Simple Spring Decor: 7 Easy Ways to Update Your Home for Spring

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The spring season is in full bloom! Follow along on my spring home tour and find easy ideas to decorate and update your home for spring too.  Keep reading for 29 other spring home tours, full of inspiration, tips, decor advice, and styling ideas.

When the spring season rolls around each year, it always finds me excited to refresh our home.  In fact, one of my readers’ top questions lately has been how to update your home for spring.  It is a favorite topic of mine to chat about and today, I’ll take you on a tour around our spring home.  Along the way, I am excited to share some easy decor ideas that you can use to update your home for spring too!

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How to update your home for spring:

This is such a great question because as much as I love to decorate and want to refresh my home for the new season, it is easy to get stuck in a rut when we are looking at our own homes.  Here are some tips to get your creativity rolling:

  1. Declutter, organized, and deep clean.
  2. Maintenance, such as touch up paint.
  3. Start with a decor theme.
  4. Create a focal point.
  5. Lighten the feeling of the room with texture and color.
  6. Change out artwork.
  7. Add fresh plants and flowers.
  8. Use baskets to contain clutter.
  9. Create a centerpiece for your table.
  10. Switch out throw pillows and blankets.
  11. Add a wreath to the front door.
  12. Add seasonal accents.
  13. Refresh candle scents and room fresheners.


Simple Spring Decor: 7 Easy Ways to Update Your Home for Spring

+ Spring Home Tour 2023

How to update your home for spring: declutter, organize, and deep clean

Wait a minute.  This spring update thing is supposed to be FUN!  Cleaning is not exactly my idea of fun.  If it is your idea of a great time, please come to my house ASAP!  Haha!

However, the less-than-exciting process of decluttering, organizing, and deep cleaning is an essential to me when I want to update my home.  Spring, in particular, is a season where I want our home to look and feel lighter.

First, before I can truly enjoy the process of decorating and updating our home for spring, it helps so much to work my way through our home.  As I work, I clean out things that we no longer use or want, literally lightening up our home as I go.

Secondly, I reorganize spaces.  Hopefully, each time I organize a space, it helps make our home even more functional for my family.  A beautiful house isn’t really a home if it doesn’t first function for the people who live there.

Thirdly, I deep clean our home.  There is no shame in my game and I definitely hire help to get this job done.  Washing slipcovers, moving furniture and cleaning under and behind, and cleaning light fixtures are just a few things I like to get done.

You can find my free printable spring cleaning checklist HERE!


When should I decorate my house for spring?

This is definitely up to personal preference.  However, I like to use the month of February as a time to finish decluttering and organizing our home.  At the same time, I work on putting away the winter decor and deep cleaning.  By the end of February, I am ready to completely refresh and update our home for the spring season!

In the family room, for example, I used this time to reorganize some of my small home decor in this cabinet behind the sectional.  It has sat here looking pretty but non-functioning for several months.  It was a good chance to make this piece a functional part of our home!

To decorate the top, I added a large antique wooden trencher and my favorite antique swan decoy.  This was a really exciting find last summer on the World’s Longest Yard Sale!  I’ve kept it out for every season since then and I don’t expect to put it away anytime soon!

Swans and other Audubon touches can be great ways to add some spring style to your room. This is a really great theme especially if you aren’t quite ready to bring in all of the Easter decor!

Here are some favorite ways to add an Audubon style to your spring decor:


How to update your home for spring: choose a theme.

I almost didn’t write this section of the blog because thematic decor can feel like a bit of a dated concept.  However, let me explain!

I think of a “theme” as more of an overall concept for a space.  For example, I like to start with an inspiration piece.

In our family room, this beautiful wooden arch and chippy white arched doors were vintage finds that really jumped out at me during the winter season, actually.  I instantly knew they were my inspiration for the family room for my spring decorating.

Could these pieces be used for any season?  Definitely!  However, they started forming the whole look of the space for me:

  • Mixture of light tan and white
  • Curved architecture
  • Straw hats
  • Woven texture

From there, I started shopping my home and pulling together pieces that fit this list.

Pro Tip:  As you start to plan your decor for any season, starting from an inspiration piece can really help you get creative.  At the same time, it can serve as a boundary that helps you keep the room cohesive.

How to update your home for spring: create a focal point.

This leads directly into creating a focal point for your space.  When I feel a bit stuck in a decor rut, it really helps me to take my inspiration piece and use it to come up with a focal point for the room.

While the arch and chippy doors framed the focal point for our family room, a chippy barn vent found at a flea market became the focal point for our music room.

Pro Tip:  Each room usually has a natural focal point and you want to make that your first priority when you decorate that space.  Once your decor is established at the focal point, the rest of the room will flow together more easily.

For example, a mantel or large mirror (like our family room or music room) make the ideal focal point for these respective rooms.

After choosing the chippy old barn vent to be my focal point for the music room, I could start building my decor.  Even though the barn vent is in a different room, the open spaces flow from one to another through our home.  The simple detail of the arches on the barn vent is a great connection to the arch theme in the family room!

The little things and details in decor really do matter and help pull rooms together into a cohesive, flowing home.

Pro Tip: Look for ways to connect spaces through simple and small details, such as a repeating color, pattern, texture, or style.

How to update your home for spring: change your artwork.

Changing artwork is such a simple way to quickly and easily change the entire look of a room. I don’t like to spend a lot of money on seasonal artwork; however, I do love to use seasonal artwork to bring certain spring touches into our home.

