Easy Spring Home Decor Favorites from Amazon (2023)

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Easy spring home decor can be simple and budget-friendly! Check out these Amazon favorites to spruce up your Easter home decor this season!  Keep reading to see how I style each of these easy spring home decor finds in my own home!

Do you love decorating for the spring season and Easter holiday?  I definitely love finding budget-friendly accessories that I can use for easy spring home decor.

Today, I am excited to share 10 of my favorite Amazon finds for easy and simple home decorating for spring and Easter.  I’ve even styled some of these pieces a few different ways around our home to give you lots of ideas.

Hopefully this inspiration will help you put the finishing touches on your own spring home decor so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the season!

Easy Spring Home Decor Favorites from Amazon

Easy Spring Home Decor Favorite #1: Realistic faux tulips and peonies

How to decorate for spring on a budget?

One of my favorite ways to decorate our home for spring and Easter is by adding pretty flowers.  Whether neutral or spring-inspired colors, flowers add such a beautiful, fresh touch for the season.

At the same time, fresh flowers can put a ding in the budget!  Over on THIS post, I share some of my favorite ways to arrange inexpensive grocery store flowers.  However, my grocery budget these days doesn’t include fresh flowers every week.

Realistic faux flowers for the win!  First of all, not only are these real touch tulips and peonies a great price, but they can be used over and over, year after year.  Secondly, that can add up to a big budget-savings in the long run!

Here are a few favorite ways to style these faux flowers:

  • Single stems in glass bottles
  • Add them to fresh filler flowers for a larger arrangement
  • Add fresh greenery to make them look every more realistic

Pro Tip: cut fresh greenery from your yard for free decor!

  • Group faux flowers in a vintage vessel to add charm and character to a room
  • Add faux flowers in a cute seasonal planter, like this cement bunny rabbit, for a fun touch
  • Put them in a pretty vase under a glass cloche
  • Add a single stem to each place setting
  • Bend the stem around to create an easy DIY napkin ring

Shop my favorite real-touch tulips HERE and these realistic peonies HERE!

Easy Spring Home Decor Favorite #2: Cement bunny planter

If you’re looking for easy and cute for your spring home decorating, this bunny planter will be one of your favorites too!  I love the natural cement material and size of this cute planter.  It makes it easy to decorate in almost any room or kind of space.

Even though I incorporated it into this large dough bowl styling, it also looks perfect just on its own and usually lives on our kitchen island for the spring season.

Since it is a more subtle touch for Easter, I will probably leave this cute piece out for the entire spring season.

It looks perfect with my favorite faux tulips inside.  At the same time, it comes with a saucer so you can also put a real or faux plant inside too!

You can shop this cement bunny planner in my spring home decor on my Amazon Storefront HERE!

Easy Spring Home Decor Favorite #3: Light-weight throw blanket

How do you make your house cozy in the spring?

Just because spring has arrived doesn’t mean you have to put away all of the cozy layers!  In fact, spring is the perfect time to refresh the cozy layers around your home.

One way to do this is to pack away heavy blankets and throw pillows and add light-weight ones.  THIS super soft, light-weight throw blanket is my very favorite for the spring, summer, and even early fall.

The soft texture adds all the cozy vibes and a pretty, neutral layer to my decor.  At the same time, it is light-weight enough to actually use.

It comes in several different colors and sizes.  My favorite spring throw blanket is in the oatmeal color because it just goes with everything and I can use it year round (especially since we live in Florida!)

Shop my favorite spring throw blanket HERE!

Easy Spring Home Decor Favorite #4: Natural wooden riser

Even though this wooden riser can be used year round, I do love how it brings in that warm, natural wood tone to spring decor.  Since I use a lot of white and light colors in my spring home decorating, adding a touch of a pretty wood tone really gives depth and interest to the neutral vignettes.

This wooden riser is the perfect size for SO many things in your decor.  In fact, I call it a “must-have” home decor accessory because it just makes almost any vignette look prettier!

Here are a few ways I’ve been decorating with this wooden riser:

  • Under a glass cloche
  • Under a single candle
  • Adding height variation to a grouping of objects
  • On a shelf
  • Under a plant
  • In a dough bowl to create a solid base for an accessory
  • On the mantel to give more layer and texture

Shop my favorite wooden riser HERE!

Easy Spring Home Decor Favorite #5: Glass dome cloche

If you’ve been a reader at Robyn’s French Nest for very long at all, you know I LOVE my glass cloches!  In fact,  you can find some fun decorating tips and ideas to use a glass cloche in your home decor:

I am having fun with glass cloches for easy spring home decor.  You can find a whole decor class with more ideas on THIS AMAZON LIVE.

