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Wondering how to make the home decor trends of 2022 work for your home?  Check out a few of the trends I’m following, not following, and why!

Have you googled “Home Decor Trends of 2022” yet?  Warning: It’s a deep rabbit hole, so only type it in if you have some time to kill!

To be honest, I stopped after reading about the 8th or 9th article from renowned, mainstream designers and magazines.

Each one was very different, with only a few overlapping styles.  So, I jotted down a few of those overlapping trends to chat about today, along with why I’m following some and why I won’t be following others!

Before we look at any specifics, I have one main tip for you:

Look at design trends very loosely.

If you look back, there are distinct design styles of the 1800’s, the 70’s, the 2000’s.  After that, it’s like distinct styles that change completely every couple of years.  Unless you have an endless budget and time, it’s impossible to keep up!

Which is why I say, look at the home decor trends of 2022 loosely.  It’s fun to look at ideas, but only look with the intention of gathering inspiration!

Follow the home decor trends of 2022 loosely if:

  • You’re building a house (do you really want your home to be referred to as a 2022 style house?)
  • Renovating a bathroom
  • Restyling a coffee table

Are you catching my theme?  Trends are intended to spark creativity, inspire us to keep our homes fresh and welcoming, and offer a different way to think about our homes.

But if you actually follow the trends by allowing it to push you into decor choices you don’t love, spending time and money you’ll regret, or making permanent design decisions you can’t change soon, you may end up regretting googling those home decor trends of 2022!

As I enjoyed reading through different articles, I noted a lot of home decor trends of 2022 that I love and will continue using, others that I really like but don’t see myself spending time or money to change, and a couple that just don’t really fit me…but are still interesting!

So, let’s chat about a few of those!

Home Decor Trends of 2022 #1:

Grandmillenial Style

For starters, it’s just kind of fun to say.  Right?!  But honestly, grandmillenial style is just an updated version of a really nice “Grandma’s house.”  Think of timeless pieces, wood tones, china, brass, and traditional elements…that kind of puts you on the right track.

What I love about the grandmillenial home decor trend:

  • Timeless looks
  • Leaves margin for an array of personal style
  • A way to incorporate heirlooms and sentimental pieces
  • It’s not going anywhere; you can decorate this way and it will always have a place
  • Brass–but you knew I was going to love that, right?!
  • Welcoming, inviting and soothing; not too fussy but not too stark either!

What I don’t necessarily love about the grandmillenial home decor trend:

  • The only problem I have is that it can wrong pretty quickly.  This is a cleaned up, updated version of “Grandma’s house”, not an “everything and the kitchen sink” cluttered style.
  • I have some decor that I think definitely falls in the grandmillenial category, such as my recent winter mantel!  But it requires edits!

Home Decor Trends of 2022 #2:

Biophilic Design

Basically, bringing the outdoors in!  (If you were wondering what that meant, you’re in good company; I had to look it up too!)

Over the past couple of years, this trend has been growing as people spend more time at home.  It only makes sense that we are seeking ways to make the insides of our home have that same earthy, beautiful feeling!

What I love about this design trend:

  • Using natural elements in my decor…how often do you see me using greenery from my yard?!
  • Earthy colors
  • Lots of texture
  • Plants, plants, and more plants!  I’ve actually kept some alive for a couple of years now and use them all over our home.  I want to keep learning more and maybe branch out (no pun intended) into other kinds that I’ve thought would be too hard for me to keep alive! Otherwise, there are always great faux options that give you the look.  You can catch my current two favorites HERE and HERE and a whole post about current faux greenery HERE!
  • subtle ways to bring in the look, like these embroidered pillows!

What I think is fun to look at but don’t plan to bring into our home:

  • Unique, artsy wall installations
  • Bold graphics of leaves, flowers, etc.

Home Decor Trends of 2022 #3:

Mixing Vintage and New

I promise I didn’t just add this one in to suit my fancy.  Haha!  It was actually mentioned in multiple articles, much to my delight!  I literally thought to myself two things:

  1. This is going to be my year!
  2. My readers are going to be sooooo happy!

I know you’ll be happy because some of your very favorite posts are about vintage hunting and decorating with vintage pieces!

