How to Create 5 Perfect DIY Mother’s Day Gift Basket Ideas

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Ready to create a meaningful gift she will love?! Check out these ways to make the perfect Mother’s Day gift baskets for special ladies in your life!  These would also be perfect gifts for teachers, grandmothers, caregivers, and special helpers!  Keep reading for my favorite picks this year!

I love the idea of Mother’s Day.  However, if I’m being honest, I’d be really delighted to skip over the whole idea of being celebrated.  The fact is, I don’t feel deserving of being celebrated.  Some days, being a mom is just HARD and the failures can feel like they can stack up awfully fast.  However, my husband and kids insist.  So, whether you are creating Mother’s Day gift basket ideas for a special lady in your life or even trying to give some helpful ideas to your own family, this post is for YOU!

Sometimes, being celebrated as a mom feels a lot more like extra work.  Am I right?! 😂  I find myself trying to make sure that everyone around me feels like they’ve done a good job rather than actually relaxing myself.

This post is to try to make that easier for all of us moms!!!  Let’s take some of the guesswork out with this Mother’s Day gift basket ideas that are guaranteed to bring a smile and feel special.  In fact, there are ideas for lots of different kinds of moms, grandmothers, friends, caregivers, and teachers.

I had fun thinking of the different kinds of ladies I would want to celebrate and hopefully these ideas make preparing for the upcoming holiday (including Teacher Appreciation) extra easy for you!!!

How to make a Mother’s basket?

Follow these simple and easy tips:

  1. Choose a theme: think about her favorite interests, hobbies, or needs.
  2. Start with a pretty container: below, I’ve linked my favorite baskets, bags, and vessels to help you create a gift as special and unique as she is!
  3. Fill the container with her favorites: this could be theme-related or just her favorite things.
  4. Add a personal touch: kind notes, handmade cards or art, and special photos are great additions.
  5. Use a filler: a cozy blanket, new beach towel, kitchen towel, or other soft item is perfect to fill in the gaps and add texture.

I’ll show you each of these, step by step, in the post below!

How to Create 5 Perfect DIY Mother’s Day Gift Basket Ideas

First, start with a basket she will love!

This should be something super cute and set the theme for the whole gift!  It is also great if the “basket” is something she can enjoy using long after Mother’s Day too.

While I use the term basket, I am using it lightly.  This could really be any kind of cute or pretty container that will hold your gifts.

Hang on…I’ve got some really fun ideas for you!

Here is a quick round up of the perfect containers:

I can’t think of a mom who wouldn’t love most, if not all, of these ideas!  I know I definitely love them myself!  They are all so different, yet wonderful!  Check them out:

    1. Bogg bag: I’m hoping my husband is reading my blog.  I really want one of these!  Haha!
    2. Pretty rattan boxes: hold the gifts and she can decorate a shelf or table with it later!
    3. Stunning basket tray: display the gifts or even set up an amazing breakfast tray for her with a gift tucked in…then she can use the tray on her table for seasons and years to come.  I have and love this tray so much!
    4. Adorable basket bag: perfect to hold the small…but wonderful gifts…like special notes, gift cards, and cash for a shopping spree!  (Also don’t mind if my husband reads this line of my post too!)
    5. Beach bag: tuck her favorites inside and whisk her away to relax for the day!
    6. Pretty hanging basket: fill it with her favorite flowers, tie on a gift card, and then she can hang it on her door for any season.
    7. Weekender bag: need a gift for the adventurer?  Or maybe the mom who just needs some time to herself?  Pack a few favorites and send her off for a weekend!


Mother’s Day Gift Basket Ideas for the Mom Who Needs Some Self-Care Time…

after all, she’s been spending a lot of time taking care of everyone else!

This Mother’s Day basket gift idea is perfect for that mom who spends most of her time taking care of everyone else.  She loves her family and those around her.  In the busyness of taking care of others, maybe she doesn’t even know how much she needs some time to herself being pampered!  This gift, accompanied by quiet time, will restore her mind and heart!

  1. Highly rated eye massager: she can enjoy this gift on a consistent basis to refresh herself and help with those headaches from busy days too!
  2. Shower steamers for every kind of day!
  3. My favorite French press: give her time to treat herself to an extra special cup
  4. Comfiest lounge set available in such pretty colors
  5. Hair shampoo brush for a scalp massage whenever she wants it!
  6. My very favorite hand lotion: the smell alone is so soothing!
  7. Amazing shower steamer spray: even a few minutes can feel like a soothing spa!
  8. Natural pumice stone for the feet that are always on the go for you!
  9. Portable electric kettle so she can enjoy a soothing cup wherever she is
  10. Pack it all up in this gorgeous weekender bag set!

Mother’s Day Gift Basket Ideas for the Mom Who Is Always On the Go…usually for YOU!

Basically, these Mother’s Day gift ideas are for any mom who has kids still at home because speaking from first-hand experience, it takes a big push-back from culture to NOT be on the go all the time!  Often, however, it’s just unavoidable as we support and love our kids, their interests, passions, and friendships.  Right?

As a teacher, I have to say, this would make an amazing teacher appreciation gift too!!!

I am loving this gift basket idea because I think it is super fun but also really, really functional and practical.  Plus, it looks cute too!

  1. Bogg bag (3 sizes and lots of colors available!) Hint: I am obsessed with these!  Find the medium size one HERE! 
  2. Find the Large one HERE!
  3. Add a classy beach towel or light throw blanket for filler.  I love this one!
  4. Include accessories, such as these snap-on clear organizers.
  5. This Bogg bag divider and tray, pack of two
  6. Add practical accessories like this snap-on bottle and can holder
  7. Tuck in this water bottle that is the ideal size for on the go!
  8. Keep her sunglasses and accessories handy with this snap-on organizer.
  9. Add some charm with these cute snap-on letters!
  10. Add a gift card so she can order things she needs or wants on the go too!

What are the top ten Mother’s Day gifts?

This list would vary, I’m sure, from person to person.  However, these seem to definitely always be near the top of any list!

  1. Flowers
  2. Special food or drink treats
  3. Candles
  4. Perfume
  5. Something personalized
  6. Skincare
  7. Spa Day
  8. Gift cards
  9. Special weekend trip
  10. Things for the home (try to avoid the classic vacuum!  Haha!)

What do most moms want on Mother’s Day?

As a mom, I can almost guarantee that most moms would say they want time and relaxation!  This Mother’s Day, hopefully you can incorporate those gifts into celebrating your loved one.

At the same time, I promise she won’t mind a thoughtful gift too.  You can shop my favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas all in one place, HERE, for your convenience! 

I hope these thoughtful and even unique ideas help it make it easier for you to make HER day special!

What can kids do for mothers on Mother’s Day?

As you approach this Mother’s Day, here are a few tips:

  • Take the pressure off; don’t force her into a big and extravagant celebration that she has to plan or clean up from.
  • Take note of all the little things she does around the house and try to stay one step ahead of her for the weekend; she will appreciate those little things!
  • Don’t overspend and stress her out about money.
  • Try to not wait until the last minute and then end up with something that isn’t thoughtful or what she would really enjoy.
  • Time is a wonderful gift…time with family, time to herself, time to unwind, time to do the things she enjoys with no guilt!

Wishing all of the mothers out there a very happy day.  I see you and I know that this holiday can bring around lots of emotions.  It doesn’t always “feel” like a happy day for every mother or every child who has perhaps lost a mother.  I know there have been years for me when Mother’s Day was a really hard day, to be honest.

I hope you know that most of all, you are loved by your Heavenly Father.  Keep up the good work, press forward, and know you are valued more than you could ever know!

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