In case you don’t have a glass cloche to decorate for spring, you can find 10+ favorite cloches all linked on my Amazon Storefront, favorite home decor list, HERE!

Easy Spring Home Decor Favorite #6: Tan and white gingham pillow covers

How can I decorate my house on a low budget?

Besides my favorite faux florals for spring, switching out throw pillow covers is a super easy and budget-friendly way to decorate for the seasons.

In general, investing in quality, neutral pieces can create the perfect base for decorating for any season.  For under $10, this pair of pillow covers can immediately add a refreshed look to your living space.

Even though I’m using this gingham pattern for the spring, the neutral color allows them to carry into summer and even fall too!

Pro Tip: Invest in  good down pillow inserts that you can use year round.  Then, purchase fun and inexpensive pillow covers to keep your space feeling fresh and new!  The down pillow inserts give a much more high-end look to your decor.

Shop my favorite Amazon throw pillows HERE!

Easy Spring Home Decor Favorite #7: Tall, faux greenery stems

One of my favorite ways to decorate for spring is to add greenery and tall branches.  I love to cut fresh branches from my trees and add to a vase or basket.  However, sometimes I need something that will last longer than the fresh branches or just something a little faster and easier!

These faux greenery branches are definitely my go-to for spring greenery.  Standing tall at over 43″, I can use them in tall vessels, vases, and baskets.  However, I can also easily bend the stems to use them in shorter containers.

Pro Tip: One of my favorite ways to save money is to use these faux greenery branches with inexpensive grocery store flowers.  They immediately elevate the arrangement and make it more of a statement piece!

If you follow along with my spring decor, you will see these pretty (and very realistic!) branches over and over and over again!  They are definitely my favorite and get used all over our house!

Shop my favorite greenery branches HERE!

Easy Spring Home Decor Favorite #8: Dried egg gourds

What are some decorations for spring?

Eggs, of course!  With the Easter season, it is really fun and easy to incorporate faux eggs into spring vignettes.

Sometimes it’s the smallest details in my home decor that make me smile the biggest!  I really wanted to achieve more of a natural, organic cottage style in my spring decorating this year.  These dried egg gourds add so much patina and character to my spring vignettes.

I love the subtle nod to the Easter holiday with the egg shapes.  At the same time, the earthy-tone color and style blends perfectly with our vintage home decor.

Add them to a bowl, under a cloche, lay around a vignette, tuck them into greenery on a mantel…the possibilities are seemingly endless!

Over on THIS post, you can find some of my favorite ways to decorate for spring with faux eggs.  Easy spring home decor can be so simple and so fun!

Shop my favorite dried egg gourds HERE!

Easy Spring Home Decor Favorite #9: Vintage-inspired art

One really easy way to switch up your home decor for the seasons is with artwork.  However, art can get really pricey!  You can imagine how excited I was to discover these vintage-inspired art prints, already beautifully curated, for under $20.

Actually, the artwork really inspired my spring gallery wall this year.  Using old, thrifted frames, it made for really budget-friendly spring home decor!

Here are ways to use this budget-friendly, vintage-inspired artwork in your spring decor:

  • Hang in a gallery wall
  • Tape into thrifted frames
  • Lean against the back of a bookshelf
  • Hang on the front of a shelf
  • Layer with larger mirrors and frames on a console table
  • Layer and lean on a mantel

Shop my favorite vintage-inspired art prints for under $20 HERE!

Easy Spring Home Decor Favorite #10: White battery-operated pillar candles

How do you make your house cozy in the spring?

​Candles are often thought of more for fall and winter home decor.  Even though I don’t use as many candles during the spring and summer, it does feel so wonderful to keep that cozy glow around in the evenings!

For spring, I switched out my ivory battery-operated candles to these white pillar candles.  They are also battery-operated.  One of my favorite things is the realistic, flickering flame and the timer, so they just flicker on each evening at dusk and go off on their own!

Pro Tip: Use battery-operated candles in key spots around your home in the spring to keep the cozy feeling!

You can shop these pillar candles HERE!

Are you ready for some easy spring decorating?

I hope these fun and simple ideas help make your spring decorating a breeze this year! Mixing the old and new is my favorite way to curate my home and have fun decorating for the seasons at the same time.  Budget-friendly, simple decor pieces are always a favorite and I have had fun sharing these 10 spring accessories that you can easily mix into your existing spring decor!

You can shop all of my favorites on my Amazon Storefront HERE!

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