How to Arrange Inexpensive Grocery Store Flowers with Vintage Vessels

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Looking for ideas to freshen up your home and save money too?  Check out these easy DIY ideas for arranging inexpensive grocery store flowers with favorite vintage vessels!  You’re going to add pretty touches around your home in no time with these budget-friendly and simple ideas!

With Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Appreciation, Graduations, Weddings, and so many other events right around the corner, pretty flowers are probably on your mind too!  But here’s the real question…would you rather receive an expensive, already-made floral arrangement or a mixed bouquet with which you can inexpensively arrange grocery store flowers in your favorite vintage vessel…or maybe splurge on a pretty vase that you can keep and enjoy?!

​You probably already guessed my answer!

It’s the perfect excuse to pull out some favorite vintage vessels and take some time to be creative with fresh flowers or even faux flowers!  Plus, I love that some different types of flowers sprinkled throughout our home gives us a little touch of spring decor too!

If your answer was to create your own unique flower DIY arrangements with budget-friendly flowers from the local grocery store too, then you’re in luck today.  I’m sharing my favorite simple tips for grocery store bouquets throughout this post.  In fact, the grocery store is my favorite source for a good deal on inexpensive flowers, bulk flowers, and homemade bouquets for a special occasion or everyday enjoyment!

At the same time, you’ll also find home decor and floral arrangement ideas for inexpensive bouquets that you can use throughout the spring and summer seasons too!

Is it cheaper to make your own flower arrangements?

I give a 500% YES answer to this question!  If you go to a grocery store that carries a nice selection of cut flowers, you should be able to put together a lovely arrangement for much less money than you’d spend at a flower shop.

For me, the real cost is in the vessels I use.  Over time, I have invested in vintage and new vessels for floral arrangements that I truly love.  Even though they may not have been cheap, they pay for themselves many times over in the long run by filling them with fresh flowers from the local grocery store!

Plus, the combination of pretty flowers and an amazing vessel or container can create a true statement piece that adds to the character and warmth of your home.

Pro Tip: When you find vases, containers, vintage vessels, or even a new vessel that you really love, they are usually worth your investment.  

You can use them for many years and throughout every season.

At the same time, you may come across your favorite piece ever for a great deal at a thrift store or flea market.  I’m always keeping an eye out for pretty vessels and containers for floral arranging!

How do you make a flower arrangement on a budget? 

Use flowers from the local grocery store!

We are going to look at some of these ideas in more detail in this post, but here are some general ideas to consider for arranging inexpensive store-bought blooms:

  1. Use a small bowl to create a low, table top arrangement.
  2. Cut fresh greenery from your yard to save on the arrangement cost.
  3. Thrift for pretty vessels and containers for flowers.
  4. Make a statement arrangement by choosing a vessel with a lot of patina and character.
  5. Break up a bouquet to make several smaller floral arrangements.  Grouped together, they can make a big statement or add simple, subtle touches throughout a room.
  6. Incorporate fresh fruit or other fresh produce.
  7. Create a beautiful arrangement with just greenery stems (this could be a totally free option!)
  8. Make pretty arrangements using only the cheap filler flowers, also referred to as stock bunches.
  9. Cut bare branches from the yard and add in the center to create different heights for a larger arrangement.
  10. Mix realistic faux budget flowers and fresh greenery to create a floral arrangement that will trick everyone!

What are some key tips when arranging flowers?

  1. Remember to cut the stems at a 45-degree angle.  (My Memaw said to always cut them under cool running water, so I do!)
  2. Clip off greenery that will be below the water line in the vase.
  3. Add fresh clean water often, daily if needed.  This also depends on the type of flower you are using.
  4. Use fresh, local flowers when possible.
  5. Consider the balance and height rule.  The best fresh flower arrangements are usually when the flower height is one and a half times the height of the container.  However, I don’t always follow this.  For example, you’ll see an arrangement in this post where I did exactly the opposite.  (Obviously, I think it worked. Haha!)

How to Arrange Inexpensive Grocery Store Flowers with Vintage Vessels

Grocery Store Flowers Idea #1:

Make Beautiful Grocery Store Flower Arrangements with Small Bowls.

