9 Ways to Create Festive Christmas Home Decor for the Holidays

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Festive Christmas home decor is all in the details! We are sharing some favorite tips, tricks, and ideas to help you create the Christmas spirit in your home.  Welcome to Day Seven of the 10 Days of Christmas Preparations!  

We decided that today was a Christmas free-for-all!  Each of us had so many things that we were excited to share; it was really hard to choose!  However, I know you’re going to love Day Seven of the 10 Days of Christmas Prep.  There are great ideas, including practical tutorials, tips for decorating, and simple DIY inspirations.

Get ready to save the ideas you want to try this year.  We are sharing early so that you have time to pencil some fun DIY and decorating into your busy holiday schedule!

Meet the friends who are inspiring you for the 10 Days of Christmas Prep this week:

I have had the honor of spending time with each of these amazing ladies and I’m proud to call them my personal friends!  I’ve seen peeks of what they will be sharing and I promise you won’t want to miss a single day!  It is such an honor to spend time “decorating, DIYing, baking, cooking, and creating” this week with such kind and talented friends!

9 Ways to Create Festive Christmas Home Decor for the Holidays

1. Nothing brings the feeling of a festive Christmas home like hot cocoa!

What homemade gifts can I make?

Creating festive Christmas home decor is more than just the actual decor.  First and I think most importantly, it is about the feeling you create in your home!  Traditions, like making homemade gifts together, are the perfect way to make sure you set aside some festive, memorable moments together!

Kelly from The Tattered Pew has a wonderful idea for this!  Looking for a fun, quick and easy DIY gift idea?  This is the perfect gift to give to your neighbors, teachers or friends.  It’s homemade hot chocolate in a jar along with some darling printable gift tags to give it that personal touch!

Get Kelly’s quick and easy tutorial HERE, along with printable tags!

2. Five Ways to Repurpose Christmas Cards!

What do you do with all those Christmas cards that show up in the mail? Don’t toss them? Try these creative ideas instead.

3. Festive Christmas home decor is all in the details!

How do you make an easy Christmas bow?

The details matter!  Fortunately, Simply 2 Moms is sharing the easy steps it takes to create beautiful bows to add to your festive Christmas home decor!

Learn how to make the easiest fluffy bows in minutes. Bows are a great way to add style to wreaths, gifts and other home décor.

Find their easy tutorial on THIS post!

4. Add festive Christmas home decor with greenery!

How do you decorate for the holidays on a budget?

Skip the mistletoe and hang a beautiful Christmas kissing ball that you made on a budget using fresh greens and some holiday decor!

Stacy from Bricks N Blooms is sharing a quick and easy tutorial to make this fun and festive Christmas home decor accessory.  Learn how to make a Christmas kissing ball in a few easy steps!

5. Add some sparkle to your festive Christmas home decor ideas!

How do I decorate my house for Christmas on a budget?

Add some DIY sparkle, of course, for festive Christmas home decor!  Jen from Cottage on Bunker Hill made this amazing display that I know you will love too.

Wait until you see how she turned a few unfinished wood houses into very expensive-looking additions to her DIY Christmas village! All it took was a little paint and sparkle!

6. Put holiday guests in a festive mood with a hot cocoa bar!

What do you put on a hot chocolate station?

Kim from Cottage in the Mitten is showing you how to make sure your home not only looks festive, but also feels festive with her adorable hot cocoa bar!

Looking for a way to make your friends and family feel welcomed this Christmas? Creating this simple hot cocoa bar will definitely work!  You can see all of the details Kim used to create this fun and festive idea on THIS post!

7. Add a DIY garland for a festive Christmas home decor touch!

How can I decorate my house for Christmas cheaply?

DIY garlands were a big trend last year and with the natural elements of this one by Rachel from The Pond’s Farmhouse, I know it will be a big hit this year for the 2022 Christmas trends!

See how to easily make a unique, sustainable dried fruit and herb Christmas garland.  Rachel has made several dried fruit garlands for previous holidays, but this one is my favorite.  I definitely want to try making one this year!

Bonus: I think this would be pretty for Thanksgiving too!

Get the easy tutorial HERE!

8. Bells add a dramatic festive Christmas home decor look!

What do you do with Christmas bells?

One of my very favorite Christmas DIY projects ever is this Christmas bell display.  In fact, I love it so much that we left it all on the stick, stored it away carefully, and I am hanging it up again this year!  Actually, I may hang it in the dining room again too!

Fill your home with intentional purpose this Christmas and create a simple Christmas bell DIY idea to create festive beauty in your home!

9. Holiday Home Tour 2021: Kitchen and Master Bedroom

Brendt is so excited to share her 2021 Holiday home tour! She uses farmhouse-style Christmas decor with lots of festive signs, faux pre-lit greenery, chunky blankets, and cozy twinkle lights.

I know you will enjoy this cozy Christmas tour of her kitchen and master bedroom!

How can I make my house look Christmassy?

I’m so glad you asked!  These are ideas are definitely all wonderful to get you started as you create a festive Christmas spirit in your own home.

In fact, every day of our 10 Days of Christmas Preparation ideas and inspiration is full of easy and budget-friendly ways that you can make your house look and feel Christmasy this year!

Don’t miss out on the full 10 Days of Christmas Prep!


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