In the family room, I used this collection of vintage-inspired prints.  They look so much like real paintings!  For under $20, you can’t get much more budget-friendly than simple prints that are already curated and ready to frame and hang in your home!

I used frames that I already owned.  Then, I picked up a couple of inexpensive frames at my local thrift store.  This art is so inexpensive but makes quite a statement on my gallery wall!

Here are some gorgeous curated collections of vintage-inspired art for under $20:

How to update your home for spring: Add flowers and plants

Can we even chat about spring home decor without mentioning flowers and plants?  Whether faux or fresh, greenery and flowers are a quick and easy way to update your home for spring.

I enjoy using a mix of fresh and faux.  Often, my fresh flowers are simply inexpensive bunches of flowers from the grocery store that I enjoy arranging in one of my favorite vintage vessels.

You can get my tips and tricks for decorating with inexpensive grocery store flowers HERE!

Almost every space in our home has some kind of faux or fresh greenery.  I love how it brings so much life to a space and helps make it feel especially fresh for spring.  At the same time, adding greenery also brings in soft lines to add some whimsy and movement to solid furniture and accessories.

Even though I don’t do a lot of specific seasonal decor in my kitchen, a vase of fresh flowers and my favorite faux greenery stems add just the right amount of a spring refresh to this busy room!

You can shop my favorite kitchen decor and accessories HERE on my Amazon Storefront!

How can I make my kitchen look fresh?

Here are some easy tips to refresh your kitchen for spring:

  1. Choose functional items that are pretty.
  2. Add a few well-placed seasonal accents.
  3. Replace/refresh linens as you work on spring cleaning.
  4. Add plants and flowers.
  5. Add fresh scents!

You can get detailed ideas for each of these steps HERE!

How to update your home for spring: swap out throw pillows and blankets

This is one of the easiest and most obvious ways to give your home a quick and simple update for any season!  For spring, part of my pillow and blanket swap really involves just lightning everything.

Here are a few tips for switching your throw pillows and throw blankets to spring:

  • Store away heavy blankets.
  • Pack away chunky knit throw pillows.
  • Consider using lighter colors.
  • Add light-weight textures that still feel cozy but aren’t too hot to use.
  • Layer a couple of simple seasonal pillows with neutrals.

Pro Tip: If you are storing away blankets and pillows, THESE storage bags are my favorite to use for those decor items.  

Especially for the spring season, I love using various neutral shades.  To make them feel cozy, I focus on a variety of textures.  At the same time, I try to mix and match the fabrics and neutral patterns for a lot of interest while keeping it cozy.

When you have a great base of neutral throw pillows and blankets, it is easy to simply add a couple of seasonal pillow accents.  You can stretch your decor budget and your time further by not having to change out ALL of the pillows!

One of my favorite things this year was adding some checked pattern in the family room and music room.  While still neutral colors, the checks add some French country cottage charm.

In the back living room, I layered lots of neutral throw pillows with different shades and textures.  This helps create a really cozy space for family game nights and cozying up with a good book!

Here are some of my favorites that I’m using this spring:

How to update your home for spring: add seasonal accents

When you have curated a home of pieces you truly love and enjoy, decorating for the seasons doesn’t have to be a huge chore.  Actually, besides the hard work of deep cleaning and organizing, spring decorating can be as simple as changing your greenery and adding a few choice seasonal accents.

In the two images below, you can see the buffet in my back dining room.  The main pieces are exactly the same for winter and spring.  However, just changing my greenery and swapping a couple of smaller accessories gives it a fresh, updated look.  It didn’t cost a lot to make this refresh and it definitely didn’t take a lot of time!

Easy, simple decorating for the win!

How can I decorate my home with simple things?

Keep a drawer or bin for small seasonal accents.  For example, brass deer for winter, brass swans or bunnies for spring, a conch shell for summer, a dried gourd for fall, and a table top tree for Christmas.

Any of these items will immediately transform a vignette in your home to a seasonal one.  At the same time, you aren’t using a ton of storage space, time, or money to create that seasonal vignette.

Of course, I love doing a lot more decorating for each season.  You could say it’s therapy for me to get comfy and creative in my home!  However, how much or little you decorate for the seasons is totally up to you.

The wonderful thing is that you don’t have to do a lot to still update your home for spring with simple seasonal accents!

How can I decorate my living room for spring?

As you can see here in my music/sitting room, there are actually only two things here that I would consider spring decor:
  1. My favorite faux tree
  2. The vintage-inspired nest print from @roseandgracemarket
However, I use this favorite faux tree from February-October, so it definitely isn’t just for spring! Decorating for spring can include cute bunnies, eggs, garlands, brightly colored flowers, and garden themes.  Actually, I love ALL of those things and use them sometimes. However, you can decorate your living room or any space in your home for spring by adding well-placed, carefully curated elements that make a statement.

How do you decorate for spring?

I think the essence of spring decor is to keep it light and airy.  Curate your home with things that bring a fresh feeling into the environment.  Add touches that indicate new life, such as plants, flowers, and nods to the spring cycle of nature.

Most of all create spaces that help you feel excited for the new season and all the promise of spring!

I hope you have enjoyed this tour of our own home for spring.  At the same time, I hope it has given you some decor tips and ideas that you can use as you transform your own home for the season.

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