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Wow, what a week!  To be honest, I’m recovering a bit from whiplash.  Haha!  Between wrapping up the Haven conference, spending a few days hunting for and loading up great vintage finds on the World’s Longest Yard Sale, and coming home to set up my classroom for the year, it’s been a lot.  However, all great things and such a fun way to wrap up the summer break!

I hope you enjoy the Notes From Our Nest this week!

Around Our Nest:

  • I’ll be sorting through and cleaning our finds from the World’s Longest Yard Sale for awhile.  However, I got so much inspiration and can’t wait to start showing you some ideas I have to start transitioning from summer into early fall decorating around our nest.
  • Local friends, stay tuned!  I’ll be doing a vintage pop up sale here at “our nest” pretty soon!
  • Teacher work days start tomorrow for me…hard to believe.  Summer flew by.  At the same time, we did a LOT this summer and we are so thankful for all of the fun memories and opportunities we had!
  • The kids start back to school on Wednesday!  Backpacks are ready, uniforms hanging, and clean new school shoes are lined up.  Here we go!  Mixed feelings, for sure, but overall, our kids enjoy school and I’m so thankful it isn’t a battle to get going with the year!

Around the ‘Gram This Week:

  • I had so much fun sharing our World’s Longest Yard Sale, aka 127 Sale, in my Instagram stories this week.  The best part was chatting with you all in DMs and hearing your favorite things too!  I saved it all in my highlights if you missed it!
  • Over on THIS post, I shared my favorite finds.  You can definitely watch for these being used around our own home this fall!
  • Then, as we are gearing up for the start of the school year, I love to spend some time just getting our home feeling settled and ready for the big transition from summer into the school year.  On THIS post, you can find 5 things I think are important for creating an intentional home environment for my family!

Around the Blog This Week:

  • THIS blog post goes into detail about 5 things I enjoy doing around our home in order to try and create a really welcoming, calm, and happy home environment for my family.  Of course, there are many more things that could be added, but this is a good list to get started with.   Hopefully it provides some inspiration for you as well!
  • Even though the World’s Longest Yard Sale 2023 has ended, save THIS blog post for details and start making plans now to go next year!  It is SO MUCH FUN!
Coverpage for the Vintage Hunting on the World's Longest Yard Sale Blog post

Around the Storefront This Week:

It’s been a fun week around the storefront.  I haven’t gotten around to sharing all of my new finds yet, but I’ve ordered some FUN stuff this week!  It’s getting me excited to start transitioning our home from the summer coastal look to a more everyday style.  Of course, just a few, super subtle hints of early fall too.

Don’t worry.  There won’t be a pumpkin explosion here for quite awhile still!  Haha!

Here are some of the top sellers over on my storefront this week:

  1. Okay, I’m the top purchaser of these throw pillow covers.  Haha!  But I’m obsessed with them!  Talk about cozy!  I just had to go ahead and share them with you.
  2. This gauzy table runner was one of my top 10 sellers from 2022 and it was again this week too.  For $10, you can see why!  I used this table runner for almost every fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and winter tablescape.  It is gorgeous and looks amazing layered as well.  Also, it comes in different colors.  I ordered the “nude” color for a little darker option this fall!
  3. You all are continuing to stock up on this super realistic, 36″ Norfolk pine branch.  You are SO SMART!  It is almost half the price HERE and I can almost guarantee the price will start to increase once we get into fall.  Stick a few of these in a great vessel and you’ll have people touching it to see if it’s real this fall and winter!  Promise!
  4. My kids literally thanked me out loud this week for using THIS label maker.  What?!?!  No more making fun of Mom for labeling everything.  Instead, it’s so quick and easy to put things away and find them again.  It’s been a big win for me!  Plus, it’s ON SALE!
  5. Keep all the water bottles tidy and organized with this ORGANIZER!  It was on sale this week (remember to watch for my daily deal updates!).  We love ours and it works hard for us, especially during the school year.  Under $15 and works so well!

You can check this list on my storefront.  I update it daily with favorite deals that I think you’ll love too!

Coming Up This Week Around the Nest:

August is going to be such a fun month and I have so many things I hope to share soon!  Here are a few things coming up this week:

  1. Favorite, EASY crockpot meals that our whole family loves
  2. How to create a “drop zone” area for all that school stuff (or your own bags, jackets, umbrellas, etc. too)
  3. Tips for making the back to school transition a little bit easier for everyone
  4. Tour of my classroom…it’s so adorable and I can’t wait to share!
  5. First day of school 2023!


Inspiration Around the Nest This Week:

As always, I love to share some inspiration from some of my favorites!  Check out these posts for more inspiration for YOUR nest!

Inspiration Around the Nest This Week:

Follow along with Kim at Shiplap and Shells for master gardening tips!  Someday, SOMEDAY, I will have a garden, and when I do, I want Kim’s help!

Her flowers & photography are gorgeous.  Check them out here!

Inspiration Around the Nest This Week:

Then, for a post I may just bookmark & save for the whole year, check out Heidi at Eleanor Rose Home.  Her Anthropologie dupes are golden!

Inspiration Around the Nest This Week:

It was so fun meeting Renae at Haven this year.  Her ideas to add vintage charm to your living room will inspire you!

Thanks for being here!  I always say, I’m so blessed with such a wonderful community here at Robyn’s French Nest.  I appreciate each of you so much!

I hope you have a really great week (maybe a little less crazy than ours will be) and I can’t wait to see you around the nest this week for all the fun coming up!


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