A Cozy New Year

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It’s officially the time of year when you get to be jealous of our South Florida living….70 degrees, balmy breezes, green grass, and flowers blooming!  I grew up in Kansas and I haven’t forgotten how January and February go:


Gets dark early

Freezing cold

Dirty snow slushed at the sides of the road

Gray skies




Let’s paint a better picture:


Cozy fire

Soft throw blanket

Cup of coffee

Glow of candles


Much better, right?  So even though I live in Florida where we have about one and a half seasons, I still try to make the inside of our home match the season of the other 97% of the country!  Ha! 


Here are my favorite tips for transitioning from Christmas décor into cozy winter décor!

Tip #1

Mirrors and Glass

I love to layer mirrors and vintage frames!  They bounce around the light and when it’s dark out, the reflection of candlelight adds a cozy feel to any room!  Adding mirrors gives depth to a room.  I especially love to layer mirrors on a console table or mantel.  You could even create a gallery wall of mirrors!

Tip #2

Candles E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E!

Nothing beats a real candle to fill the room with your favorite scent.  But in the winter, I love to use battery-operated candles in almost every room.  It is lovely when they all flicker on at dusk and automatically turn off at bedtime.  Convenient, cost saving, and pretty!  I always love a good deal, but in the case of faux candles, quality is everything!  Each year, I invest in a couple more pillar or taper candles and my collection is growing.  Best part?  You can use them year after year after year!  This is one thing that is worth buying the “good ones.”

​Tip #3

Winter Greens


Whenever adding greenery or flowers to my home, I like to think about what is out in nature.  While this doesn’t really apply to Florida, given our tropical climate, it’s the thought that counts and makes the inside of our home feel seasonally appropriate!  Cedar, pine, and juniper are the greens you would find outdoors, even in cold climates, so that’s what I like to bring indoors as well.  And how convenient to have faux stems laying around from Christmas!  Of course, if you live where these things are available in your yard, clip some fresh stems and make an arrangement!  I tuck faux stems around vignettes and even use my “Christmas” garland on the mantel.

Tip #4



Just as you might add a fiddle leaf in the spring or palm tree in the summer, it is perfectly acceptable to have evergreen and cedar trees through the winter months…a.k.a…leave your Christmas tree up!  I took all the ornaments off of one of ours and strung it with soft fairy lights.  It’s a cozy touch and helps ease the starkness of taking down all the Christmas décor at once!

Tip #5

Add Eucalyptus


I use eucalyptus year round, both fresh and faux.  To help my winter greenery seem a little less “Christmas-y”, I wove in some faux eucalyptus garland and stems.  They add a soft touch to the pine.  This is another instance where quality really counts.  I’ve linked up my favorite faux eucalyptus here for you: Stems & Garlands.

​Tip #6



Now that you’ve got your greenery settled, it’s time for some filler objects.  Vintage books, glass bottles, and candles are always great ideas.  I also like to use vintage brass deer.  You’ve probably seen me using these since the fall, since deer are a natural element of fall and winter wildlife!  The vintage brass adds a mix of metals and a little shine to your vignette as well.

​Tip #7



Nothing says cozy like a fuzzy blanket or chunky knit throw pillow!  I toss throw blankets on the sofas, chairs, end of my bed, and in baskets all over our home.  It invites your family to settle in for a cozy evening!  Throw pillows are a perfect way to add texture to your seating areas and I also use them in the dining room!  If you’re using all neutrals, as I do, you’ll want to really mix up your textures.  Think chunk knit, tassels, pom poms, knobby wool, and woven linen for layering.  You can also tuck throw pillows into baskets, which add yet another beautiful texture for your winter décor!

I think of January and February as months for long, quiet evenings at home and maybe even a little extra rest.  Creating a cozy feel throughout your home invites you and your family to enjoy home even more!


Now…off to light a candle, grab a cup of coffee, and pretend it’s not 75 degrees outside my door!




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