How to Create an Intentional and Beautiful Home Environment

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Creating a beautiful home environment doesn’t happen on accident. Check out these ideas and strategies to create an intentional and cozy home!

Who doesn’t love coming home to a space that feels good?!  But, a home doesn’t look beautiful and feel cozy on accident.  It takes a lot of intentionality in both the design and functionality to achieve a space that feels like home rather than looking like just a house.

I think home should be your favorite place to be and I love looking for ways to continue helping my own home be my family’s favorite too!  I’ve joined up with some friends today to give all of us a lot of different perspectives, ideas, and creative tips for achieving an intentional home.

Make sure to save these ideas to Pinterest.  I guarantee you’re going to love these…definitely one of my favorite blog posts ever!

How to Create an Intentional and Beautiful Home Environment

Be Intentional With Creating Memories

This post from Aliya was a gentle reminder to me today.

Aliya shares some simple, easy ideas to create a summer picnic and while she shared a mother-daughter experience, this could easily be for your whole family, with a spouse, or even with a friend!  Home is really all about the people who live within the walls and being intentional about creating special memories is so important.  

Time passes all too quickly!  You will love this absolutely beautiful post from my beautiful friend, Aliya, over at Open Doors Open Hearts.  Check it out HERE!

Create an intentional home by embracing imperfections.

I have to say, this post from Melissa at The Inspired Room was just what I needed to read in this season!  Melissa beautifully captures the essence of home…not in things, but in the feeling.  To create an intentional home is not to create perfection but to create a welcoming feeling for each person who lives there.  If you could use some encouragement today or just a fresh outlook, don’t miss THIS post from Melissa at The Inspired Room!

Melissa’s latest book, A Lovely Life, is my current favorite decor book.  Truly, it is so much more than decor and I love how Melissa makes homemaking seem like such a special gift.  She also shares her faith in such a beautiful way throughout the book.  It’s currently on sale and is a perfect treat for yourself or gift for a friend!

Create an intentional home by purposefully getting out of the “rut”!

Ugh.  Do you find yourself in “ruts” sometimes too?  This post from Brendt at She Gave It A Go has some great reminders of simple, easy things we can all do to help ourselves in those times.  

I agree whole-heartedly with Brendt that our lives aren’t meant to be lived in a rut and that daily rhythms are actually a beautiful thing!  If you need some helpful reminders, don’t miss THIS post from She Gave It A Go!

Be Intentional When Planning Your Dream Home!

I absolutely love this post from Rachel over at The Pond’s Farmhouse.  Rachel shares her experience with building their beautiful forever home.  There are 5 tips here that I think are so very important.  Even if you’re not building from the ground up, Rachel’s ideas are perfect for consideration with remodeling and renovating your existing home!

Rachel is one of my favorite bloggers to follow and always has great inspiration.  I know you’re going to love what she’s sharing.  Check out these lovely ideas for building an intentional home!

5 Tips for Intentionality with Furniture and Decor Choices

I really loved writing this particular post because I truly believe in home.  It is so much more than walls that surround the place where you sleep, eat, and do laundry.  

It was really a great reflection to stop and think about the things I try to consistently do to help our home feel loving and cozy.  You can find 5 of my favorite tips for creating an intentional home on THIS POST!

Are you inspired to create an intentional home environment?

I found so many ideas and little tips here to help me and our family!  Especially with the school year just right around the corner, this is definitely the time I want to be starting and continuing practices that help our home not only run more smoothly, but feel more cozy and truly like a sanctuary home environment to come home to each day!

What is one thing from this post that you want to try next in your own home?

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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