The Best 9 Cozy Winter Decor Finds You’ll Love (2024)

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It’s time to get our homes all cozy for the winter season! I’m sharing my top 9 must-have cozy winter decor finds that I’m using around my home and LOVING this year!

Are you the kind of person who dreads taking down the Christmas decor because it feels empty and “blah”?  Or are you the one who loves a clean slate for the New Year?

Honestly, I’m kind of both!  I love a good refresh and getting things sparkly clean around our home.  However, I miss all the cozy vibes that Christmas decor adds to our home!

As I am cleaning up Christmas and refreshing our home for the New Year and for winter, there are some must-have items that I love to use to help keep some of those cozy vibes, without feeling “Christmas-y”.

Here are my top 9 cozy winter decor finds for 2024!  Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks to see how I’m using these cozy home decor pieces around our home!  You can get some cozy tips over on this post to get you started!

The Best 9 Cozy Winter Decor Finds You’ll Love (2024)

Cozy Winter Decor #1

I can’t get enough of these!

I am obsessed with these super soft, super cozy pillow covers.  If you are looking to add cozy textures with high-end style to your home, you will love these also!

While they do come in different colors, I love the oyster color because it goes with so many things!  I used these in the fall with some fun western, rustic decor.  Then, at Christmas, I used them with my French Country style.  Now, for winter, I’m combining them with other neutral cozy pieces for the ultimate cozy winter cottage!

Tip: Try pairing them with gingham for a casual cottage style!

Cozy Vintage Texture

Cozy Winter Decor Find #2

Something that I always keep my eye out for at vintage shops are great vintage pillows and pillow covers.  Vintage or vintage-inspired pillows and blankets offer gorgeous patina and texture to a living room space.  At the same time, there is something about the thickness that just feels like extra cozy winter decor.  Actually, I leave most of mine out all year round since they are pretty neutral and go with every season. I love finding pieces that can be used year round and they are great investments for my home decor.

This year, I am using some little touches of light blue here and there for winter.  I especially love how this one blends with my winter decor and other home decor for an extra cozy look.  Sometimes a home refresh is all about adding just that one new things to make it all feel fresh!

I like to use a lot of neutrals, whites, and creams for winter and the vintage colors and textures really pop!

Tip: Add just one or two with regular, neutral pillows to really transform your look and get that vintage cozy look!

You Can’t Have Cozy Winter Decor Without These!

Add a cozy glow to your winter evenings!

No, really.  You NEED these to bring all the cozy winter glow to your spaces.  I use my battery-operated taper candles all fall and winter and they are the perfect cozy winter decor find.  If you’re missing all the Christmas lights, these are a perfect way to bring back a bit of that glow!

I use them on tablescapes, for mantel decor, on console and side tables, and even in the kitchen!  I have several different kinds but I really love the realistic looking wick that these have!  You can also choose them in white or ivory, depending on your decor.

Tip: Invest in a few sets.  I promise you’ll want to use them everywhere!

Impossible to NOT include this cozy find:

No big surprise with this cozy winter decor find, but honestly, one or two of these throws can make an entire sofa or corner chair feel so cozy this season!  I’ve collected several different ones over the years and I’ll link up a few current favorites available this year:

One of my favorite vintage finds for winter:

You see me use them all the time!

It’s true; I have a big collection of vintage brass candlesticks.  In my defense, I do actually use them all!  Not always at the same time, but I definitely have before.  No matter the season, bringing in a mix of finishes can really add a curated look to your decor.

For a cozy winter decor look, I especially love to use vintage brass.  While my favorite is the brushed, matte finish, it still has just the faintest hint of reflection for my candles and fairy lights that I like to put around our home in the winter.  Bouncing that light around helps create the coziest glow!

I think almost every single one of my brass candlesticks has been thrifted or found at a flea market, so keep an eye out for them year-round! If you need a few to style up this winter, I’m linking up some beautiful vintage options for you here:

A Cozy Winter Decor Must-Have

Don’t pack up quite all of the “Christmas” greenery yet!

For seasonal decor, I love to take my cues from nature!  (Disclaimer: I live in Florida, so I have to take my cues a bit from my northern friends’ weather!  Ha!)

Through January and February, the greens you’ll see in most places are winter greens, such as pine, cedar, and juniper.

Sound familiar?

Bring the outdoors in…or at least the look of the outdoors into a warm and cozy living space.  Remove any ornaments, garlands, or decor from your table top trees and enjoy them through the winter months.  They will bring a cozy feeling to your living spaces while also softening the edges of simple decor and keeping the room feeling fresh and alive with greenery!

I love THIS very realistic tabletop winter greenery tree.  It looks so real and is a great size to add to a console table or even kitchen island!

If you’re wanting to take down the Christmas garlands, this faux rosemary garland could be a great replacement for winter too!

Use texture to add a cozy look!

Something I am currently loving, no matter the season, are baskets.  I especially love these big antique baskets.  They are perfect for some extra storage and organization.  However, they also just add a ton of texture to any space.  I use them for small coffee tables and side tables, or stack them to fill a corner!  (Maybe that empty corner where the Christmas tree was???)

They are definitely investment pieces.  However, we have scored amazing deals on a couple over the past few years and I really enjoy using them.

Tip: If a large basket isn’t in the budget right now, add some smaller baskets around your home to hold plants and extra throw blankets!

Here are some favorite smaller baskets to add a ton of texture and visual aesthetic for cozy winter decor:

It’s fair to say I’m obsessed with this cozy winter decor find!

You’re getting the theme by now, right?  I asked for several of these house candles for Christmas gifts…not to use for Christmas decor at all but for my cozy winter decor!  I love the mix of the gold, copper, and white/silver finishes along with the different sizes.  They smell amazing and I love that I can use them long after the candles are burned down.

Can’t you just picture them with pretty flowers or small greenery stems too?!  Bonus: the whole candle part comes out and you can keep using the wooden house for so many creative and pretty uses!

I can’t get enough of these!

Technically not winter, but oh-so-cozy!

Can a chippy corbel or salvage trim piece be considered cozy?  100%!!!

Lots of soft textures are perfect to give those cozy feelings, but you need a mix of textures and finishes to create the whole look.  Chippy salvage pieces are my favorite to use year round!  For a cozy winter decor look, I especially love how these old pieces help tell a decor story and add so much character to any space!

I’ll link up a few favorites that I found online for you:


I hope these favorite winter decor finds inspire you as you create your cozy haven this season!  Winter decor doesn’t have to feel blah or boring or uninspired!  Take all the things that feel good to you and mix them together to create a cozy winter home!

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