How to Make 3 Easy Side Table Vignettes for Fall

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Looking to refresh your side table styling? They can feel tricky! Check out 3 simple side table vignettes you can easily make this fall!

Are there spaces in your home that sometimes feel tricky or frustrating to style?  For me, side table vignettes can be challenging sometimes.

Getting the right balance between having it look thoughtful and pretty but not too full or too busy.

Anyone else?

I put together 3 “Do’s” and “Don’ts” for side table styling, along with 3 fall side table vignettes I played around with in my own home.  Just little tips and tricks that I use and hopefully it will help you too!

Even though it says side tables, you could take the same concepts and use for styling any smaller vignette in your home, whether it is a console table, bookshelf, smaller coffee table, night stand, or entryway table!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…keeping your home feeling refreshed and pretty is not about anyone else.  It is ALL about you and your family and making home feel like a special and wonderful place to be!

We can get really caught up in the big decorating projects when sometimes the most fulfilling impact is truly in the little things, like side table vignettes.  So let’s get started!


Here’s to simple and easy decorating to make home feel even more like the best place on earth!


Things to consider for side table styling:

You might think I am very impractical with decor, and while I can be at times, I am a big believer in your home decor FUNCTIONING well for you. I  just happen to think that with some creativity, it can be beautiful and functional!

When thinking about styling side tables, there are some practical aspects to consider.

You might think I am very impractical with decor, and while I can be at times, I am a big believer in your home decor FUNCTIONING well for you. I  just happen to think that with some creativity, it can be beautiful and functional!

The first thing to think about is what you need the side table to be used for.  Sometimes, side tables are just space fillers and you can do whatever you want on the top for decorating!

Oftentimes, a side table needs to hold a cup of coffee, favorite book, a remote, or maybe even work-related items.

Side tables can also range greatly in size.  If you have a larger table, you can get away with using a little more decor to style it.  If you’re working with a small table, like I am, less is definitely more!

Though, as we will talk about in the styling ideas below, you can get the feeling of “less” by using a single large item and you can definitely still use large items on a small surface, so long as it flows with the whole space.

I shared a lot of ideas for side table styling, along with how to choose a side table, over on this post.  I also shared how to salvage a piece of vintage furniture and use it for a unique side table, so make sure to check that out!

What do you put on a side table?

That’s a good question and a popular one too!

There are 5 basic things that I pull from when I want to refresh my side table vignettes.  While I mix and match these items and use different styles of each, the basic principles apply.



You need some kind of plant, greenery, or flowers.  Either faux or fresh is totally fine and doesn’t really matter too much.  What does make a big difference is bringing life to this little corner of your home with some kind of organic item.



You can find some of my favorite fall stems here, here, and here!




Consider collecting different sizes and colors that you can use to bring a seasonal touch, but also help you get height variation to achieve your decor triangle!


Thrift stores are my other favorite place to check for old books.  You can usually find great deals and even deconstruct them yourself to get more character and patina!


Not every side table needs a lamp.  I repeat: Not every side table needs a lamp!  That being said, a lamp is a great way to add the practical function of lighting to a dark corner.  It can also help add height to a space and enhance the overall aesthetic.


Switching out your lamp is a great way to give a new look to a space.  For a smaller size accent table, I love the shape and color of this lamp!

For a taller option, I love this ceramic lamp.  It would go well with a lot of different styles.  The neutral color would help it blend with any season while still adding some great texture!

You could also have some DIY fun and make your own lamp, like we did here!  Robb did a great job and I have to admit, it’s a favorite!

Personal momentos

Side tables are a great opportunity to add a simple little personal touch.  I love the look of this frame because it will tie in with any season and style and isn’t too overdone.


Artistic or seasonal object

A touch of whimsy can go a long way! This a great opportunity to tuck a favorite object or seasonal item into your side table vignettes!  For fall, I love to use these little vintage brass quail!


Side Table Vignettes: Idea #1

A simple, organic approach with a vintage look.

This is the style I ended up choosing for my family room side table this season.

Even though my round accent table isn’t huge, this arrangement works great.  There is still enough room to set a drink or lay a book down, but since that isn’t the primary need, I filled a bit more of the surface space.

Using the vintage ledger as a base for my vignette brings in more texture and character.  The book, zinc pot, and pumpkin all work together to complete my decorating rule of threes!

I also can easily switch out the plant as we get later into the fall season or even for the winter season!

Side Table Vignettes: Idea #2

Traditional elegance with a vintage look.

You just really cannot go wrong with fresh flowers, a book stack, and a pretty picture frame to create side table vignettes!

For me, what makes this vignette special is the style I chose of each item.

Rather than a traditional vase, I used my favorite ironstone pitcher.  It is a subtle way to tie into the styling of my kitchen and dining room, both visible from the family room.  This pitcher is my go-to for any fresh flowers!

For my vintage book choices, I used these beautiful books from my friend Jamie at Books By Jay’s World.  Make sure to follow her on Instagram too!  She is my favorite vintage book dealer.  I also love the patina of this set and color of this set!

Vintage books are a great way to add some interest to your side table vignettes and they can act as a riser for personal moments, such as this picture frame, or a seasonal object, like these vintage brass deer.

You can create this look by pulling together three simple things: A stack of old books, a favorite vessel filled with grocery store flowers, and a sweet picture!

For ideas on arranging an inexpensive bouquet of grocery store flowers, visit this post!

Side Table Vignettes: Idea #3

Neutral, rustic earth tones.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t even plug in this lamp!  We have so much natural light in this room, as well as a chandelier and overhead lights on a dimmer.  So I choose to use this valuable decor real estate differently for our everyday use.

But I wanted to show you an idea for using a lamp in your fall side table vignettes!

Since this lamp is tall and the wood tones blend in so well with the other wood elements, I treated it simply as part of the vignette.  Even when adding a lamp, you want to consider it part of your decor triangle.

However, I broke the rule a little by adding the small book stack with the quail.  That technically makes a grouping of four and I always suggest decorating in odd numbers.  BUT, it just seemed like it needed a little something there!

Tip: It’s YOUR home and the only rules are the ones YOU make!  Consider this permission to make it what you want and not feel too restricted by all the “decor rules”!

One little problem.

This rule was just a little too much for me!

You see the problem, don’t you?

I don’t like that the lamp blocks my gallery wall!  And since I don’t need the lamp in this space for functional light, I’ll remove that and leave just the fall vignette.

Much better!

And if I did need the lamp for functional purposes, I would rework that gallery wall so that the two didn’t interfere.  Or, I could choose a shorter lamp as well!

I hope this post has given you some fresh ideas or even some inspiration to refresh your living room or favorite corner…just by creating a new fall vignette on your side table!

Happy Fall and Happy Styling!

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