How to Beautifully Decorate a Coffee Table for Spring

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It’s time to decorate for spring!  Coffee tables are the perfect spot to add some seasonal elements as you refresh your space for the season. Check out my favorite tips and ideas to decorate a coffee table for spring with simple and easy vignettes!

Coffee table styling is one of the requests that I get the most often from you all!  I totally understand why.  It is fun to decorate a coffee table and some simple, seasonal styling can change the look of the whole room!  Gathering some fun ideas will hopefully spark new creativity as you style your coffee table for spring!

How to Beautifully Decorate a Coffee Table for Spring

I love decorating my coffee table because it is a relatively quick way to make an entire room feel refreshed.  You don’t need a lot of time or a big budget to decorate a coffee table, either!

If I start to feel like my living or family rooms are a bit “tired” and need some fluffing, a quick switch of the coffee table vignette will usually do the trick!  No matter the season or style, there are some basic elements to my little formula for styling a coffee table.

1. Decorate a coffee table by starting with a base.

I almost never style a coffee table vignette without using a base.  This helps define the vignette and really helps pull it all together, rather than feeling like things are just “setting around”.

Do you always have to have a base?  Definitely not!  A base is what I typically start with, however.

Some of my favorite things to use are large coffee table books (I look for these at thrift stores!), large bread boards, or trays.  A basket or flat-bottom dough bowl can also make a great base to decorate a coffee table.

The size and scale of your base depends on the size and scale of your coffee table.  It is perfectly fine to use a large base, even on a smaller table, as long as the coffee table has a substantial look so that everything feels balanced.  Oversized decor, like this large bread board, can make great statement pieces!

You also want to think about function.  In our back living room, our family plays a lot of games.  Therefore, I keep a pretty vignette at one end but leave most of the table clear for games.

In the music room, the small coffee table doesn’t need to function for anything except looks, so I sometimes use a base that is the same size as the coffee table!

I will link a few other favorite bases to decorate a coffee table here:

2. Create a Vignette with Three Different Heights.

I almost always style a vignette in a set of three.  Especially on a coffee table or side table, I try to get three different heights to create my “decor triangle”.  No matter what size or scale you’re decorating with, you can still work with a set of three and focus on varied heights.

I often use vintage book stacks to help me get my three heights for a vignette.  Also, I look for a common thread of color, pattern, texture, or style to tie all the pieces together.  At the same time, I try to make sure I have lots of layers and texture to get a look that is full of character!

Even though my overall scheme is a set of three things to create the decor triangle, I may layer things together.  In this picture, for example, I layered two bases with the bread board and crate.  Then, I have my set of three:

  1. Salvage with a plant
  2. Set of candlesticks
  3. Small bunny

The white color of the salvage and bunny connect everything while the brass candlesticks give juxtaposition with a contrasting metal.  The greenery brings it all to life!  And the wood tones in the salvage and the base tie together as well!

In this next vignette, I used a mix of things to fill a larger space.  However, there are still three basic things to create the decor triangle:

  1. Concrete planter with plant
  2. Cloche and base
  3. Books with swan
The white of the planter and salvage connect while a touch of blue in the books ties together the books in the cloche and the books under the swan.  The brass swans pull it altogether and again, give that juxtaposition of a contrasting metal texture.

In this third example, I simplified the vignette by only using larger items.  To get a height variation between the planter and bunny, I stacked a couple of thrifted books under the planter.  The bunny gives a pretty seasonal touch and the bowl with egg gourds completes the decor triangle.  (This rabbit is one of my favorites to decorate with and comes in different sizes!)

The white of the planter and bowl tie the vignette together.  I love the extra detail of the color of the eggs, books, and bread board all connecting as well.  The bunny plays perfectly with the zinc top of the coffee table.  For this vignette, color plays a big role in pull it all together!

A General Formula to Decorate a Coffee Table

To put it more concisely, my general formula to decorate a coffee table looks like this:

  1. Base
  2. Vignette with three heights, items connected by color, style, or texture
  3. Include greenery or flowers
  4. Include one seasonal item, such as a bunny or swan for spring
  5. Use vintage books for height variation and extra texture

Here are Some Favorite Decor Items to Use on a Coffee Table

Spring Seasonal Accents 

Greenery and Flowers for a Spring Touch

Are you ready to decorate a coffee table for spring now?  I hope you’ve found plenty of ideas to help you shop your home and put together a coffee table vignette that helps transform your space with a beautiful spring view!  Now, start decorating and most of all, have fun!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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