How to Create Cozy Valentine’s Day Decor with Neutral Colors

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Cozy Valentine’s Day decor is all about the feeling it creates!  Check out a few ideas, using neutral colors, to get that cozy look for this sweet and fun holiday!​

Do you love Valentine’s Day?  If the answer is yes, ask yourself why?

Is it the parties, the sweet notes, the special time with loved ones?

If the answer is no, ask yourself why?

Is it the commercialism, the extra costs, or maybe even the colors?!

In case you hadn’t guessed already, all of the above is true for me!  I don’t especially love all the hyped-up versions of Valentine’s Day, but I do love the feeling of Valentine’s Day and most of all, an excuse to celebrate with the people I love the most!

While I won’t be putting red and pink balloons, streamers, signs, and hearts all over our house, I hope to bring the cozy feeling of Valentine’s Day through some simple decor touches.

Let’s chat about a few ways you can bring the feeling of Valentine’s Day through some simple, cozy Valentine’s Day decor ideas.

What’s not to love about that?!

Create cozy Valentine’s Day decor through texture:

Create feelings of love with warm, inviting spaces.

It’s true.  I chat about texture a lot here on my blog.  And I’ll keep chatting about it because the way your home feels is super important!  Texture is a perfect way to bring seasonal feelings into your spaces.

Since Valentine’s Day falls in February…undoubtedly a cold and gray winter month for many places…it is the perfect time of year for all the cozy textures!

For soft textures, I like to add cozy throw blankets and chunky knit throw pillows around our sofas and chairs.  Keep a basket close by with some soft, fuzzy blankets for game nights and extra pillows for snuggling down for a good movie or book.

To bring that cozy Valentine’s Day decor feeling, this is the time for “extra”!  Lots of layers with your textiles can help you achieve that cozy feeling.

When adding extra throw pillows and blankets to my spaces, I use neutral colors so that it is still uncluttered and simple to the eye.  If you like to bring in a little holiday color, though, toss one or two Valentine’s Day specific pillows onto the sofa!

Otherwise, you can get a super cozy look with lots of layers of neutrals, especially when you add textured elements like tassels, fringe, pom poms, and a variety of fabrics.

Add some subtle and sweet touches for cozy Valentine’s Day decor!

A few simple additions will make a statement!

Once you’ve created a base of cozy decor with textures, you can get a simple Valentine’s Day look by adding just a few key elements.  Since I love neutral colors and want to keep a subtle, cozy Valentine’s Day decor look, I opted with whites and creams.

Of course, you’ll want to add whatever simple touches make your spaces feel the sweetest to you and your family!

To add some simple Valentine’s Day touches, I used some handmade crafts that the kids and I did over on this post.  These are fun ways to spend time together, celebrate, and add a few little touches of love around your home!

I added this neutral-colored heart garland, made from vintage European grain sacks, for a little Valentine’s touch on the mantel.  I got this garland last year from my friend Emily over at Penny and Ivy

Emily does amazing work; you may remember my tiny grain sack stockings from Christmas!  I also have a pillow and a few other things from Emily too!

I love that it blends perfectly with the aesthetic of our home and adds such a simple, yet cozy Valentine’s Day decor touch to our home.

For a simple look from Target, I also love these XO fillers.  They go with anything, and work in almost any container.  I love them in this sweet little dough bowl!

Appeal to the 5 senses for cozy Valentine’s Day decor!

It all adds up for the coziest and sweetest feelings!

Creating a cozy feeling is one way to make your home feel special for Valentine’s Day!  After all, the holiday of “love” is all about feelings, right?!

To create the sweetest and coziest space, you want to capture all 5 senses.  Here are my favorite ways to try and create cozy Valentine’s Day decor throughout our home:

What you see matters!

This is partially personal preference, of course, but I have a hard time getting all the loving, cozy vibes in a space that is cluttered and messy.  I work really hard to keep our home tidy.  Note: not perfect, but tidy.

This involves the whole family, of course, and we try to work as a team to keep our home looking cozy by being tidy!

(Now, you won’t have to look hard to see some dust bunnies, fingerprints, and sand tracked in.  I gave up a perfectly clean house a long time ago.  With consistent habits, however, a space can have a tidy appearance, even if it isn’t perfect!)

Yummy and cozy go hand in hand!

Thankfully, we have a baker in the family.  And when there aren’t freshly baked desserts, a quick trip to the store can provide a bag of chocolates!

We do try to emphasize balanced eating in our home, but a sweet treat from time to time can go a long way in creating a loving and cozy environment!

I put a little covered dish in my coffee bar area with some chocolate treats.  There’s just enough there to invite a bite every so often, but not too much to be a temptation to indulge (I’m talking about the adults on that indulging part!!!  Haha! 😂 )

Literally make your space feel cozy!

We chatted about texture in this post already, so refer back to that for this sensory step!  Soft pillows and blankets tucked around your living spaces are the perfect invitation to just enjoy being home!

Create cozy from the second you step inside your door!

Smell is everything for me!  A beautiful room that doesn’t smell good just isn’t as inviting as a simple room that smells like “home”.  Right?!

When we are home, I almost always have one of my favorite candles burning in the kitchen or on my night stand.  (These make perfect gifts, too!)  I also keep the coordinating hand cream in my night stand drawer.  It is so calming, even on a busy day!

My Pura diffusers keep everything fresh in our living spaces…and even the kids’ rooms!  I love that they can be scheduled to come on a little bit before we get home from school, so we are met with a cozy scent when we get home!

I leave them running through the evening (helps with some of those outside play smells from the kiddos too! 😂) and then they go off at bedtime so the scents are never wasted!

This is another great gift idea, even for teachers or grandparents!

What you hear sets up the whole environment!

This is why we, almost daily, have our preferred channel of praise and worship music playing in our home.  It makes home sound…and feel…like a safe and loving place to be.  If you’re looking to create cozy Valentine’s Day decor around your home, start with music!

As you think about creating cozy Valentine’s Day decor for your home, I hope this post sparks some ideas of simple ways you can make your home feel loving for this sweet holiday!  I’d love to hear in the comments about your ideas for creating that cozy feeling!

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