My current obsession with vintage ironstone jelly molds made me want to see how I could create a small flower arrangement with some Trader Joe’s roses and my newest jelly mold find!

At the same time, you could easily use any favorite, smaller-sized bowl or dish that you already have on hand!

Also, while the roses were a great price for the bouquet, you could make a similar low, tabletop arrangement with a bowl and other stems that have a more open bloom.  For example, hydrangeas or sunflowers work great in a bowl like this too.

Pro Tip: Before going to buy store-bought bouquets of fresh flowers, decide what bowl you want to use.  Take it with you to the store so you can see how many flowers you need.

If you don’t want to take the actual bowl, at least have a pretty good idea of the size.

(I speak from experience because I did NOT decide ahead of time.  Haha!  In full transparency, I would love this arrangement more if I would have had about 4-5 more rose stems!)

How do you arrange roses in a grocery store?

Step One for grocery store flowers:

The first thing I did was to use clear scotch tape to create a grid across my ironstone.  Since I was using smaller roses, I made the grid pretty tight.  If you are using larger blooms, make the grid squares larger across the top of your vase so there is enough room for the blooms to open after a day or so

Pro Tip: This tape technique also works great for different arrangements or larger arrangements in wide vessels, such as a crock, wide glass hurricane, or bucket.  You could also use floral tape but I didn’t have any on hand and scotch tape is cheaper anyway!


Step Two for grocery store flowers:

I added water after creating my grid.  Trust me; you’ll save yourself a mess.  I learned by doing it the WRONG way first!  Haha!  However, I did fill my jelly mold pretty full since my flower stems will be so short.  You’ll want to add fresh clean water each day, too, so the cut flowers are getting enough water!

Especially since the bowl is short and the rose stems had to be cut short, they drink up the water very quickly.

Pro Tip:  Try setting an alarm to help you remember to add water.  Your roses can last for quite a few days if you keep the water fresh!

Step Three for grocery store flowers:

The next step is the fun part!  The first step was to clip my grocery store flowers to about 4 inch stems.  This made them short enough to fit in my ironstone dish but long enough to support the bloom.  Then just fill each grid square with a single flower!  This low floral arrangement is so simple but looks so pretty on the coffee table!

Pro Tip: Measure the height of your bowl so you know how short to cut the stems.  If they are too short, the stem won’t support the weight of the bloom.  So, make them as long as possible.

​(In full disclosure, I would have loved to have 3 more roses, but I made do with what I had and spaced them out just a tad.  It still worked great and made a really pretty little arrangement.)

This ironstone jelly mold rose arrangement is perfect to set on a stack of coffee table books and enjoy for this Valentine’s season (or anytime!).

You could also create several smaller arrangements with cheap flowers, using different dishes and bowls, to create a unique table centerpiece that is quite a statement piece for your decor!


Grocery Store Flowers Idea #2:

How to make grocery store flowers look expensive?

Arrange inexpensive flowers in an amazing vintage vessel or pretty vase to create a statement piece on a budget.

This chippy bucket is undoubtedly one of my favorite home decor accessories!  Best I understand, it is a vintage wooden sap bucket and the dealer I purchased it from got it from France.

Vintage + chippy + French is a pretty exciting find!  Even though THIS bucket isn’t French, I love the color and patina!

You can find some other pretty, vintage bucket with lots of patina:

This bucket is also one of my favorite vessels for grocery store flowers.

Pro Tip: My favorite trick for using unique vessels…especially ones that don’t hold water…is to put a jar or vase of water inside the vessel.  

An inexpensive carafe and slender clear glass decanter happen to fit perfectly in this chippy bucket.  Since they are tall and slender, it’s a great fit.

Most vintage vessels, buckets, and containers no longer hold water very well.  However, you can still use these amazing old pieces to create incredibly unique and beautiful arrangements.

Pro Tip: Watch at thrift stores for slender, plain vases that might fit down inside your vintage vessels.  

They don’t even have to be pretty vases.  Remember, you’re just putting it down inside of your favorite vessel to hold the water for your grocery store flowers!

