How to Easily Make Your Porch Decor Pretty for Spring

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Spring is the perfect time to create a welcoming front porch space!  I am sharing a few of my favorite ways to refresh my porch decor for the spring season.  Keep reading to and check out these easy tips to make your porch decor pretty and inviting!

Nothing says spring quite like an inviting front porch and entry area, right?  While I want this space to look pretty for guests, it is even more important to me that at the end of a long day, my own family is greeted with a welcoming view.

Our front porch decor is refreshed and ready for the new season! (And deep cleaned while we were at it, which it desperately needed!)

I want to share with you a few easy steps to make your porch look pretty for spring.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive to be inviting!  There are just a few elements that can work together to make porch decor simply beautiful!

How to Easily Make Your Porch Decor Pretty for Spring

There are a few elements that I look for when I am styling my front porch decor.  This, of course, all depends on the size and style of your space, but I think of it in 3 basic areas.  No matter the season, I typically stick with these easy elements for porch decor.

1. Porch Decor Starts with the Door!

The first thing I usually style are my front doors.  Whether you have double doors or a single door, it will be most inviting with something pretty hanging on it!  I usually add simple wreaths.  

For spring, I decided to bring in more florals and made these flower baskets!  I love how they pop off of our black doors and give an instant spring look to our porch decor!

I started with this basket from Flower and Home Marketplace.  Wicker and rattan are trending for 2022, so this was an easy way to bring in a bit of that trend and still keep it a style that goes well with our home!

Next, I added 3 stems of this faux eucalyptus.  I love how real it looks and the leaves have just the right amount of softness to give them a whimsical, natural look.

To add the perfect touch of spring, I added these bunches of peonies.  They have such a great look to them and I love the varied coloration, which makes them look more realistic!  I used two bunches in each basket for a really full look.

Tip: When styling florals, working in odd numbers usually works the best!  3 eucalyptus stems and 2 bunches of peonies gave me a great odd number of 5 to work with!

2. Add Function to Your Porch Decor with Seating

Not every front porch has room for seating; in fact, not all of the homes I’ve lived in have had a space for seating.  However, if possible, even a small bench or stool can provide some function to your front porch.  

We picked up our white rockers, second-hand, many years ago.  Investing in quality outdoor pieces can really save money in the long run!

If you’re able to add any seating, it also works to provide layers and height variation to your porch decor.  Maybe the most fun part is adding some outdoor throw pillows too!  I’ve had these bunny pillows for several years, but you can find the round, natural ones HERE and some cute pillows to layer for spring HERE and HERE!

3. Have Fun with Accessories on Your Porch!

Accessories are so fun and even you have a small front porch, you can add some simple things to make your porch decor extra welcoming!  Since this space is so symmetrical, I like to add matching accessories to each side, but mix it up a little with the use of a side table.

A little stool or side table is convenient to hold a cup of coffee or a glass of iced tea too!  I’ve had mine for a long time, but I have been eyeing some cute ones HERE and HERE for another spot!

I added a set of lanterns to each side.  These are from Flower and Home Marketplace and I love how much texture and interest they add to the space.  I really like that they are a nice, substantial size so they show up nicely from the road and driveway too.  

Outdoor candles are another great way to make a porch welcoming and these lanterns really added a fun and fresh look for spring!  I love that I’ll be able to use these year-round too!

Planters with fresh plants and flowers are perfect to set around your front porch decor.  They are kind of like the icing on the cake!  It is a great opportunity to add some spring color and just makes everything feel cheerful and bright!


I am reusing planters that I already had, but if you need to refresh yours this year, there are some gorgeous options.  I’ll link a few favorites:

This galvanized set of three will go with any style (amazing price for the set of 3!),


This smaller one looks like a basket but is concrete so you don’t have to worry about the weather!  Under $13 makes it even more perfect!

Baskets are on trend this year and since these are a resin material, they will hold up great for a long time while giving you that rattan/wicker look!


I hope this gives you some ideas as you start to plan a spring refresh for your porch!  There are a lot of ways to use what you already have and just tuck in a few refresh pieces here and there to make your porch decor extra inviting and welcoming this season!  

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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