How to Use Fresh Fruit in a Flower Arrangement

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Looking for fun spring/summer table or party theme?  Check out easy ways to add fruit in a flower arrangement for a touch of color and style!  I had so much fun creating these arrangements and tablescape theme!

Flower arranging can be so fun & a really budget-friendly way to freshen up your decor!  I had a lot of fun creating flower arrangements to use as part of my Mother’s Day tablescape.  

After that, I sprinkled them around our home for a fun touch of spring color too.  Similarly, you can use fresh flowers to just help a room feel welcoming and cheerful for your family too!

You can use fruit in a flower arrangement to add a fun touch of spring and summer color and it is also an inexpensive way to give your flower arrangements a little “extra” for a special occasion. In addition, the citrus theme is so fun for spring and summer events too!

So, let’s get started and I’ll show you how I created these simple flower bouquets.  Likewise, I’ll show you how you can use fruit in a flower arrangement too!

How to Use Fresh Fruit in a Flower Arrangement

Materials to Use Fruit in a Flower Arrangement:

  • Inexpensive grocery store flowers
  • Favorite vase or a collection of smaller vases/pitchers
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Kitchen scissors
  • Knife
  • Fresh fruit of your choice (needs to be something hard that will hold it’s shape and color after cutting.)

Step One to Creating Flower Arrangements: Choose a Vessel and Flowers.

I used a collection of my vintage white ironstone pitchers for a tablescape.  After that, I scattered them around our living spaces.  It’s a great way to keep enjoying them and bring a fresh, yet cohesive, look to your spaces.

Choose an assortment of flowers and then mix the stems so that each bouquet has 2-3 kinds of each flower.  I chose the inexpensive stock flowers because the cost was great and they also last a lot longer than expensive flowers, such as hydrangeas.

Tip: Choose a mixture of flowers in one color.  This will allow the fruit to really stand out.  However, if you want the fruit to be a subtle accent, choose a variety of floral colors.

Step Two: Arrange Florals 

After gathering your supplies and choosing a vessel, first, arrange the greenery and flowers. A couple of quick rules of thumb that I follow when arranging flowers:

  • Add an odd number of greenery stems (fresh or faux; I often mix faux greenery with fresh florals or fresh greenery with faux florals!).
  • Secondly. add an odd number of floral stems in a circular pattern, criss-crossing the stems to create a grid in the vase.
  • After that, add 1-3 stems in the middle, a little taller than the others.
  • Lastly, fill in any gaps with remaining greenery stems or flowers,
  • (Of course, the larger/wider your vessel, the more florals and greenery you need.  Use clear tape to create a grid when working with a wide-mouth vessel.  As a result, you’ll need less flowers that way and the grid holds everything in place!)

Step Three: Prepare Fruit 

To add fruit to a flower arrangement, you can use a mixture of whole fruit and cut fruit.  

Since my arrangements are small:

  • I cut small nectarines in half.
  • After that, I cut a bamboo skewer to a height that fit my vessel and flower arrangement.
  • Nexty, I inserted the bamboo skewer into my fruit (almost all the way through, but not enough to show).  Lastly, I added the fruit to my flower arrangement!

Tip: Add an odd number of fruit.  For example, I used three nectarine halves in each of my small arrangements.

Step Four: Time to Style Your Arrangement!

You can group your arrangements together to make a statement for a centerpiece!  For example, this works great for a special tablescape or to set the theme for an event.

In addition, you can also separate your arrangements and use them in different parts of a space.  I added an arrangement to the sofa table in the family room, the apothecary in the music room, and one on the kitchen island.  

Since these rooms all open to one another, it helps keep a cohesive look. At the same time, it really adds a fresh look to each space and makes the spaces more inviting!

Tip: You can read more about how I use the old general store counter – turned sofa table – as decor storage over on THIS POST!

I love how the citrus colors blend with my thrifted terra cotta pots and straw hats.  Something about the combination just calls for a carefree, spring day.  (Not that this busy month is necessarily full of carefree days, but summer is coming!!!)

Based on my theme, I chose the citrus for these spring arrangements.  Similarly, you could choose different fruit to fit your theme, colors, or event.  For example, I think strawberries and blueberries might be really fun for the patriotic holidays.

Stay tuned…I think there’s an idea brewing there!

Create small things with big intentionality!

In conclusion, these simple arrangements made me smile and most importantly, I hope they make you smile too!  The arrangements are simple.  However, the intentionality you put into making your home special means so much.  

Even my kiddos are enjoying having these flowers around our living spaces.  Therefore, I think this will definitely be a repeat for me and I look forward to experimenting more with it!

Oftentimes, it isn’t the big fancy things that bring delight in our home, but, rather the small, thoughtful, “extras” that mean so much.  Whether you use fruit in flower arrangements for your Mother’s Day brunch (like I did HERE) or just make one small arrangement to place by your kitchen sink, I hope you have fun and create with love and purpose!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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