You could use a narrow drinking glass or plastic cup from the dollar store.  Whatever fits the dimensions of your vessel the best and holds water will be perfect!  Once you find just the right insert for your vintage vessel, you’re ready to go!



Step One:

The first step was to put my eucalyptus in the vessel, making sure that it casually hangs out around all sides of my bucket.

Eucalyptus is so nice to work with because it usually falls into a very nice shape naturally and doesn’t require a ton of tweaking and positioning.  That allows it to have a more organic look and takes the arrangement to the next level.  I purposely don’t make it too “perfect” or “matchy” so that it has a casual, easy look.

When I don’t have fresh eucalyptus, THIS faux eucalyptus is absolutely beautiful and looks so realistic.  It is a fantastic faux option for greenery for any arrangement of grocery store flowers!

Step Two:

Step two is super simple!  Just put your hydrangeas, or bloom of choice, in the middle!  I prefer to have an odd number of flowers, but one of my hydrangeas was a dud and didn’t make it.

How do you make supermarket flowers look nice?

Pro Tip: In general, follow the rule of odd numbers when arranging the right flowers.  For example, 3 or 5 stems usually makes a better arrangement than 2 or 4.

(Which leads me to ask…why can’t I buy a bouquet of 9 roses instead of 12?!  Haha!)

For my simple arrangement here, I had to be content with 2 stems.  Since there are two “vases” in this bucket, (aka, my favorite vase,) and it has the oval shape, I just added the two.  We will just pretend it was intended that way all along!  The good news is that I still think it looked pretty and I enjoyed this bouquet of fresh cut white flowers for a full week!

Better yet, get the BEST faux hydrangeas HERE!  I cannot get over how realistic they look and even feel!

Grocery Store Flowers Idea #3:

Remember, pretty grocery store flower arrangements can be really simple and still amazingly beautiful!

I don’t think I could even come up with enough to write to create a step-by-step tutorial of these arrangements of grocery store flowers.  They are just that simple!  However, I still wanted to include it for two reasons:

Pro Tip: Simple and subtle is almost always a fail-proof look for natural beauty in flower arranging.  Don’t overthink it!

First of all, I love old vintage bottles for grocery store flowers.  What’s not to love, right?!

In the fall, I love to use amber bottles.  Then, when spring and summer roll around, these bottles with a tint of blue and green, mixed with clear ones, are my favorites!  I often style them on my dining room shelves with nothing in them at all!

The little touch of cool colors are so pretty.  Again, simple and subtle is the goal here!

Pro Tip: If you don’t care for the red seal on the clear bottles, either add a dab of white paint or pull that red seal off.  You don’t need the seal to use these for florals!

Find some great bottles for flower arranging:

Bottles on a budget:

Secondly, vintage bottles make even the super inexpensive grocery store flowers, stock “filler” flowers, wild flowers, or even carnations, look special!

Pro Tip: Sometimes, I just put a single greenery stem if I don’t have flowers!

You don’t need any expensive, fancy blooms or a professional florist for this arrangement!

The third reason that I like to use bottles for arrangements of grocery store flowers is that I can use them in different ways.

Pro Tip: Move your flower arrangements around your home to create different refreshing views.

First, I can group them all together for focal flowers to make a statement centerpiece.  Lined up down the middle of a spring tablescape, they make a simple and lovely statement.

Secondly, I can sprinkle them throughout a space to give a fresh touch all around while still having a cohesive look to my decor!  For example, I could add a bottle to each of the accent tables around our living space for instantaneous freshness with grocery store flowers!

I combined them in the dining room for a a pretty, early spring tablescape.

Then, I moved them to my bedroom to freshen up the night stands with special touches of nature with grocery store flowers!

Pro Tip: Bottles of grocery store flowers give you flexibility for using them in a lot of fun and pretty ways!

I hope this gives you some inspiration to take an inexpensive bouquet of grocery store flowers, pull out a favorite vintage vessel, and create some unique flower arrangements for your own home!

It is a great way to freshen up your space, maybe even on a weekly basis, in a little different way!

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