How to Decorate During Seasonal Transitions

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Most of us probably rely heavily on the seasons for our décor inspiration and if decorating is a hobby for you (like it is for me!), we enjoy any excuse to switch things out, refresh, and restyle!  There are times through the year, however, there isn’t a specific season or holiday to decorate for and you just need that “in-between” look. 

For me, this week starts a few weeks of “in-between” décor.  Even though Easter is arriving a little earlier this year, I’m just not quite ready  for all the décor bunnies to hop in, but I am ready for a little brighter and fresher look!  And while I am ready for the heavy winter greens to come down and be stored away until next November, I’m not quite ready to give up all the cozy vibes of my winter décor!

So, here are some décor tips I fall back on for those transitional times in décor.

Prepare spaces for deep cleaning and refreshing


We could call this the continuance of the scale back of Christmas décor!  Here are a few things I am doing this week:

  • Put away the heavier, winter-specific greenery (garlands and trees).
  • Clear off decorated table surfaces and put everything away. (Don’t worry, we are going to get a few things back out!)
  • Deep clean the spaces that I clear. January was the month for reorganizing drawers and closets (except my closets still aren’t done!).  I consider February a month to do this same kind of cleaning and purging with my decorated spaces!  It’s so easy to clean an undecorated space, so take your chance now!

Thoughtfully bring in simple, fresh décor


I want to keep that cozy, winter vibe, so I’ll keep my chunky knit throw pillows, extra blankets, and layers throughout our home.  Here’s the kinds of décor I will bring back into my clean spaces:

  • Neutral pillows and blankets
  • Scatter my fresh plants throughout the house
  • Some fresh flowers here and there in neutral tones
  • Texture: mixing metal, glass, and wood
  • Key pieces to add character: vintage signs, salvage, and objects of interest

All of these are things that I always try to incorporate, no matter the season, but for this transitional time, I’ll work to style them in ways that are more simple and less fluff!

Unique Decorating Stories for Transitional Seasons


If you’ve followed me for very long, you have probably heard me talk about creating a “story” in the rooms I decorate.  Not so much a thematic style, but rather a flow to the décor that makes it all feel like it belongs together, while not being too matchy-matchy.  These off-season times are a great chance to tell some of those stories while you’re not incorporating pumpkins, flags, bunnies, or Christmas trees!  Much as a designer would develop a color story, you can do the same with your décor items!

My winter family room is a fun example of using a vintage décor story!  I used my vintage library sign along with groupings of neutral, vintage books scattered throughout the room.  Combined with some rich tones through the leather book covers and warm woods, I felt like it all worked together to help it feel like a space where you would just want to get cozy with a favorite blanket and good book!  It seemed to work, because I found the kids reading in the space quite a bit through that month and a half!

Another space that I created a décor story for this transitional décor season is our farmhouse dining room.  I gathered favorite apothecary-style items for our dining room during this off-season.  While they aren’t all exactly apothecary related, they work together to give that feeling!  It is a great way to incorporate some of my favorite décor items to tell a story! 

I extended that look into the adjoining music room by simply adding some small apothecary drawers and vintage books.  Where the space may have had a cedar tree for winter, I replaced with branches cut from our driveway in a large white crock.

To help you narrow down and decide on your décor story, here are a few tips:


  • Gather your favorite collections.  For me, my collections of mortar and pestles and vintage books created a natural story!  Everything in the room doesn’t have to work around the theme, just a few key pieces!  This is a great time to feature a favorite collection: milk glass, vintage art, old signs, vintage alarm clocks, crocks….anything!
  • Think of how you want to use the space and what feels like a natural fit. The vintage book theme worked in our family room because it is organically a place where our family gathers in to get cozy!
  • Consider the display space you have available. These are some great spots to display collections and create a décor story:
    • Mantel
    • Console table
    • Bookshelf
    • Hutch or open shelves
  • Add greenery! Anytime I’m styling a grouping of items, I want something to soften the edges and give some contrast of texture and height.  Plants, whether fresh or faux, are a great way to do that.  For this time of year, I also love to add branches from the yard.  They add a little whimsy and I love the natural look!
  • Consider the adjoining rooms. How can you create a common thread to your décor story?  It could be through the use of a particular design style, such as French Farmhouse or Boho.  It could be with a common color, sprinkled throughout the rooms, or even texture, such as chunky knit throws and pillows!  The plants and flowers you choose can also help tie rooms together.  The attention to detail really connects spaces and makes your home feel curated and thoughtful!

I love this quote from Morgan Harper Nichols:

“You are allowed to hope for what’s to come, while making the most of where you already are.”

As we wait for spring, let’s do so patiently, slowly, and enjoying the beauty that remains in the winter season…but do pick up a fresh plant at the store and maybe a bouquet of tulips!  You’ll feel so much better!




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