How to Create Beautiful Spring Vignettes for Your Home

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Spring decorating doesn’t have to mean changing all of your decor!  Find out how you can create pretty spring vignettes to refresh any space!​  Keep reading for my favorite tips on making decor vignettes!

A new decorating seasons has begun and that always gets me excited to start refreshing and restyling our home.  Spring is definitely one of my very favorite seasons; it may even tie for first with Christmas!

However, I think any time a new season of decorating rolls around, there can be a tendency to feel overwhelmed.  It’s almost like we think we have to redo everything to be prepared for the season!

Today’s blog is all about taking that feeling away and focusing on restyling for the spring season with simple vignettes!  You can refresh any space with these simple ideas!

How to Create Beautiful Spring Vignettes for Your Home

1. Step One for Spring Vignettes

Start with a base.

Almost any time I want to style a vignette, I start with a base.  Whether it is an old bread board, a large book, a tray, or a basket, I typically build my vignette on some kind of base.  A base helps define the decor and give it a sense of context.  It can also help tie together all the pieces of a vignette, rather than looking like there are just a few things “sitting around”.

2. Step Two for Spring Vignettes

Create varied heights with your accessories.

There are always exceptions to the rules, but when styling a vignette, I generally create a grouping of 3 items.  To give interest and dimension to the vignette, I use items that have three different heights.

Depending on where the spring vignettes are located, it works best to start with the tallest item.  For example, if you happen to be styling a vignette on a coffee table with a low TV on the other side, you’ll want to make sure the tallest item doesn’t block the view.  Once that height is determined, the decor accessories can be layered.

Example One:

My music room coffee table is an example of a very low, small vignette that still has three different heights.  I used a fresh plant and two vintage clocks.  Even though there isn’t a huge variation of height, there is still dimension and interest since the items aren’t all exactly the same height.

Example Two:

On the buffet, I could style a much larger and taller vignette since there is only a wall behind.  I used a tall basket with a fiddle leaf plant, a tall, standing rabbit, and then a large mortar and pestle with a smaller plant.  There is a much larger variation in heights here and they still create that decor triangle that works so well for spring vignettes!

Example Three:

I created this spring vignette for the buffet, particularly as a spot where I can quickly remove the terra cotta pots and add desserts!  When not used for food, however, this vignette gives all the spring vibes!

Pedestals, risers, cake stands, and books are all great ways to give a vignette some varied height.  For this vignette, I used my favorite cake stand to make the vignette taller than the vintage salvage with the plant (find a realistic faux one HERE!).

On the cake stand, I used a small bunny, a cloche, and a couple of small terra cotta pots to complete this spring garden look.

Even though the triangles are all different, you can see on this buffet example that I created the decor triangle in a few different ways.  Because I know it will change some as accessories are switched for food, I wanted to be sure I still get a vignette look.

Yes!  You can create vignettes with food too!

3. Step Three for Spring Vignettes

Have you noticed the common denominator in all of these spring vignettes?  Greenery!  

To me, greenery and flowers are the key ingredient to a pretty spring vignette.

They add life, color, texture, and dimension to any room.  From a small shelf vignette in a bathroom to a large vignette on a console table, greenery is a perfect way to add some whimsy and a flowing effect in your spring vignettes.

I like to use real plants where I can, but sometimes there are spaces where a real plant won’t thrive. Below, you can find a few of my favorite faux plants and stems:

I hope this blog helps you feel a lot less overwhelmed about decorating and a lot more excited about refreshing your home for spring!  You don’t have to purchase new furniture or a rug and you don’t even need to spend a lot on new accessories!  Instead, take a few, key spring decor accessories and incorporate them into spring vignettes with your favorite, everyday pieces!

Most of all, take your time and enjoy the process.  Decorating is a wonderful way to keep the creative part of your brain working and I find that when I’m enjoying being creative, it helps me to do everything else in my life a little bit better too!

Have fun!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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