Patriotic Vintage Decor Made Simple and Easy

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Simple ideas to transform your home in a patriotic vintage style this summer. Check out my home tour for lots of ideas!
I LOVE the Fourth of July

I love the significance of the day, I love the fireworks, the excuse for extra yummy food, the gathering of friends and family, the rich and meaningful colors of our flag, the feeling of people uniting behind something they believe in, the music, the relaxed atmosphere…I love it all.

I even love the outfits!  It’s one of those few days of the year that I can coordinate our family without anyone wondering why??? Haha!  You can click HERE to find some outfits that I pulled together for the entire family for the Fourth of July this year!

And even though I am known for using neutral (or very muted) colors in my décor…almost solely…the Fourth of July is the one season where you’ll find me adding color and LOVING it!  With the exception of the bedrooms and bathrooms, I add some patriotic touches all throughout our home.

If you’re needing some last minute ideas, you can find several ways to decorate your home for the Fourth of July for under $5 and in less than 5 minutes HERE.  I think almost everyone has $5 and 5 minutes between now and Sunday, so you’re safe!

Come on in and tour our patriotic home.  We could have a pretty epic party if you all came in person, but since that would be maybe a little too epic, hopefully an overload of pictures will do the trick!

Patriotic Vintage Front Porch Fourth of July Décor


In general, I keep our exterior décor pretty simple.  Our Florida sun and rain (especially in the summer) isn’t friendly to most décor! I still like to find inexpensive, simple ways to add some festive touches.  These outdoor flag buntings work perfectly.  We are using them for the second year in a row and they still look good!  I linked a couple of other styles and sizes HERE and HERE.

I keep my everyday outdoor pillows  out all year around and just add little accessories.  These pillows have been out here for a few years now and still look great!  I clean them a few times a year with this outdoor fabric cleaner

This year, I found these small, 2 foot flag buntings at the Dollar Tree.  I grabbed several of them and found that they made fun outdoor décor too!  I know they won’t last past this summer, but for $1, you can’t really go wrong!  I used jute twine  to attach them to the porch swings.  Layered with the pillows, they really pop and I love the way they look, even when I’m just pulling in my driveway!

I used some small pieces of tape to attach one to each of our front doors as well!  The flag buntings are just overall cheerful and inviting and I do love how they tie in with the large buntings on the pergola too!

Outdoor Patriotic Tablescape


I had fun putting together a simple “sweet tea” party under the pergola.  A simple addition of some flags to my cement swan planter and a vintage French grain sack with a blue stripe set the stage. 

 I added some cute drinking glasses that say “Harrison’s Sandwiches”.  Unfortunately, I’ve had those for many years and can’t link them.  They were a fun combination with a vintage cutting board , vintage bottle, glass carafe, and ironstone saucers.   A little bowl of red cherries added one more nod to the red, white, and blue!

When setting patriotic tablescapes, I often use food as part of my décor!  You can see some patriotic cupcakes (that were DELICIOUS) HERE and an easy way to make out-of-the-box brownies look festive and fun HERE.

Consider using your patriotic-themed desserts and side dishes to help your tablescape look festive without having to purchase a lot of décor!

And definitely don’t underestimate the value of some cute disposable dishes for your Fourth of July get-together too!

Patriotic Vintage Entryway Decor

I only added two elements to my summer entryway to give it a festive, patriotic flair!  You can find out a lot more detail about my summer entryway HERE and for the Fourth of July, I added a couple of vintage favorites!

I tucked three vintage American flags into a cute straw bag, sitting on the bench.  I found these vintage, 48-star flags on our summer adventure to Alaska!  That was a fun find, especially since Alaska is the 49th state to be added to the Union.  Alaska doesn’t have a treasure trove of vintage and antiques, as everything that makes it’s way there is done so very intentionally and people don’t usually take a lot of “extra”.  It was fun to think about how these three 48-star flags made it all the way to the 49th state!

Even if you don’t have vintage flags, you can still add a really great patriotic look in this simple way.  Pick up a few flags and add them to baskets, bags, planters, and pots.  It’s a perfect way to make things feel festive without having to change any of your regular décor!

In the entryway, I also added one of my favorite vintage finds.  We spotted this framed newspaper article at an antique shop.  I couldn’t pass up the $25 piece of history and I love the Wednesday, August 15th, 1945 date to accompany the “Peace At Last” headline!

Next time you’re strolling through an antique mall, keep an eye out for historical elements that you can add to your seasonal décor.  They are great conversation pieces. I love that we get to proudly display this piece of history in our own home over 75 years later!

Patriotic Vintage Living Room


In our family room, I took about 10 minutes and added a few more flags!

One of my favorite ways to add flags to my regular summer décor is to criss-cross them in a planter.  If you’re lucky and patient enough to hunt for vintage ones, I love the look they have.  You can find some online to purchase HERE and HERE.

You can also buy the inexpensive packs of little flags and tea-stain them.  This makes a fun, summertime DIY!  I don’t even bother to tea-stain them though.  Remember…I’m all about quick and simple patriotic décor!  Either way, they look great, are super budget-friendly, and add a fun look to your Fourth of July décor!

The other thing I added in the family room is a large, vintage flag on our mantel.  I found this flag at an antique mall many years ago.  I love that it is a 48-star flag (though a 46-star flag is always on my hunting list). 

To add a more casual look, I off-centered the flag, tucking the stars side under a vintage architectural piece with chippy blue-gray paint and tucked the other side under a vintage ironstone jelly mold with a plant.  I left the right side of it hanging lower.  A little different, but I love the relaxed look of it!

Patriotic Vintage Music Room


I love this little sitting area in our music room and it is always so fun to decorate for the seasons!  This is probably the most heavily decorated room for the Fourth of July, because I was just having so much fun with it.  But in reality, it only took six flags to get this look! 

I tucked two small flags into my thrifted shell planter and a third small flag into a little ironstone planter.  Using two larger flags, I tucked those in with some fresh branches in my large, vintage French grape hod.  It’s such a fun piece to decorate and I love that no matter the season, it makes a big statement with the large branches.

To finish this space, I added a large, 48-star flag.  We found this vintage flag last fall at a big antiques market and if you can believe it, only paid $75 for it!  I love the old wool, the stamping along the side, and the hand-stitched stars.  It definitely has loads of character and I know we will hang it proudly in our home for years and years and years to come!

Patriotic Vintage Kitchen


If we were going to be entertaining for the Fourth of July this year, I would have added more décor in the kitchen.  Since we will be traveling, I kept it simple by adding two medium-sized flags to an arrangement of fresh greenery from my yard.

The kitchen is a great spot to display dishes and entertaining pieces that have red, white, and blue!  I’ve linked up a few favorites HERE, HERE, and HERE.

I’ll close out my Patriotic Home Tour with a couple of my favorite quotes:


“True patriotism springs from a belief in the dignity of the individual, freedom and equality not only for Americans but for all people on earth…”

-Eleanor Roosevelt


“May we think of freedom, not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right.”

-Peter Marshall


Wishing you and your family a safe, healthy, and happy Fourth of July!  Thanks for visiting our home today!



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