Christmas Home Decor Tour Part One

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Welcome to our Christmas home decor tour! Come on in, get cozy, be inspired, and enjoy a little time browsing 30 different beautiful Christmas homes!  Keep reading to the end, where I am linking 29 other amazing Christmas home decor tours.  There is so much inspiration for you today!

Come on in!  Let’s pretend you arrived on my doorstep (preferably with a caramel brûlée latte for each of us) and are coming to enjoy a little chat!  Since I have put up so many Christmas decorations…and am not quite finished with all the spaces yet either…it’s going to take more than one visit!

Today, I have the honor of joining with a group of 29 other bloggers.  It’s been a fun and busy week of touring all of their amazing homes!  A huge thank you to my friend Kelly from The Tattered Pew for hosting all of us!

If you’ve hopped over from Yvonne at Stone Gable, welcome! I  am so glad you are here!  I love Yvonne’s tour and got some great ideas there myself.  If you are new here, I hope you’ll get some great inspiration from my blog as well.

I love sharing our home decor and am passionate about creating a home that is truly a haven for my family.

For part one of my Christmas Home Decor Tour, we are going to visit the music room and family room.  Let’s be honest, I’m still decking the halls in most of the other spaces! 😂

So, come on in, and let’s get started!  We are going to take a peek into the music room first!

Christmas Home Decor Tour: Music Room

I know some homes have big, pretty windows with a beautifully staged grand piano.  It’s always clean and shiny.

That’s not our home.

I am thankful for the big window here, but our piano is  a l w a y s covered in music books, sheets of music, practice sheets, and an odd assortment of pencils.  This is a very busy room in our home and I am so thankful for that!  So I try…really hard…to ignore the mess.  I did swipe all the things to grab a pretty picture of this room because it has become one of my favorite rooms in our home!

I did swipe all the things to grab a pretty picture of this room because it has become one of my favorite rooms in our home and it really was the jumping off point for all of my Christmas theme and decor this year too!

In fact, I was sitting right at this piano teaching when my Christmas theme came to me for this year: Good Tidings.

Don’t we all feel like we could use a few more “Good Tidings” in our world?

As it turns out, the origin of the word “tidings” seems to come from an Old English word that literally means “to happen.”  Meaning, still to come.  Something good is still going to happen.

In full transparency, my Christmas theme came about on a rather frustrating day.  It seemed that everything that happened that day, was, at best, annoying and every text or phone call involved less than pleasing news.

I was feeling grumbly and just wanted something good to happen.

And so, my theme for my Christmas home decor was not brought about during a peaceful, beautiful moment or out of a calm heart and mind.  It was quite the opposite, actually.

Maybe you can relate with that, so I’ll tell you the next part of the story over in the family room!

First though, let’s talk about my inspiration for this room!  I picked up this large architectural salvage piece back in the summer or early fall.  I immediately knew I wanted to try and make a “stocking tree” with it.  My original idea was to hang it over the mantel, but as I started thinking about this room, I knew it would make a special statement piece here.

The salvage piece was a find from Rehab Vintage Market and the stockings are from my talented friend, Emily, at Penny and Ivy!

I used some of my vintage book collection from Books by Jay’s World to display the vintage brass horn candlesticks that I’ve been collecting for several years!

I added battery operated taper candles so that I can have a safe and cozy glow through this space every evening!

I added some realistic Norfolk pine stems to this vintage crock and carried the greenery up by adding realistic garlands over the mirror.  You can find similar garland here and here.

To finish off the festive look and tie in the brass candlesticks, I added a group of bells to the corners.  I love the vintage look that these bells have.

I also love how the bells give a subtle nod to my Christmas home decor theme of “Good Tidings.”

Speaking of, let’s continue the story over in the family room….

Christmas Home Decor Tour: Family Room

Back to the story of “Good Tidings”…

At the point in history when the angels appeared to the shepherds up on the hillside, heralding the famous words, “good tidings of great joy”, they were not showing up in a neat, tidy, cozy, beautiful world.

In fact, they were showing up in a very bleak, miserable world, full of division and turmoil. To put it mildly, there was a lot of bad news going around.

It sounds a little too familiar this year, doesn’t it?

So on that bad day (of course my teacher mind goes to the funny book of “Alexander and the No Good, Very Bad Day” 😅), my Christmas home decor theme came to be.

The first thing I did was to message my friend Kendra from @homespuncottage to see if she could make me a vintage linen drapeau, which is the French word for flag.

I love how it proclaims the theme in a soft and gentle way.  It is a reminder that “Good Tidings” don’t have to be extravagant.  We can find good tidings all around us if we are looking.

 We can also give good tidings by spreading love and kindness and hope to those around us in small, simple, but impactful ways.

To further carry out my theme, I pulled out my collection of vintage brass French horns.  I’ve been hunting for these for a few years now, and shared that whole story over on this post.  I have found most of them at thrift stores, flea markets, and little antique shops!  I found some online, in case you’re hunting too.  You can find some here, here, and here!

I combined them with my thrifted, oval, antique gold mirrors.  I used two large vintage French horns to make some quick DIY wreaths to hang over the mirrors.  I used a clipping of fresh Norfolk pine and tied it to the horn with twine, then attached it at the top of the mirror with a small push pin!

Tip: wreaths don’t have to be extravagant and expensive!  Grab some free tree clippings from your local Christmas tree farm and attach to any form.  The French horns work great and are unique too!

I displayed our family Nativity set in the family room this year. It just felt right to have it in the same space as the Good Tidings banner!

My parents brought this set back to us from Israel as a gift many years ago.  I love that the wood pieces aren’t too fragile for children’s hands!  And Baby Jesus has some worn marks from being played with.

Since it isn’t a huge set and I wanted to style it on this large vintage general store counter from, I gathered all of my glass cloches and a variety of bases together.  I love how this turned out and makes the Nativity set more of a statement piece.

Some simple fairy lights make this spot twinkle and feel cozy in the evenings too!

I carried the cloche idea to the coffee table as well, and added a few vintage French books and a small vintage French brass horn to tie in with the gallery wall.  I love connecting pieces of the Christmas home decor story through little details like that!

Tip: Repeat similar elements throughout a space to make it feel cohesive and thoughtful.  All of the French horns and cloches are a little different, but grouped together, they become interesting statement pieces and fun conversation starters too!

I finished up the coffee table with this massive candle that my husband got me as a gift last year.  It looks so elegant, whether lit or unlit, and I love that it can stay right here all winter long!

Plus, it smells amazing!  And it comes in a variety of sizes, in case you need a smaller one!  (It is on my Christmas Gift Guide this year too!)

A little realistic faux winter greenery tucked around ties it all together and I am enjoying this simple coffee table styling!  I feel like all the elements work together to connect all the details throughout the room.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Christmas Home Decor Tour Part 1!  Stay tuned for part 2!  I hope you’ll hop on over and visit my friend Rachel at Rachel Pond’s Farmhouse. You’ll love all the farmhouse inspiration in her Christmas tour!  Rachel always has some fun DIY ideas to share too!

And be sure to check out all of the other home tours that have been happening this week!    I love that you can choose your favorite ideas from each one and use those to inspire your own Christmas home decor this year!

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