Summer Flowers in 3 Simple and Beautiful Ways

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Summer flowers are a perfect way to freshen any space. Check out these flower arrangements and get my tips for making grocery story flowers look special!

Let’s be honest.  Is there anyone who truly doesn’t appreciate a bouquet of fresh summer flowers?

Even if I’m feeling uninspired with my decor or in a design rut, some pretty summer flowers are sure to bring some life to any room.  Wanting to make your room feel fresh and lacking inspiration or time or budget to restyle the space?  Grocery store flowers for the win!

There is something about fresh, summer flowers that make me smile.  But the best part?  They don’t need to break the bank.

Let’s chat about my favorite ways to use inexpensive, grocery store flowers in my decor…starting with summer flowers!

True story: I used to feel like I couldn’t have fresh flowers around my home because it wasn’t in the budget.  And the reality is that those amazing arrangements from the florist still aren’t in my budget.

But eliminating a coffee once a week to spend $5 on some pretty flowers…it can be in my budget and it probably can be in yours as well!  I’m going to share my three favorite tips for taking inexpensive grocery store flowers and turning them into intentional and thoughtful points of grace in your home.


Tip One for Your Summer Flowers

What container can I use to hold my summer flowers?

I’m going to share my favorite tip first because it’s just too fun.  And before you even purchase your flowers, you need to know where and how you plan to display them.  

This is my favorite tip because, well, you know how much I love a good vintage find.  And even more…and good vintage find that functions for our home!  You can find my favorite tips for vintage hunting over on THIS post or THIS one too!

A vintage container to hold my summer flowers is considered highly functional!  

I’m sure you can agree!

Vintage Flower Containers

These are always on my vintage hunting list because I know it is something I will use over and over, season after season, and year after year.  I love to rotate them around my home because changing just the container and flowers or greenery on my kitchen island is magic.  The whole space feels fresh and alive!

My favorite kinds of vintage containers to hold my summer flowers are French finds.  They are usually a little more of an investment, but I know I will love them and use them more than most of my other containers.  I rounded up a few that are similar to my favorites and linked them for you HERE, HERE, and HERE!

You can see what I mean about investments, but these are the three vintage containers that I use most often for my flowers.  I use them year-round and they are worth every penny for the way I like to decorate!

If you’re looking for some quick and easy containers with that vintage inspiration and budget-friendly tag, you’re in luck!  There are so many great reproductions out there to fit every budget and you can make your summer flowers look amazing by picking up a stoneware pitcher  (love the vintage pottery look!) or a vintage-inspired crock.  These are great options for that vintage look!

Don’t forget to shop your own home too!  Pull out that cute pitcher that belonged to your grandma or the bucket that got pushed to the corner of the garage!  Look for chippy wooden containers (we will talk about how to make those work for your summer flowers!) and forgotten jars.

Without stepping outside of your home, I expect you have something you can use to make your grocery store flowers look extra beautiful!

Tip Two for Your Summer Flowers

What can I use for free with my summer flowers?


Did someone just say “free”?  Yep!  My second favorite tip for making your summer flowers look special won’t cost you a dime!

Instead of buying greenery to go with your grocery store flowers, try using whatever is growing around your yard or neighborhood!  I like to use branches from the trees along our driveway and during the summer, I especially love using palm fronds to give my flowers a little extra summer vibe.


And I’ve been known to cut greenery from along the roadside (just to be clear, NOT from someone else’s yard!) or ask a friend if I could use a couple stems from a specific tree in their yard.  My sister-in-law has a gorgeous, huge magnolia tree and I love to cut a few branches to go in my fall decor!

Tip: Keep a pair of clippers in your car!  You never know when you’ll come across some pretty greenery…or even wildflowers…along the way!


Tip Three for Your Summer Flowers

Think s m a l l.

Kind of a strange tip, I know.  But I think sometimes the biggest impact from fresh flowers can come in the small ways.  A single hydrangea stem in a vintage jar can have the most refreshing impact in a room.  And let’s break that down…

Say you spend $5.99 for bunch of three hydrangea stems at Trader Joe’s.  Divide those among three different vintage jars or pitchers, tuck in a sprig of greenery from your yard, and add to your kitchen sink, coffee table, and bedroom nightstand.

You just added a refreshing touch and uplifting feeling to three rooms of your home.  For the price of a Venti Starbucks.


See how thinking small can make your summer flowers spread joy throughout your home?  I love a big, grand arrangement as much as the next person.  But I often find that those little vases, scattered throughout our home, bring me the most joy!

I did a round up of vintage containers that I like to use for those small arrangements for you too.  One of my favorites for a single stem are vintage bottles like THIS or THIS!

Give it a try!  I think you’ll have so much fun!


So the next time you’re at the grocery store, take a moment and a $5 to treat yourself.  You may choose bright and cheerful blooms or perhaps sunflower stems for these late summer weeks.  Maybe the little filler flowers that mimic wildflowers will be just the thing for your kitchen sink.  Or you can splurge on a dozen white roses and scatter them throughout your home.




Whatever summer flowers you choose, enjoy!

  • Add to a vintage or vintage-inspired vessel.
  • Add free greenery from your yard.
  • Consider dividing your flowers into small vases and enjoy in a few different rooms.

I can’t wait to hear how YOU freshen your home with fresh summer flowers this week!


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