July is just so fun.  I love seeing all the merriment it brings in the social media world (except for the few scrooges who can’t understand that it’s just for fun!  LOL!)

I’m joining up with some friends today to share our Christmas in July ideas and today, I’m going to share a few things that I’ve already started doing this summer to prepare for the upcoming seasons!  Hopefully it offers you a few ideas as well!

If you’re hopping over from Jen at Tator Tots and Jello, thanks for joining me today!  I absolutely love her Christmas decor and this whole blog hop just makes me smile!  

Make sure you visit everyone on the tour today; there are some wonderful ideas, tips, tricks, DIY, and inspiration to help you too!

7 Things You Need to Know for Easy Christmas in July Prep

1. Christmas in July Prep #1


I always love adding fresh winter greens, too, but since we’ve always enjoyed decorating for Christmas early, I count on good faux greenery.  Plus, some of it is SO realistic that I use it for late fall and Thanksgiving too.

Here are my favorites: (Tip: They sell out very, very early.  In fact, all of the table top trees were sold out by mid-August last year.  No joke.  Order now and just set it aside until you’re ready to decorate…whether that’s October or Christmas Eve!  Plus, you can leave it up all winter too.  It’s that good.)

  • THIS 60″ garland is perfect for a mantel or table centerpiece.  I use two of them on my mantel.
  • I also use this very realistic eucalyptus garland for fall and Christmas.  It is perfect to mix with the pine greenery.
  • THESE tabletop trees are the best.  I got rid of most of my other trees and use these instead.  They are so beautiful and look so real!  I put them up for Thanksgiving and left them until I was ready for spring decor!  They are worth every penny and you’ll use them for many years!
  • THIS wreath couldn’t be more realistic!  In fact, every year I have so many people ask me where I found my fresh wreath. Not from pictures, but people who are actually standing in my house looking at it!  Now THAT’S a good faux wreath!
  • THIS garland is the same as above, except it is 180″.  Perfect if you have a really long table or you are draping them around doorways and windows!  Bonus: it won’t get crispy mid-December!
  • For a little larger tree, THIS Norfolk pine will do the trick!  My sister-in-law has several of these and they are incredibly realistic!  You could put the two heights together for a really pretty look in an entryway, corner, porch, or on a console table!

2. Christmas in July Prep #2…Freedom bells to Christmas bells!

One of my very favorite things in my Christmas decor last year was my huge bell DIY.  I shared all the details of this DIY over on THIS post.  However, by the time I made the DIY last year, I had to have some small miracles work out to even get enough bells.  They sold out everywhere SO quickly.

THESE bells are my favorite and if I could have found them last year, I would have purchased these instead.  Plus, they are a much better price too.  I’ll stick with what I’ve got since I already bought them, but if you’re wanting to create your own bell DIY, I highly recommend these.

Order now, though!  These are another item that sold out before I could even blink last year!

3. Christmas in July Prep #3…Advent Boxes

One of our favorite family traditions are our Christmas Advent boxes.  It is such a special time each day from December first through Christmas Day.  In true Christmas in July fashion, I actually started this month!  You can find all the details about our DIY Advent boxes over on THIS post!  I use THESE inexpensive boxes.  They are easy and light to store and we’ve used them for a few years now!

You know when all the little odds and ends go on sale on the end caps in July?  It’s a perfect time to pick up little gifts.  I’ve already gotten adorable hair accessories on deep clearance for my girls!

Watch for those summer sales!  And the back-to-school sales are perfect to restock the kids’ pencils, erasers, and art supplies in their advent boxes or even Christmas stockings too!

It definitely saves to shop early and my bin of Christmas gifts is starting to grow.  I’ll be extra thankful when November and December roll around!

4. When is the best time to declutter before the holiday season?  NOW!  Christmas in July!

Maybe that sounds crazy to you, but I know from my own experience that the closer I wait until the holiday season hits to clean out, clear out, and declutter, the worse it will be.  At some point in the summer, I have my kids help me go through their closet and toys.  We donate some items and add some to yard sale bins.  (Here in Florida, we have our best yard sales in the winter!  Haha!)

Two benefits are that we start the school year with things feeling fresh and organized.  Plus, when the holiday season rolls around, everyone has a better idea of their gift needs and wants.  AND, even more importantly, we have places ready to put things away.

These bins are one of my favorite organizers for ALL the things.  They are budget-friendly and very versatile!

It’s a beautiful thing!


5. Christmas in July Prep #5: “Wrap up” those projects!

Do you have odds and ends of projects laying around?   Christmas in July is the time to wrap those up (see what I did there?????)

Around here, it seems like there are always loose ends.  We really try to get those things finished up before the extra busy-ness of late fall the Christmas kick in.  If you have some extra time this summer, work on finishing up the last touches on any projects laying around.

If you have time later, there are always really fun fall and Christmas DIY projects…you won’t get bored.  I promise.  ????


6. Christmas in July Prep #6: Plan ahead!

Get the planner out and get dates on the calendar now!  Make a list of all of the holiday activities that you and your family want to do, then start penciling them in on the calendar.  You’re much more likely to make the memories if you’ve prepared for them and set time aside!  Companies, businesses, and schools already have dates set for events…mark those down ASAP so you’re prepared!

THIS is the planner I have and love.  I’ve used this brand for several years and I cannot say enough good about it.  It is easy to use, has space for everything I need, and looks pretty too!

If you don’t use a planner and you feel like you need some simple organization, I highly recommend giving the old school paper and pencil style a try!


7. Hallmark Movies and Pinterest

Face it, you may not have as much time when the season rolls around!  Schedule an evening for a Hallmark Christmas movie and Pinterest session!  This is the perfect time to start scrolling and saving pins that give you some inspiration.  Even if you use mostly the same decor each year, like I do, there are so many ways to mix it up and use what you have to try something new.  I have created some special Christmas in July pins for you.  Save these now for some holiday inspiration later!


Yes, it’s early, but….

Are you getting the idea of why I find these things so very helpful?  Hopefully they give you a little nudge and inspiration yourself!

As you hop on over to Chas’s post at Chas’s Crazy Creations , be ready for some fun inspiration!  She has the perfect Christmas in July ideas to make you smile and get all the cheery Christmas feelings too!

Make sure and visit all of the blogs on today’s tour!  It is such a fun tour and maybe, just maybe, it will help you feel a little cooler on this hot, July day too!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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