There is actually nothing that I don’t love about this particular one of the home decor trends of 2022.  It leaves the door wide open for a lot of personal interpretation and that is exactly what home should be!

Supply-chain issues, sustainability, and the backlash of the modern styles that have become so popular are all “official” reasons why mixing vintage and new is considered one of the top home decor trends of 2022.

My personal opinion is that there is a strong pull back toward home and family and safe environments and a welcoming, restful aesthetic.  For you, that might be bright red florals or minimal primitives or warm wood tones or a touch of farmhouse.  What all of these things have in common as that they feel inviting.

If that isn’t the very goal of “home”, I don’t know what is!!!

Mixing the old and new means enjoying browsing the aisles of Target with a latte in hand and bringing home my new favorite bowl on a whim.  Which I did.

It also means browsing antique booths, vintage shops, and market vendors whenever and wherever I can!  I love that this supports actual small, family-run businesses and that’s something I’m always passionate about too!

Mixing the old and new really deserves a whole blog post of it’s own, but in most styling videos and posts you’ll see from me, there as a strong vintage element and a dash of new thrown in as well!

So yes, I was happy to see this as a strong design trend for 2022!!!

Home Decor Trends of 2022 #4:


I feel like wallpaper has been having a moment for awhile now!  It can be so stunning and done so incredibly well!  I don’t have any plans for wallpaper at the moment, because I’m still really, really loving my white walls (even though painting them dark was the trend for 2021).  But I won’t say you won’t see any wallpaper at all!  Who knows?!


While I love how the bold, bright papers look in some homes, I can’t imagine that fitting our home!  So if you do find wallpaper in Robyn’s French Nest, it will be soft and subtle.  At the same time, though, I love watching people get creative!

Wallpaper is a great option if you want to jump on a fun trend or make a big statement in a room.  It isn’t too permanent and doesn’t have to be super costly either!


Home Decor Trends of 2022 #5:

Curved Lines

However, following decor trends loosely means you could bring in a cute little rounded arm chair  to update a corner.  It doesn’t require renovating your whole house but it sparks some creativity and you have some fun with it!

That is the perfect way, in my opinion, to follow home decor trends of 2022…or any year, for that matter!

My music room chairs have a curved back, though!  Does that count?!?!

Home Decor Trends of 2022 #6:


This trend makes me super happy and I think it’s a trend that the vintage-loving decorators have been doing for a very long time!  If you love texture, this will be a great year to find lots of things available, from textured rugs, bedding, and throw pillows to textured wallpaper and art!

Texture, along with layers, is one of my favorite ways to make our home feel and look cozy.

A little goes a long way, too!  You can simply add one or two textured throw pillows to your existing bedding or sofa and make a big statement!  Consider adding dimension to your gallery wall with a wall basket (I love hanging this one with greenery!).

You can add texture in accessories, too, like baskets worked into a vignette.  (This one is a great size and shape to add a plant or fresh flowers!)  Vintage dough bowls are another functional, yet beautiful, way to add a lot of texture!

Get creative and have fun with this decor trend!!!

Home Decor Trends of 2022 #7:

Warm Neutrals

This one may sound a bit different, since the 2022 Pantone Color of the Year is called Very Peri.  If you love purple, this is your year!

At the same time, several articles discussed the color trends swaying to the warm side for 2022!

If you have a wall in a cool gray, I wouldn’t repaint it (I won’t be painting our girls’ room, for example!).  But, if you’re looking to change a room color, paint is a pretty inexpensive way to get a big change!  Look for neutrals that tint toward the brown undertones.

For me, I mix warm and cool neutrals all the time, so this won’t really change anything in my decor.  However, I am excited to see a lot of great natural decor pieces coming out.  You can find some neutral, textured throw pillows (a super easy way to switch up your decor) HERE, HERE (love the pom pom detail on this!), and HERE (fringe is also going to be big for 2022!)!  These are all on my own wish list!

I get it.  I’m not going to be the trendiest house this year.  That’s okay; I’ve never tried to be and I’m good with that.  But I hope you’ve had as much fun reading this as I did writing it!

No matter if your home is super trendy or not, it’s fun to see how styles change and evolve.  And maybe even vintage, decor-loving people like us can keep up with the times in our own, simple, unique, and budget-friendly ways!

Any trends you’re embracing for 2022?

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(Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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