How to Create a Beautiful Decor Story in Your Home

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Creating a decor story in your home can be such a fun way to curate your home, especially for seasons. Check out these tips for your home decor!

Don’t you love a good story?  ]

As we wrapped up our school year here, lots of beautiful memories of one of my kids’ favorite teachers have popped up.  We loved her dearly, students and parents alike.  She was the BEST storyteller and could have even a tough, grown man bending his ear to hear the rest of the story.

Have you ever thought of your home in that way?  Or considered creating a decor story for your home?

It’s one of my favorite ways to decorate and while the story is subtle, I love the idea and it also helps me curate the pieces to use in a room as well as the little details that bring a space to life.

Most of all, even if it’s just in my mind as the manager of my home, I hope a simple story line in my decor helps create a space that makes our family want to linger a little longer and just enjoy being home.

Since we thankfully get to do a lot more of that in the summer, what a perfect opportunity to create a summer home decor story!  And maybe it will get you to thinking a little differently or intentionally about your decor too!


How to Create a Beautiful Decor Story in Your Home

I should start by saying that this is just one of many fun ways to think about decorating. Our home isn’t always decorated with this in mind.  At the same time, it is really fun and I’m enjoying a simple, little decor story for our summer decor this year!

You will start by thinking of a theme, though “theme” is a little too strong.  Really, a little hint of a theme or idea is what you’re ultimately going after.  Otherwise, it could start taking on the idea of a kid’s room with a really specific theme.  That isn’t necessarily the goal!  Again, there is a lot of room for interpretation, trial, error, and fun with this!

Start your decor story with an inspiration or hint of a theme.

I usually find my idea or inspiration in very random places.  For example, this year, I was inspired by a fun 50 cent vintage sale find with these old hotel ledgers.  I love that they are from an Orlando, Florida hotel (what a fun vacation destination!). Since we live in Florida, it was just a really fun find.

They got me to thinking about how fun it would be to create a subtle decor story for our summer decor of a vintage-inspired coastal vacation!  After all, how fun would it be to feel like our home is a vacation retreat for the summer?!  I know that I’m needing that for myself this year…some extra rest, some quiet, some space to just spread out and “be”.

Your decor story will be inspired by whatever you love, whatever draws you in, and whatever sparks some creativity.  Hopefully, your decor story is inspired by whatever makes home fun and enjoyable for you.

Use just a few pieces to create a subtle home decor story.

Unless you are going for a full-on thematic space, a few pieces are all you need.  For example, I started the summer decor story for our living spaces in the family room.  I only added the following, specific elements to my regular vintage coastal decor:

  • Antique hotel ledger papers, turned into wall art with THESE SIMPLE, DIY ART HANGERS
  • Old suitcase from a vintage market
  • Old vintage beach sign (which could really work for a variety of summer ideas)

Use your story idea to help curate a flow between rooms.

While I started in the family room, I used my simple decor story to help me decide which decor to use in other rooms.  Since our living spaces are all so open to one another, it really helps create a cohesive look.

In the entryway, I added the following:

  • Thrifted suitcase
  • Vintage hotel lobby sign
  • Straw hats (again, could be used for different things; I also love them for spring decor!)

You’re getting the idea!  A couple of little touches here and there create the details that pull it all together!

Use color, texture, and pattern to create a cohesive look.

While each section of our living space is not exactly the same and each part has its own look, there is a cohesive look.  You can use color, texture, and/or pattern to help tell your home decor story.  These design elements help create a flow from space to space that feels comfortable and easy on the eye.

Design elements like color, pattern, and texture don’t need to be overdone, however,   Even the smallest accessories will do the trick!  For example, striped pillows in one room match the blue of a single throw blanket in the next room.  A stack of baskets on the console table plays well with a basket stack used as a side table in a different room.  

Think about the details you love in a space and carry them through to the next room as well!

Are you ready to create your home decor story?

As I mentioned, this is only one of many ways to decorate.  However, I think it is so fun when inspiration strikes.  After that, it is even more fun to consider the details of pieces that can be mixed together to tell even the most subtle of decor stories!

My number one tip: Don’t overthink it.  If you love it, use it and enjoy it!  Curating pieces you love, from furniture down to the smallest accessories, will create the best home decor story of all!

What story will your home tell this summer?

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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